Gregory Blake

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Commodore.pngGregory Evan Blake


Rank: Commodore
Position: Former Commanding Officer
Player: Sarah


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2339 (46yo)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'2"


Gregory has always been a little rough around the edges but the majority of his life he has been a by the book and chivalrous kind of guy. His recent time in captivity however has helped push his more baser behaviours out into the fore of late. He's irritable, grouchy, and complainative. His recent off duty activities include imbibing alcohol, to the point of drunkenness every other night and seeing to his manly needs with a string of holographic lovers. He's also bitterly angry with life and has developed a fear of children (due to his time in captivity). Underneath it all though there is a good man, still capable of doing his job but sometimes his judgement can be impaired.


Born the middle child and only male into a family full of women, Gregory had it tough from day one. He emerged from his childhood relatively unscathed and entered Marine Academy training as soon as they would let him. He was relieved to find he quickly fell into the routine of training and was able to make friends quickly. Although what surprised him the most was that his fellows would seek him out for advice regarding their love lives, or lack thereof, under the mistaken belief that since he’d lived with so many women, he knew all about them.

It wasn't long before Gregory’s skill with a rifle was spotted by his instructors. While he was lacking in a few other areas these were overlooked and his career as a sniper started. After graduating middle of his year, Gregory was assigned to a planetary base where he further trained and participated in several excursions. It was there that he met his first wife, Carla, a fellow marine. While there was an apparent attraction between them, their competitive natures kept them at odds and rivals for a long time. It wasn't until they were stranded on assignment together that they let their guards down and embarked on a passionate romance. Five months later Carla received orders that she was shipping out. On the spur of the moment Gregory proposed and they married the night before she left. Three weeks later Gregory received news that he was now widowed.


Shaken by the events that had led to Carla's death, Gregory requested retraining and a sideways transfer to Starfleet. His request was accepted and after a year and a half, he was assigned to USS Hawking as a Security Officer. Life on board an Intrepid in the Alpha Quadrant turned out to be very uneventful. He spent a few years whiling away his time carrying out drills and acting as a bodyguard to various VIPs that deigned to visit. It was during this time that he met a diplomat from Betazed who had the most intriguing smile. Salisa was sixteen years his senior, but the two became fast friends. Gregory always enjoyed when she visited and would volunteer for any duty shift that placed him near her. These requests were always granted as most of the other young men found the older woman to be quite condescending towards them and snobbish. Salisa for her part always appreciated Gregory's company and would happily entertain him in her quarters.

Gregory came to the conclusion that his attempts to move up the ranks on the Hawking were being stymied by the Assistant Chief Sec / Tac. A Klingon who seemed to have it in for him, although Gregory wasn't sure why. He devised a plan to get the man drunk and find out why, but that only resulted in the pair of them spending the rest of the night in the brig. The Chief Sec / Tac suggested Gregory put in for transfer, which he did and soon found himself on the USS Kyoto, an Akira class starship.

To Gregory's delight he was promoted to Assistant Chief Sec / Tac. While on the Kyoto he quickly fell into an on-again off-again relationship with the ship's Trill Lounge Mistress, Nara Vega. Gregory was completely smitten, but he soon found out that so were a number of his colleagues. Sick and tired of having to share his woman, Gregory decided to take matters into his own hands and proposed. She turned him down. Her current situation was much more desirable to her than being shackled to just the one man. Twenty-four hours later Nara discovered she was pregnant. With the father unknown she decided to pick the most suitable candidate. Gregory. So it was Gregory who was literally left holding the baby after it was born while the mother beat a hasty retreat off ship at a starbase.

It seemed the woman he thought he had loved had lied to him at every opportunity. The child wasn't even his. The boy was the wrong colour for a start. Nowhere in Gregory's family had anyone ever been purple. With the help of the ship's XO he was able to locate members of Nara's family and they claimed the child. The marriage was quickly dissolved.

Feeling shamed and betrayed Gregory decided another transfer was in order. The only position available was the Chief Sec / Tac on board an Ambassador class vessel, USS Churchill. Gregory took it and life soon returned to the dull monotony of reports and drills. Life however never remains quiet for this man and his former friend Salisa arrived on board and decided to make the Churchill her semi-permanent home. She had just lost her husband and Gregory who remembered his old friend's kindness, did all that he could to lighten her mood. He was just as surprised as she was when she asked him to marry her. He accepted and was exposed to a traditional Betazoid wedding.


Gregory and Salisa's marriage survived the Dominion war. Salisa was adamant that she would not leave the ship, as it was their home. The war however affected the woman terribly. She was a deeply spiritual and peaceful creature, so much so that after the ship was decommissioned she decided to return to Betazed to recuperate and help rebuild. She wanted Gregory to go with her but he was needed elsewhere. Starfleet had lost so many experienced officers during the war that they wanted him to become an Executive Officer. Torn between marriage and duty, Gregory chose the latter. He was assigned to USS Pendragon, an Excalibur vessel that was stationed near Cardassia to help with clean up.

Everyone had been left traumatised by the war and with having to help those they had fought against, did not go well for the mental health of everyone on board. With counselling services stretched thin, many people turned to each other for support and physical comfort, including Gregory.

The Human / Vulcan Chief Operations Officer Malaria Scott, regularly helped Gregory through many lonely anxiety filled nights and he returned the favour. It wasn't until a year after he had kissed his wife Salisa goodbye on Betazed that he realised this arrangement wasn't working. He decided to do the right thing and confessed all to Salisa. The supposedly peaceful woman smacked him over the head with a chair and when he woke up in hospital, he found divorce papers on his bedside table. Gregory also ended his relationship with Malaria. She was much more understanding over the matter and agreed to remain friends.

When the Captain of the Pendragon was promoted to a desk job (Admiral), Gregory took the centre chair. He made Malaria his XO, which made perfect sense to him, her and everyone else. The stress of command however got to Gregory and he soon found himself regularly visiting his XO's quarters. A not-so secret relationship grew and inevitably the couple secretly married.

The marriage however wasn't perfect, as on duty arguments would follow them back to their quarters and vice versa. What made matters worse was that Gregory knew his wife was sleeping with the Chief Engineer, just like she knew he was sleeping with his yeoman. The yeoman however didn't last long and left the ship. The young Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer soon filled her place, having set her sights on a man who could quickly advance her career.

After a very public argument erupted in the conference lounge during a briefing that involved everyone from the current love quadrangle (as well as the senior staff), Malaria demanded a divorce. She also wanted Gregory and Charity (Assistant Chief Flight Control) to leave so she could take the captaincy position and be rid of the annoying young thing that was strutting around the bridge like she owned it. Charity seeing her chances dashed spread the rumour that she was pregnant and set about doing just that as quickly as she could. Gregory seeing history repeat itself before his very eyes felt pushed into a corner. He was almost grateful when a diplomatic party turned out to be a terrorist group and took him and a few others captive with the intent of learning Starfleet military secrets.

The ordeal however proved to be too much for him. It was weeks before his crew was able to locate him. By then he was alone. Everyone else had been killed. He was amazed that he'd been able to hold out for so long, but that was when he realised it had all been leading up to this moment. They had a telepath on board who would simply pluck the information from his mind, and they had spent the time playing with him, wearing him down. The telepath was an eight year-old girl. She was of a species Gregory had never seen before. In two days she left him a quivering mess on the floor and very terrified of children.

Having gotten what they were after, they abandoned ship and just left him where he lay. His crew found him a few days later, severely dehydrated and malnourished. The counselling staff spent days by his side but he gave them very little information. The only person he could truly talk to was his wife Malaria and she put their differences aside to listen to him as he recounted the whole ordeal. She sat through the long silences when he couldn't speak, and even comforted him when he broke down.


A couple of months passed. Charity still wasn't showing any signs of a pregnancy, Malaria and Gregory had attempted to patch their professional relationship up for the sake of the crew and it looked as if things were going to hold together. Until the ship was attacked. Instead of attempting peaceful negotiation or ordering the ship to be disabled, Gregory jumped straight to attacking the vessel. Additional Security had to be called to prise him from the Tactical station after the officer had refused the order to fire and had then been knocked down.

Starfleet Command ummed and ahhed over what to do with Captain Gregory Blake. One Rear Admiral eventually stood up and offered to take responsibility for the man and he was transferred to command Kepler Station in the Delta Quadrant under the watchful gaze of Rear Admiral Xavier James Douglas.

Not long after Gregory went on shoreleave to finalise the divorce with his wife, Commander Malaria Scott, who has since taken command of his former ship. Afterwards he attends a wedding with his Intelligence Chief Catalina Jayce as a favour to her. He stupidly gets drunk at the reception and wakes up to find he's now in some kind of special alien one-year form of marriage. Horrified, the pair return to Kepler Station. Catalina intends to leave Starfleet and hands in her resignation. Gregory attempts to seduce her in order to have her rescind her resignation, but things don't go as planned. It all backfires on him when she announces she's pregnant to her boyfriend and wants to return to her homeworld to be with family. To add insult to injury Gregory realises much too late that he has developed feelings for the woman.

The Admiral who vouched for Gregory is replaced by an icy cow of a TFCO, one Rear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite. She decides to pick the most unsuitable candidate to be her Executive Officer, which just happens to be Gregory. She then proceeds to make his life difficult. He proceeds to ignore her and much to everyone's surprise, carries out his duties splendidly.

A strange event that somehow may include time travel transplants an evacuated Kepler station, along with la handful of crew in USS Harbinger into the Gavarian Frontier. There Gregory has the arduous task of re-crewing Kepler and making the station defendable, in case the Romulans or other party, decide to attack.

Service Record

  • 2357: Enlistment in Marine Academy, graduated Lance Corporal
  • 2358: Assigned to Planetary Base on Mars
  • 2359: Promoted to Corporal
  • 2360: Marries Carla Reed
    • Widowed
    • Transferred to Starfleet Academy
  • 2362: Graduates from Starfleet at the rank of Lieutenant JG, assigned to USS Hawking
  • 2367: Transferred to USS Kyoto and promoted to Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  • 2370: Marries Nara Vega
  • 2371: Marriage dissolved
    • Transferred to USS Churchill as Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  • 2373: Marries Salisa
  • 2374: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 2375: Promoted to Second Officer
  • 2376: Transferred to USS Pendragon as Executive Officer
  • 2378: Divorces Salisa
    • Promoted to Commander
  • 2380: Promoted to position of Commanding Officer
    • Marries Lieutenant Commander Malaria Scott
  • 2383: Promoted to rank of Captain
  • 2385: Transferred to command of Kepler Station
    • Divorces Commander Malaria Scott
    • Marries Chief Petty Officer Catalina Jayce
  • 2386: Promoted to rank of Commodore and Task Force 38 Executive Officer


Mother: Valencia Blake
Mother: Georgia Blake (nee Gates)
Older Sister: Janette Foster
Younger Sister: Eva Blake
Ex Wives: Carla Reed (deceased), Nara Vega, Salisa, Malaria Scott
Current Wife: Chief Petty Officer Catalina Jayce (estranged)


Newcomer Award
Mission: Hello, My Name is Kepler
Players' Choice
Mission: Hello, My Name is Kepler
3 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - May 2009
6 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - Aug 2009
Facepalm Pin
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
Players' Choice
Mission: Halley's Complaint
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Halley's Complaint
1 Year with Kepler
21 February 2009 - 2010
2nd Equal - JP Fest 2010
2 Years with Kepler
21 February 2009 - 2011
Facepalm Pin
Mission: Freud's Hostage
NPC Award
Mission: Freud's Hostage (as T'Raia/Sytar Jackson)