Freud's Hostage

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Freud's Hostage

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A few weeks have passed since the events on Anticulo IV and the sudden appearance of Lieutenant Bradley Halifax. Things have quieted down once more on the station, Hippocrates is currently in the corridor doing some routine stuff while Harbinger is out on escort duty until it is needed for a science excursion. The civilian vessel FMS Mayfair has just arrived at Kepler, bringing with them some new personnel and a few civilians to take up residence with us. Unbeknown to us all, they also deliver something that will bring destruction, danger, torment and terror to us all...

Side Event: Attack of the Giant Orange Floaty Thing

A careless act sees a temporary rift torn in space and a strange creature escapes into our universe.


Activities of the crew for the last few weeks. New crew arrive. Promotions in position are made and a security NCO leaves for a mysterious posting on Bajor.