Gerda Zsu Vanger

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Blank.pngGerda Zsu Vanger

Rank: Civilian
Position: Former Nurse
Player: Jia



Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2359 (26yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4'11"

Reasonably attractive, Gerda has no tattoos that can't be concealed beneath a blouse and skirt (two concealed beneath clothing). She does have several piercings (two in her left eyebrow, a small stud in her nose, ears, belly button stud), but she removes them when she is on duty.


Gerda Zsu-Vanger was a born cynic. Life has sharpened that cynicism to a finely honed edge, which means that most people meeting her for the first time walk away with a few nicks and cuts. She expects little of people and is rarely disappointed. She long ago put to rest any romantic dreams of life that once flitted in her mind. On the other hand, she devotes herself to her job as a nurse and aggressively tends to the needs of her patients without complaint. When it comes to authority, Gerda tends to have an attitude and prefers to be responsible for her own actions while letting others be responsible for their actions.


Married at eighteen, she managed to complete her nursing degree while working nights and seeing to her husband Billy “Mac” Vanger’s needs. Her husband is a hard-drinking, enlisted man who works in the engineering section. He’s been busted down twice for insubordination and Gerda fully expects that next time, he’ll end up with a long term sentence in the brig or thrown out of the service. Their marriage is extremely volatile, but they do their best to keep outsiders out of the mix to the extent of concealing each other’s respective injuries and smiling and nodding if security responds to complaints of loud arguments and disturbing noises.

She finished her nursing degree at age twenty-five and now has a solid year of practical nursing experience. This is her second post and she hopes to make it work if only Mac can keep out of trouble. This means she watches him closely, because he tends to hit on anything that moves and also drinks to excess.

She’s not sure if she cares anymore about Mac and other women, but she would prefer he not get thrown off the base before she has a chance to make a reputation as a hard-working, reliable nurse.


Husband: Billy “Mac” Vanger