Halley's Complaint

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Halley's Complaint

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A pesky comet passes close by Kepler, intermittently affecting the station's power supply. It also strands some of Kepler's marine fighters in space, having completely fried their systems. Rescue is imminent, while back on Kepler mayhem, hilarity and snogging ensue.


Power outages occur:

  • MD2 around 0715 lasts about 12 minutes
  • MD2 around 1045 lasts about 12 minutes
  • MD2 around 1415 lasts about 12 minutes
  • MD2 around 1745 lasts about 12 minutes
  • MD2 around 2115 lasts about 12 minutes

Side Event: TF38 Black Tie Event

Captain Blake and his Acting XO Lieutenant Isis Rae, attend a black tie event to meet the new Task Force Commanding Officer. Both Isis and Greg receive unwanted promotions, mingle with their peers, dance, get accosted by a reporter and wonder if everyone is crazy.

Mission Log:

0 - Opening - Gregory Blake, Isis Rae, Alexander Winters, David Roberts, Makani Freitas, Liesel O'Brien, Catalina Jayce, Justin Shard

  • MD1 0800
  • A staff meeting is called which introduces two new members of the senior staff and discusses a new mandate of no more transfers. Then onto topics of mission, science explains the presence of a comet whose trajectory will bring it close to the station. After a brief update of all the departments, the meeting is adjourned.

1 - Michael Harris, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 0915
  • As Cassi finishes with a patient, she is startled by Michael. He asks her out for a drink after work.

2 - Michael Harris, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD1 late afternoon
  • Michael is caught in a daydream while the last few minutes of his work day wind down. Cassi lures him out of the office and they go to the Orchid for a drink.

3 - Gregory Blake, Isis Rae

  • MD1 0830
  • After the meeting, Gregory asks Isis for her opinion, and she suggests that the crew are a bunch of whiners and recommends that the captain addresses them in private, to remind them of their station and what is expected of them.

4 - K'rilim Nsslano, (Kate Larson) played by Gregory Blake

  • MD1
  • K'rilim reflects on a past adventure which involved a girl, a bathroom, and liquor.

5 - Emileen Carlisle

  • MD1 morning
  • A morning meeting with the fighter pilots spurs off-color commentary and a reminder to clean up finished mugs of coffee.

6 - Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD2 morning
  • Marines are doing a fly-by on the comet and communications go dead as they near it.

7 - Ling Dessan

  • MD1 late evening
  • Ling's heart still beats for Makani. Unable to sleep, he wanders Deck 9 looking for a place to visit.

8 - Ling Dessan, Jade Lantz

  • MD1 2200
  • Ling enters Orchids & Jazz and is tended to by Jade. He laments his lost love and Jade does her best to get him drunk.

9 - Ling Dessan, Jade Lantz, Caroline Post

  • MD1 2300
  • That Risian wine... it goes straight to Ling's head. Caroline applies for the good citizen award and abducts the Marine to her quarters to give him a private place to sleep off the drink.

10 - Pili Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD1 1540
  • Pili heads to engineering to manipulate Cade into visiting his quarters with the pretense of making it about the mural he's painting.

11 - Pili Freitas, Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD1 1740
  • Pili plots with a waitress so that he can ditch his father with Cade - an impromptu date of sorts with dinner, coffee and dessert.

12 - Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD1 continues from #11
  • Makani pulls out the role of Mommy and forces Cade to eat his veggies. Then Makani lets it slip that Pili is half Betazoid. Makani realizes he's been set up on a date. Cade overreacts and can't leave the room fast enough.

13 - Pili Freitas, Makani Freitas

  • MD1 2000
  • Pili is grounded.

14 - Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD1 2100
  • Makani goes to Cade's quarters to apologize for Pili's setup.

15 - Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD1 2100
  • This has been coffee hour with Makani and Cade... which... turns straight men gay?

16 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 0300
  • Cade can't sleep, so he relaxes himself... his way.

17 - Michael Harris

  • MD2 0015
  • Michael plays cards and *gasp* loses a hand.

18 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Michael Harris

  • MD2 0500
  • Cade arrives in sickbay to inspect a Michael' box. Ah, where's Pandora when you need her?

19 - Svetlana Ivanova, Emileen Carlisle

  • MD2 0800
  • A meeting to explain the temporary shift in command of the Marine forces on Kepler is interrupted by an emergency situation; tying back to #6.

20 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 0640
  • Cade cracks the box's coding, but there's time to relax before the egg hatches and his instinct takes him out of the room - whereas a security officer might want to stay...

21 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Jade Lantz

  • MD2 0710
  • Cade needs coffee and Jade provides. Their chatting is interrupted by a major power outage and Cade runs through the dark (not running into any disoriented bodies) and makes it to engineering.

22 - Gregory Blake, Catalina Jayce

  • MD2 0645
  • Gregory summons Cat to his office to address issues of respect and subordination, but finds this unresolved as he arranges a date for later in the evening.

23 - Gregory Blake, Alex Winters

  • MD2 0705
  • Gregory's meeting with Alex is interrupted by a power outage.

24 - Aaron Ingles, Makani Freitas

  • MD2 0630
  • Aaron arrives to the station and meets with the CSciO, receiving a brief run down of the department's status in regards to archeology.

25 - Liesel O'Brien, Michael Harris

  • MD2 0900
  • Michael finds himself suffering from delusions due to a lack of caffeine in his system, thinking he heard the CMO say he's the CMO... Only, it's not a delusion.

26 - Madeline Cunningham

  • MD1
  • Meet Maddy: ex-marine turned historical researcher.

27 - Kennedy Monroe, Jon'a Despard

  • MD2 0700 (note: power outage occurs around 0710, so time might be off)
  • Jon'a, deflated after losing his wife, pauses in a corridor and collapses against a wall. Kennedy pauses to check on him. They shared an experience in the past, but what? We don't find out 'cause Kennedy walks away.

28 - Kennedy Monroe, Jon'a Despard

  • MD2 continues from #27
  • Jon'a catches up to Kennedy. Their conversation is stilted and ends quickly; Jon'a doesn't get the information he wanted.

29 - Aranya, Pili Freitas

  • MD2 0710
  • The countdown on the box expires faster than Cade had anticipated. When the power goes out, the contents of the box slip past the quarantine field and Pili is impacted by her. Aranya heads off to hide, and Pili continues on...

30 - (Set) played by Catalina Jayce

  • MD2
  • Set heads out to wander the station, upset that his uncle wed his mother to the wrong man.

31 - Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 0800
  • Makani heads to engineering to report problems with the power systems in science and leaves with plans for a dinner date.

32 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 0810
  • Engineers dump diagnostic data off for Cade's review as Cade realizes he has a dinner date.

33 - Jade Lantz, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 0825
  • Jade delivers espresso and coffee beans to engineering then starts asking questions while Cade is busy trying to figure out what caused the earlier power outage. She's escorted out.

34 - (Set) played by Catalina Jayce

  • MD2 0825
  • Set stops for some tea and listens to some of the conversations going on around him. He starts to plan an evac for himself and his mother.

35 - Madeline Cunningham

  • MD2 0630
  • Madeline starts her day with a run in the holodeck when the power goes out. She breaks out of the holodeck and wanders aimlessly in the corridors until the lights come back on.

36 - Svetlana Ivanova, Emileen Carlisle

  • MD2 0900
  • Ready to rescue the disabled fighter, the SAR shuttle shuts down with shocking results. Svetlana is injured.

37 - Violet Matthews, K'rilim Nsslano

  • MD2(?) 0830
  • After a workout in the gym, Violet sparks a conversation with K'rilim (call him K).

38 - Kennedy Monroe

  • MD2 0712 (note: power outage should be occurring... time is off)
  • Kennedy reflects on her encounter with Jon'a and scolds herself for being so affected by it.

39 - Michael Harris, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 0930
  • Michael finishes his tour of Sickbay at the morgue only to discover his box is open... and empty. Cade wishes him luck for the impending chat with the Captain.

40 - Aaron Ingles, Z'tan

  • MD1 0825
  • Aaron is utterly lost on the station and runs across Z'tan who offers a hand. A short flirting session winds up with them locked in a turbolift.

41 - Aaron Ingles, Z'tan

  • MD1 0825
  • Things heat up quickly in the locked lift.

42 - Ling Dessan, Gregory Blake

  • MD2 0910
  • Ling reports the problem with Svetlana's shuttle to the captain.

43 - Aaron Ingles, Z'tan

  • MD1 0825
  • The exploits come to a conclusion in the turbolift.

44 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD2 0658
  • Aaron receives a call from an academy friend who gloats about her promotion. He ends the conversation and the lights go out.

45 - Zoey Thomas, Michael Harris

  • MD2 0830
  • Michael finds himself on top of Zoey in a corridor. Introductions ensue.

46 - Michael Harris, Gregory Blake

  • MD2 0945
  • Michael reports to the captain about his opened box. Both are hoping for a kitten.

47 - Gregory Blake, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 1040
  • Gregory calls to engineering for an update of what caused the morning's power outage only to be plunged into a second outage.

48 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 1045
  • Engineering reacts to the power outage, handing out glow sticks.

49 - Caroline Post

  • MD2 1041
  • Questions flood Caroline's thoughts when the lights go out for a second time.

50 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD2 1039
  • Aaron is taking a look at a rock which appears to have its own energy source when the power goes out. The rock stops glowing too.

51 - Zoey Thomas

  • MD2 1038
  • Zoey checks her messages to find one from a Rear Admiral. She responds to it, then is ready to move along to see a patient, but the power fails.

52 - (Flight deck crew) played by Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD2 1039
  • When the power goes out, a fail-safe system shuts the hanger doors to prevent mass asphyxiation and death.

53 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 0725
  • Cassi responds to a call to sickbay after the first power outage.

54 - (Harrison Matthews) played by Violet Matthews, Isis Rae

  • MD2 0855
  • Harrison is ready to ship out but his parenting instincts leave him looking for a babysitter for his daughter. For unknown reasons, he picks Isis.

55 - Violet and Harrison Matthews

  • MD2 0948
  • Violet reacts to the news that her father found her a babysitter for while he is off the station.

56 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1046
  • Cassi's reaction to the second power outage.

57 - Zoey Thomas, Gregory Blake

  • MD2 1230
  • Zoey stops by to force a counseling session on Gregory. He avoids the subject of his new marriage. She tries to change his mind about being an eternal pessimist.

58 - Madeline Cunningham

  • MD2 1300
  • During a power outage, Madeline had a run-in with a bulkhead. Now she's not feeling well and heads to sickbay, against her better judgment.

59 - Emileen Carlisle, Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD2 ????
  • Emileen irritates Svetlana and Svetlana spells it out for Emileen (using russian spelling).

60 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 1315
  • Cade walks into his office in engineering to find coffee mysteriously present - and a yellow smilie face.

61 - Zoey Thomas, Michael Harris

  • MD2 1046
  • The lights go out in sickbay and Michael finds his way around with his lighter. He is summoned to Zoey's office to discuss prepping for the next outage. Zoey falls in love with a touch.

62 - Olivia Thomas (and Zoey... for a second)

  • MD2 1048
  • In the middle of drawing, the lights go out. Olivia pouts about her sister having brought her to a dump of a station.

63 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD2 1331 and 1352
  • Aaron is researching his rock, but the geologist is unimpressed with its glowing abilities. He returns to his lab and updates a corrupted computer file, then decides on lunch.

64 - Gregory Blake, Ling Dessan, Michael Harris, Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Isis Rae

  • MD2 1500 (need to fix it on the forum... says MD1)
  • Gregory gets a situation report from all department except security. He sends Isis out to figure out why.

65 - Makani Freitas, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 1515
  • Engineering and Science put their heads together, trying to figure out what is causing the power outages and how to bring the stranded Marines home.

66 - Isis Rae, Violet Matthews, Harrison Matthews

  • MD2 1258
  • Harrison is expecting the worst from his daughter when introducing her to the "babysitter," but Violet mostly behaves.

67 - Zoey Thomas, Olivia Thomas

  • MD2 1502
  • Olivia wants to go home - which, to her, is Earth. Zoey appears ready to capitulate with the request and tells her sister to start packing.

68 - Michael Harris

  • MD2 1515
  • Michael is aiming for a nap when the computer interrupts him, reporting inconclusive results. He heads out to sickbay, checking the preparation for the anticipated power outage. Grabbing a flash light, he leaves... for Earth?

69 - Madeline Cunningham, Zoey Thomas

  • MD2 1300
  • Zoey answers Madeline's walk in call (from her injury in #58). A minor concussion, Zoey gives Maddy aspirin and a few words of advice before sending her on the way.

70 - Michael Harris, Zoey Thomas

  • MD2 1553
  • Michael's walk ends in front of Zoey's door. Zoey's upset about her sister and Michael tries to help by offering words of wisdom and finishes off with a kiss - or several.

71 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1130
  • Nurse Patty tries to send Cassi away from Sickbay after attending to an emergency from the last power outage, but Cassi is reluctant to go.

72 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD2 1550
  • Aaron files a report on an ancient civilization based off an artifact he studied. But what his mind is really focused on is the chance encounter he had with the Romulan from posts 40-41 and 43.

73 - Ling Dessan, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD2 1620
  • J.M. Barrie rolls in his grave as Cade calls up the Marines to give them a potential solution for rescuing those stranded out in space. Ling responds to the call, making the jaunt down to Engineering to pick up the information.

74 - (Sergeant Harper and Corporal Lebouf) played by Svetlana Ivanova

  • MD2 1625
  • The communications gear isn't working to Harper's standards.

75 - Ling Dessan, (Brodie) played by Emileen Carlisle

  • MD2 1625
  • Ling is looking for an ETA for when shuttle modifications will be done.

76 - Svetlana Ivanova, Ling Dessan

  • MD2 1640 - 1730
  • Ling heads out in a shuttle and tows the stranded vessels back to the station. Svetlana insists he rescue the fighters first.

77 - Zoey Thomas, Michael Harris

  • MD2 1731
  • Zoey and Michael get a call to report to sickbay for an emergency. They head to the hanger deck to witness the extraction of the first rescued pilot and Zoey transports to Sickbay with him.

78 - Gregory Blake, (Set) played by Catalina Jayce

  • MD2 evening
  • Gregory decides he needs flowers for his date and heads to the arboretum to complete his mission. Set tries to stalk him and ultimately gives Gregory flower tips.

79 - Svetlana Ivanova, Madeline Cunningham, Ling Dessan

  • MD2 1930
  • Ling heads to the bar and is happy to see Svetlana. Introductions are made between Svetlana, Maddy, and Ling.

80 - Madeline Cunningham, Ling Dessan

  • MD2 1945
  • Ling's conversation with Madeline continues. He is curious as to why she joined the Marines, and subsequently left.

81 - Gregory Blake, Catalina Jayce

  • MD2 evening
  • Various tensions arise during dinner, but the evening comes to an early end due to a loitering son. Gregory has two weeks to woo his wife and convince her to refrain from sending in her resignation from Starfleet.

82 - Isis Rae

  • MD2 1530
  • Isis arrives in security to discover the power outages have created complications... and the Chief of Security can't be found.

83 - Michael Harris

  • MD2 1950
  • Reflecting on the day's events, Michael begins to close down Sickbay for the evening.

84 - Zoey Thomas

  • MD2 1940
  • Zoey treats a pilot for oxygen deprivation and blushes with the short eye contact from Michael Harris.

85 - Svetlana Ivanova, Madeline Cunningham, Ling Dessan

  • MD2 2015
  • Svetlana finishes singing a song and comes back to chat with Ling and Maddy for a few minutes before calling it a night.

86 - Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD2 1745
  • Cassi runs into trouble during one of the power outages.

87 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Makani Frietas

  • MD2 1900
  • Makani arrives for his date with Cade on time, Cade is five minutes late, but it doesn't seem to bother Makani because Cade shaved.

88 - Gregory Blake, Zoey Thomas

  • MD3 1319
  • The power outage problem is resolved - science discovers the comet was responsible. Zoey stops in to make a few requests and to add snot to his shirt right before his presence was required at the black tie affair.