Holly O'Malley

From Station

Blank.pngHolly O'Malley

Rank: Civilian
Position: Holographic Resident
Player: Brian


Species: Hologram
Gender: Female
First Activated: 2386
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"


Holly has been programmed with a bubbly and caring personality along with an eager to please. As her program has developed she has also become incredibly curious about the world around her.


Eva Blake created Holly, one of several O'Malley variants, as a present for her brother Gregory. Her datacore system and emitters were installed in the then Commanding Officer's Quarters and Holly was activated. Programmed to see herself as Gregory's wife, Holly performed her marital duties despite concerns for her husbands slide into alcoholism. Although she was programmed to be adaptable, and to learn for herself, the isolation that Holly endured until Gregory's disappearance made her ill prepared for a life outside her primary function (KS11.1: The Fibonacci Man (Continued)).

With the arrival of the new Commanding Officer, Nikolas G. Bakyr, Holly soon discovered that there was more to life than she had been able to experience thus far. She developed an increased curiosity which in turn led to becoming a much more well rounded woman. Nikolas, along with a young Cadet, Rexus Spokar, helped to teach her that even a hologram could seek more from life than their original purpose (KS12: Fleming's Stratagem).

As the station underwent a complete overhaul to the holographic emitters located in various public areas, Nikolas and Rexus arranged for Holly to be granted access to these systems; providing her with freedom from the bedroom that had been her entire world beforehand. She quickly developed a friendship with Rexus' mother, Infinia, and set out on a mission to find a job and become a productive member of Kepler Station (KS16: Maxwell's Dozen).

Things looked bleak for Holly when, having been aiding her friend Doctor Samantha Grayson in the evacuation, she found herself cut off from her datacore after the asteroid collision severed the Medical module from the station. Despite the intermittent damage to the holoemitters, the pair were able to make their way through the wreckage of Sickbay and find an escape pod for Samantha to use. Unfortunately there was no way to take Holly's program with her so they were forced to have a tearful goodbye before the pod jettisoned Samantha to safety. Several days later however, one of the salvage crews discovered the data device where Holly had taken refuge and was able to bring her back to the station (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).


Programmer: Eva Blake
Sister programs: Sally O'Malley (formerly U.S.S. Archimedes), Callie O'Malley (Starbase 50), Kelly O'Malley (Deep Space 11), Shelley O'Malley (San Francisco, Earth), Ally O'Malley (Prague, Earth), Nelly O'Malley (Cardiff, Earth), Enda O'Malley (Vulcan)


Combat Medal
Mission: Maxwell's Dozen
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Maxwell's Dozen
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Faradays Gone By
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Faradays Yet To Come
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf