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Below is an assortment of foods from around the four Quadrants.

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Altair Sandwich

Made from ingredients originating from the Altair system (DS9: You Are Cordially Invited).

Alterian Chowder

A smooth vegetarian dish which utilises peppery spices in order to avoid being too sweet (DS9: Armageddon Game).


A grape-like fruit that grow all over Bajor (DS9: Resurrection).

Alvinian Melons

A variety of melons known for their large size (DS9: Return to Grace).

Andorian Cabbage Soup

Soup which is made with cabbage from Andoria (ENT: These Are the Voyages...).

Andorian Redbat

The meat of a flying mammal native to Andoria (DS9: Invasive Procedures).

Andorian Tuber Root

A high-calorie delicacy from Andoria (DS9: Second Sight).


A food that can be served steamed, sautéed, rolloped, or fricasseed (DS9: A Man Alone).