Heidy Dilucca

From Station

PO3.pngHeidy Dilucca

Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class
Department: Operations
Player: Jake



Species: Human
Gender: Female
Haircolour: Brown
Eyecolour: Brown
Height:  5"6' 
Weight: 135lb
Age: 24

Heidy’s cultural roots are apparent in her appearance bearing several markers that point to the western mediterranean roots of her family, brunette shoulder length hair, almost always tied into a ponytail when on duty sets of well againt the olive complexion to her skin with a slightly rounded face dominated by deep brown eyes. A toned and curvy shape kept up by whatever physical activity that had captured her interest for the moment as well as the semi-manual nature of her role.


Very quick to pick up on things and to understand things of a technical nature, a solid work ethic. A confident and sure front when dealing with people, is masking some deep emotional and psychological wounds following the death of her big brother. Time will heal the wounds, because she cares, deep down she still cares a lot, which is where her passionate streak kicks in, she will jealously defend the people and the ideals she holds dear.

Personal History

Born on a small mining colony the third child of what would be five, she also happens to be the middle girl. Life was not particularly easy, with all the children running errands to help out with the working, there father and mother stopped short of actually put in them to work, and made sure they all received a full education. Heidy happened to be the brightest of the family and she was encouraged to apply to further schools off planet. However Heidy always looked up to her big brother Markus, hang around with him and his peers rather then her older sister, about the time Heidy was being pushed to go further with her education, Markus signed up for starfleet. That was her decision made, although her parents insisted she stay home for an extra year, this was more to make sure it was her choice. She entered starfleet at nineteen, on the enlisted operations track to give herself a good grounding.


Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance