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Former Sister Sims

The following simulations are no longer active but that's no reason not to enjoy the writing that current, and former, Kepler players have been involved in over the years.

USS Sentinel

USS Sentinel | Play By Nova | Star Trek Exploratory Sim | Rated 16+

After a recent refit, USS Sentinel starts the 100 day journey from Federation controlled space, through the Gavarian Corridor toward the unknown. Sentinel's mandate is predominantly one of peaceful exploration, however, we will not shy away from danger and intrigue--so expect a little 'pew pew pew' to be thrown in for added flavour.

USS Persephone

USS Persephone | Play By Forum | Star Trek Enlisted Sim | Rated 18+

Picture if you will, a tiny ship with two and a bit decks. It has two bunkrooms shared by the entire crew, with just one bathroom, and a common room that also serves as a transporter room, galley and triage area. There are no corridors, holodecks, turbolifts or even fancy carpets! And worst of all? There is nowhere you can go to be alone. . .

USS Ark Royal

USS Ark Royal | Play By Forum | Star Trek Alpha Fleet Game | Rated 16+

The Ark Royal is a post-Dominion War Modular Cruiser set against a changing galaxy and new challenges. Diplomacy, combat, subterfuge, and introspection all abounds upon the Ship of Kings. Now that the Federation has won peace in our time against the Dominion, the desperate alliances that were forged swiftly falling apart. Warm friends soon become cold rivals in a realm where the best days of the United Federation of Planets might have been behind them. Join us as we ride the Rise and Fall of the Federation upon a tall ship and a star to steer her by. Currently active and recruiting.

SW: Republic Episode I

Star Wars Republic Episode I | Play By Forum | Rated PG 13

Rewrite cinema history on this Star Wars Role Play Board that provides the opportunity to enter into the lore of an ever expanding universe. Fly the Millenium Falcon! Call for the help of R2-D2! Betray the Jedi! All this and more could be the fate of your character if you are willing to risk all in the search for your place in history.

USS Archimedes

USS Archimedes | Play By Forum | Rated 18+

Come join the misfit crew of the Nova-Class vessel that everyone loves to hate. Commander Nathan Geiger is either too busy screwing his young pilot or having his mind altered by alien artefacts to realise that Starfleet seem to send all the undesirables to join his crew. But even with the cold shoulder from the higher-ups his crew have pulled together to stop evil holograms from stealing bodies, genetically engineered killer children and even the Commander's best friend and managed to come out on top.