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Herschel's Kisses

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The few remaining crew of Kepler Station settle back into their home, albeit with a new backyard, while they await their fate. In the meantime there is plenty of work to do, fixing systems, securing science experiments and ensuring the health and safety of all. Everyone realises they'll have to pitch in and maybe do jobs they weren't trained for, but so long as everyone is all right and our Romulan neighbours don't get shifty, we should be fine.

Until that is, someone bakes some special muffins...

Mission Log:

0 - Opening - Gregory Blake, Elizabeth Bassenthwaite

  • MD6 1100
  • After having a much needed shower (and no sleep) Gregory finds out that the TFCO for the Gavarian Frontier is none other than Rear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite. He's told to sit tight and wait for backup as it looks like Kepler will be staying put, right near the Romulan Star Empire's border...

1 - Gregory Blake, Aaron Ingles, Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 1130
  • Gregory offers Aaron the CSci position, and to Julia, the ACSci position.

2 - Violet Matthews

  • MD6 0820
  • Violet rummages through the Treehouse Lounge kitchen to find ingredients in order to make the remaining population of Kepler Station some muffins.

3 - Gregory Blake, Isis Rae, Ling Dessan, Aaron Ingles, Halley Grayson, Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 1156
  • Twenty-five people converge to hear Gregory's announcements.

4 - Isis Rae, Aaron Ingles

  • MD6 0900
  • Aaron arrives in Ops to report his mysterious conversation, but Isis doesn't take him seriously.

5 - Kennedy Monroe, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 time frame: as the Harbinger is transporting people to Kepler
  • Kennedy and Cassi get a bite to eat once they return to Kepler.

6 - Halley Grayson, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 0540
  • Halley heads to bed with every intention of getting sleep. Violet destroys those plans when she brings by his bag and their unfinished poker game resumes.

7 - Gregory Blake, Isis Rae

  • MD6 1215
  • Gregory and Isis beg for more officers from the CO of the Hippocrates in order to fill up some of the short-staffed departments. But, before that can begin, Gregory makes an attempt at convincing Isis that she was delusional during her time "alone" on Kepler.

8 - Julia Holzwarth

  • MD6 01215
  • Julia sorts through the science labs to discard ruined projects, though she would rather be relaxing and recovering.

9 - Julia Holzwarth, Isis Rae

  • MD6 1500
  • With new science officers arriving, Isis tells Julia that she won't be assistant chief anymore.

10 - Zoey Thomas, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 1500
  • Gregory stops at the Treehouse lounge for a bite to eat and finds himself talking to the counselor while he waits for his food. She seems to need cheering up, which Gregory is loath to do. He reminds her that there are twenty-some people who are probably in need of counseling at the moment, that she and the other counselor should probably get to work on that.

11 - Gregory Blake, Kennedy Monroe

  • MD6 1505
  • On his way to his ready room with his burger, Gregory's path crosses with yet another counselor. He talks to her briefly, checking on her status. Her answers are obscure when it comes to deciding if she had left anyone in the delta quadrant.

12 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Halley Grayson

  • MD6 1215
  • Cade and Halley meet over a wafting coffee aromas. Halley volunteers his services to engineering, pending clearance from a non-existent (at the moment) CMO.

13 - Violet Matthews, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 1340
  • Violet stops in Sickbay for muffin delivery and is wrangled into a check up; but she does manage to relieve herself of two muffins in exchange for a tip for future deliveries.

14 - Kennedy Monroe, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 1350
  • Kennedy is concerned over Cassi and the state of her pregnancy while Cassi would prefer a lack of reminders. Cassi is able to temporarily deflect the attention on her. She learns about Kennedy's regrets over a teen pregnancy and how the counselor set her son up for adoption.

15 - Aaron Ingles, Zachariah Ra-Nevron

  • MD6 1315
  • Zach reports to his new duty assignment for introductions and a task.

16 - Dianna Fabray, Isis Rae

  • MD6 1300
  • Dianna arrives on Kepler and reports in to the XO. Isis welcomes her, and hands over a task which sounds rather innocent and ... boring, actually.

17 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 1400
  • There is an emergency situation in Engineering and it's called: Cade doesn't have coffee. Yet, Gregory doesn't see this to be a problem and tells the engineer to be a big boy and buy beans from the Treehouse lounge, or use the replicator. Dude... it's only coffee.

18 - Gregory Blake, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 1405
  • On a turbolift ride, Gregory encounters Violet who offers him a muffin. He declines, showing her he already has a meal whose temperature is rapidly reaching 0 kelvin.

19 - Violet Matthews, Isis Rae

  • MD6 1810
  • Violet sneaks into Isis' office to deliver a muffin but is caught before she can leave. Worried about how Isis is going to react to her presence, Violet is quickly relieved by the Trill's concern and offer to share a room.

20 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 1415
  • Cade enters the Treehouse Lounge in search of coffee beans. Violet offers him a cup of coffee and a muffin instead when she doesn't immediately find beans. When Cade leaves, he takes a basket of goodies with him for distribution and Violet promises to bring him the beans when they're located.

21 - Cassiopeia Yale, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 1410
  • Gregory's check up takes an unusual turn when Cassi professes her desires. Gregory is not amused and kicks her out of his office.

22 - Dianna Fabray, Isis Rae

  • MD6 1400
  • Dianna returns to reveal her findings on the sensor readings that Isis requested. Isis thanks her for the work, then suggests she take the rest of the day to settle in and get acquainted with the station.

23 - Zoey Thomas, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 1440
  • Cassi meets up with Zoey to do her check up. Zoey disagrees with Cassi's motivations and refuses to cooperate. Cassi fights back by sending a report to command.

24 - Sarah Martin, Isis Rae

  • MD6 1450
  • Sarah reports for duty, not expecting assignment to Kepler's medical department as the CMO. Surprise!

25 - John Reynolds

  • MD6 earlier that day
  • John wakes from an unsound sleep and reflects on recent losses of friends and shipmates.

26 - Sarah Martin, Zoey Thomas

  • MD6 1500
  • The new CMO enters sickbay barely 12 hours after the last one was left in the Delta Quadrant, but for Zoey, it feels like months. Sarah discusses the argument between Zoey and Cassi, then talks Zoey into having her physical done.

27 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin

  • MD6 1600
  • John heads to sickbay on Kepler in order to complete his requirement for a physical and runs into one of his old colleagues from a previous assignment. He finds out Sarah is one of his new colleagues from his new assignment... he's been transferred!

28 - Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD6 0823
  • Filter packs his belongings, ready to make a transfer to Kepler.

29 - Sarah Marting, Halley Grayson

  • MD6 1750
  • Halley enters sickbay, finding the new CMO struggling with a disgruntled replicator. Introductions are made and Sarah wants to know where she can find the source of his caffeine intoxication.

30 - Sarah Martin, Eva Blake, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 1820
  • Gregory arrives in sickbay, carrying his little sister. Eva broke her toe, but Sarah hasn't located all her tools yet (or vitamin supplements). She does know where the sedatives are, however, and hands them off to Gregory with a warning that he is going to have to see a shrink.

31 - Aaron Ingles, Zachariah Ra-Nevron, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD6 1635
  • A meeting of the science minds is called. Fenella comes in bearing a muffin she can't eat due to cinnamon allergies and offers it to Zachariah. Her main concern, however, is that the grass is dying in the arboretum.

32 - Aaron Ingles, Zachariah Ra-Nevron, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD6 1635
  • The science officers are tasked with things to do. Aaron points out the high security around an artifact that he wants to take a closer look at and is almost disappointed when no one else seems interested.

33 - Diana Fabray, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 1430
  • Diana heads to the Treehouse Lounge and finds Violet. Due to the decreased in recent patronage, Violet readily stays to talk with Diana.

34 - Kennedy Monroe, Isis Rae

  • MD6
  • Kennedy stops to check on Isis to see if she needs any help; Isis hears this as an offer to help with work load rather than acknowledging Kennedy as a counselor.

35 - Sarah Martin, Eva Blake, Gregory Blake, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD6 1840
  • Sarah addresses the issue between Zoey and Cassi before Gregory and Eva have a chance to leave sickbay, then chastises Cassi for expressing herself (about the Zoey incident) in front of others. Cassi pouts, but hands Gregory a poem before sulking away. Despite her injured toe, Eva is spry in getting the love note away from her brother and reads it out loud. Everyone is disturbed.

36 - John Reynolds, Eva Blake, Gregory Blake

  • MD6 1900
  • Gregory dumps his sister on an unsuspecting Lieutenant. Eva is short on explanations on her relationship with her brother, but that doesn't seem to bother John as he tries to locate a drinking establishment.

37 - Gregory Blake, Nithumen Browsden

  • MD6 1910
  • Gregory meets with Nithumen in his ready room. They exchange insults and very little info before she heads back to her own ship.

38 - Diana Fabray, Violet Matthews

  • MD6 1500
  • Violet introduces hot chocolate to the discussion. Diana and Violet discuss their backgrounds and make plans for future encounters.

39 - Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD6 1800
  • Cade takes a break from repairs to make coffee, eat a muffin, and... work. (Can someone define "break" for me?)

40 - Halley Grayson, Venice Marlowe Florian Cade

  • MD6 1820
  • Halley goes to Engineering for some busy work, hoping to excise the caffeine from his system so he can get some sleep. He quickly finds Cade, who offers him some coffee and a muffin... and romance. (Honestly! Kissie faces and all.) The romance is reciprocated.

41 - Gregory Blake, Josh Broas

  • MD6 2003
  • Josh and Gregory talk over long distance comms. Josh offers to bring supplies out to Kepler. Gregory asks for engineers, raw materials, coffee beans and scotch.

42 - Zachariah Ra-Nevron, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD6 1700
  • Fen and Zach flirt before returning to work.

43 - Sarah Martin, Kennedy Monroe

  • MD6 2000
  • Kennedy stops in for a friendly introduction. Sarah points out the staff meeting in the morning then asks about Cassi's "typical" behavior.

44 - Eva Blake, Gregory Blake, John Reynolds

  • MD7 0810
  • John wakes with a woman in his arms. When Gregory enters the room, John is a little nervous... Gregory decides to kick Eva off the ship. John is charged with making certain Eva gets on the ship.

45 - Violet Matthews

  • MD7 0823
  • Violet packs half of her belongings (and reclamates the rest) in preparation of moving in with Isis.

46 - Sarah Martin, Zoey Thomas, Halley Grayson, Kennedy Monroe, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD7 0830
  • A staff meeting in sickbay takes place. Sarah hands out work assignments and debates the definition of "professionalism" with her staff.

47 - John Reynolds, Gregory Blake

  • MD7 0901
  • Despite finding John sleeping with his sister earlier, Gregory offers John a promotion and the chief position in security.

48 - Zachariah Ra-Nevron

  • MD7 0435
  • Zach wakes and heads to work.

49 - Kennedy Monroe, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD7 0850
  • Cassi pauses at Kennedy's office before working on her assignment in order to complain about Zoey in typical office dynamics fashion.

50 - Violet Matthews, Isis Rae

  • MD7 0840
  • Violet moves into Isis' quarters.

51 - Gregory Blake, Zoey Thomas

  • MD7 0930
  • Zoey intends to talk to Gregory about his need for sedatives. Gregory distracts her with the news that her commission was declined. She throws a fit and breaks Gregory's bottle of scotch.

52 - Aaron Ingles

  • MD7 0645
  • Aaron calls the Vulcan Science Academy to talk to the astrophysics department.

53 - Sarah Martin, Gregory Blake, Zoey Thomas

  • MD7 0940
  • Gregory calls Sarah to warn her about Zoey. Zoey heads to the CMO's office and tries to get Gregory in trouble. Sarah tells Zoey to grow up.

54 - Thomas Stuarde

  • MD7 0900
  • Thomas receives orders to transfer to Kepler Station.

55 - Thomas Stuarde, Diana Fabray, T'Raia (played by Gregory Blake)

  • MD7 1130
  • Thomas and T'Raia transfer to Kepler via a shuttle that Diana pilots.

56 - Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD7 late morning
  • Filter talks to his cat, then gets a message from his mother. He sends a message back to her.

57 - Zachariah Ra-Nevron, Aaron Ingles, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD7 0900
  • Cassi, lost in a Science module, eventually locates both scientists she is looking for. She prescribes food and re-hydration for Aaron's aching muscles. Zach checks out fine, except for the elevated levels of hormones which don't actually appear to be a problem.

58 - Sarah Martin, Cassiopeia Yale

  • MD7 1000
  • Cassi panics when Sarah begins to repeat her physical. Once the tension cools, Sarah tries to figure out how Cassi is drugged with Orion Love Dust.

59 - Gregory Blake, Thomas Stuarde, Isis Rae

  • MD7 1200
  • Thomas reports in to the XO for assignment, interrupting a discussion between Isis and Gregory. After a friendly exchange, Gregory tries to slip away and Thomas tries to ignore the annoyance he sees Isis display.

60 - T'Raia (played by Gregory Blake), John Reynolds

  • MD7 1200
  • John sees a familiar body on the Promenade and tries to follow her. T'Raia hears the following and slips off to the side. In a dark corner, the two exchange news... of sorts.

61 - Sarah Martin, Violet Matthews

  • MD7 1230
  • Sarah tracks down the source of the Orion Love Dust. Violet tries to keep from panicking as she realizes she poisoned her friends... and some strangers too.

62 - Isis Rae, Sarah Martin

  • MD7 1315
  • Sarah arrives at the XO's office to report about the aphrodisiacs and ask that Isis have all the victims come to Sickbay. Isis hesitates with the wording of her message initially, but is fairly clear when delivering it.

63 - Cassiopeia Yale, Gregory Blake

  • MD7 1320
  • Cassi locates Gregory in order to offer him an apology for her drug-induced behavior. She gives him a picture and Gregory's yeoman offers her editorial comments once the doctor leaves.

64 - John Reynolds, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD7 Alpha Shift
  • Security section has a meeting to discuss John's take-over as chief. Filter wonders about down time.

65 - Violet Matthews, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD6 1320
  • Thomas stops at the Treehouse lounge for a drink and chats with Violet. While he innocently jokes about the muffin news, Violet's inner turmoil is reflected in her expression.

66 - Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD7 1300
  • Filter heads to the Treehouse lounge to pick up the Orion Love Dust and has it transported to security. He makes a mostly innocuous comment about the muffins which may or may not be an advance on Violet.

67 - Sarah Martin, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD7 1415
  • Sarah enters the security offices in order to check off Filter's physical from her list of things to do. Filter mentions he's had nightmares, but no other health concerns.