Halley Grayson

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PO3.pngHalley Grayson

Grayson. Halley Grayson.

Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Position: Medic
Player: Pip


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (29yo)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"

Sun-damaged skin, as though he's spent a lot of time outside, even if not very recently. Bullet scar on his scalp which you can only see if he parts his hair there. The hands of someone who WORKS with them - nicked and scarred, but strong. He's built strong but slim, no extra weight of muscle or fat.


Grayson's quiet. He doesn't talk much, and gets to the point quickly when he does. He cares deeply about a lot of things, especially helping people. He's fiercely determined and tremendously loyal if he believes in something. If you can get him talking, he's a nice guy, with a dry sense of humour and not much pride, but it's hard to get him to loosen up. He's very good at dealing with uncooperative people and children because he's usually quite calm, even if sometimes it seems like a mask. Still, he's obviously not saying a lot about his past.


Grayson is the child of two traders, Patrick and Marta Grayson, who were based on the colony world of Safir. His childhood was spent as much in space as planetside. His parents were separated in the Safireh Sufficiency Revolution when Grayson was 11, and due to malnutrition and disease, Marta died when Grayson was 14 and training as a military cadet. Patrick had been stuck off-planet due to the new revolutionary laws, but returned as a member of the Safireh Liberation Force 18 months after Marta's death. He was killed during the successful overthrow of the revolutionary government.

Grayson entered Starfleet Junior Academy at 16 and continued on the medical track until he was 20, when he volunteered for the aid mission to the troubled colony world of Axhazarei III. Due to a disagreement between policy and the actual needs he saw there, he went on extended leave and eventually quit the Academy, and spent another year or so on Axhazarei III before dropping off the records entirely.

He finally returned to Earth five years after he'd left, and formally enlisted in Starfleet again but didn't resume his Academy training. He spent the next three years as a medic and sometimes helmsman on a series of border-cruise ships; his last assignment was the USS Samarkand, which he left when their captain was badly injured in an ambush and had to take a year of medical leave. He saw the call for personnel for Kepler, and put his name down because they needed good people and it was as far away as he could get.

During his time aboard Kepler he began to make friends, slowly and quietly as he usually does, and made a name for himself in the Medical department. Sadly, a recent incident in which he was split into five non-identical copies of himself left him badly shaken, physically weakened and doubting the continued friendship of those who had begun to like him. He took extended medical leave from his duties to attempt to pull himself together.


Father: Patrick Grayson
Mother: Marta Grayson


Newcomer Award
Mission: Schrodinger's Station
3rd - JP Fest 2010
3 Months with Kepler
1 Jan - April 2010
Treknology Award
Mission: Maynard's Fright
6 Months with Kepler
1 Jan - April 2010
Players' Choice
Mission: Herschel's Kisses
1 Year with Kepler
1 Jan 2010 - 2011
Treknology Award
Mission: Long Walk off a Short Planck
Personal Log
Challenge 1: 8th - 15th April, 2011
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Honey, I'm Holm!
Pie-In-Face Award
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe (as Cadet Kaspar Szarecki)
Dream Sequence
Challenge 1: 4th - 11th June, 2011
NPC Award
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe (for Cadet Kaspar Szarecki)
Captain's Choice
Mission: The Fibonacci Man
Rae's Ribbon
Mission: The Fibonacci Man
Players' Choice
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe
Players' Choice
Mission: The Fibonacci Man
2 Years with Kepler
1 Jan 2010 - 2012
3 Years with Kepler
1 Jan 2010 - 2013