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Holographic Programs

A holographic program (also called a holosuite program, holodeck program or holodeck simulation) is an interactive computer program making use of holograms which are displayed via a series of holoemitters for entertainment, training and investigative purposes. These can be generated with the aid of the computer, or the use can select from a variety of pre-constructed options.


Acheron Hot Springs

(KS2: Rutherford's Fork)

Acheron is an M-Class world located in the Jathlin Arm, in the Delta Quadrant. Located throughout the mountainous areas overlooking the crystalline city of Cyrus, the hot springs would almost make death and dismemberment at the hands of the local Phase Creatures worth a visit to the real place.

Action Simulations

Adventures of Cú Chulainn and Scáthach, The

(KS16: Maxwell's Dozen)

Loosely based on the Celtic epic Táin Bó Cúailnge, this series of adventures allows the participants to step into the titular roles of Irish hero Cú Chulainn and his teacher, the renowned Scottish warriror-maid, Scáthach. The story begins with Cú Chulainn beseeching King Forgall for the hand of his daughter, Emer. Refusing to allow his daughter to marry a commoner, the King sets a series of three seemingly impossible challenges for him to complete.

Galactic Rim

(KS20: Piazzi's Penance)

Primarily influenced by 20th-22nd century Terran fiction, Galactic Rim is focused around the fictional Systems Alliance Jaeger Corps, a multi-species militaristic organization inspired by the Starfleet of real life that, within the simulation's universe, operates massive war robots known as Jaegers. These machines engage in ground combat with similarly sized monsters and extragalactic war machines, and are notable for required two pilots moving in sync in order to be operated. The creator of the program series is unknown; however, it's widely believed that a Starfleet engineer may have created it as a side project that was accidentally released to the public. The program was also noted for being extremely stressful on most holosuite rendering processors, often requiring that safeguards designed to keep the processors from being overloaded be bypassed in order to prevent lag spikes in the program.

Level Titles

  • Danger Highway
  • Hong Kong Crush
  • Broken Borders
  • Dark Reaping

Children's Simulations

Adventures of Flotter, The

(VOY: Once Upon A Time)

The Adventures of Flotter is a series of children's holoprograms set in the Forest of Forever, where coluorful characters like Flotter and Trevis (representations of natural elements or forces of nature) helped teach deductive reasoning skills.


  • "Flotter and the Tree Monster"
  • "Flotter and the Perfect Day"
  • "Trevis and the Terribly Twisted Trunk"
  • "Flotter, Trevis, and the Ogre of Fire"
  • "Flotter Meets the Invincible Invertebrates"

Toby the Targ

(VOY: Author, Author)

Toby the Targ is the lead character and, ostensibly, the writer of a series of educational holoprograms for children. In 2377, the Toby the Targ program was the most successful children's title of publishers Broht & Forrester.


The holographic novel (also called a holonovel) is, like its ancient counterpart, a story with a protagonist and characters with a plot. However, unlike regular novels actual people can become the characters on a holodeck or in a holosuite. The holonovels are coded so that every character's part can be played by a living being (only one is required for the programs to run). The clothing and facial attributes (for example, beards, swords, wooden legs) are holographically added to one's body, enabling a person to look the part without any real physical modifications. Holonovels have not replaced traditional writing of novels and, in fact, offer the user the ability to reenact their favourite book.

A Christmas Carol

Written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol depicted the haunting of a miserly character named Ebenezer Scrooge by four spirits, who were determined to teach him the meaning of Christmas, so he might regain his holiday spirit.

Adventures of Captain Proton, The

(VOY: Night)

Based on the 1930s science fiction B-movies, Lieutenant Tom Paris created this holonovel series during the USS Voyager's time in the Delta Quadrant. During this program the holoprojectors would display in black and white making real people, objects and the environment itself monochromatic.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 16: "Spell of the Spider"
  • Chapter 18: "Bride of Chaotica"
  • Chapter 37: "The Web of Pain"
  • Unknown chapter: "Captain Proton versus the Cosmic Creature"
  • Unknown chapter: "Invaders from the Ninth Dimension"
  • Final chapter: "Satan's Robot Conquers the World"

Dixon Hill Series, The

(TNG: The Big Goodbye)

Written by author Tracy Tormé, the titular character of Dixon Hill made his first published appearance, on Earth in 1934, in the pulp magazine Amazing Detective Stories. Much later, in the 22nd century, Dixon Hill and the Black Orchid was made into a film and then finally in the 2360's Broht & Forrester published the holonovel adaptations. This series has received a personal endorsement by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Story Titles

  • "Dixon Hill in The Big Good-Bye" (1934)
  • "Dixon Hill in The Long Dark Tunnel" (1936)
  • "Dixon Hill in The (Curse of the) Black Orchid"
  • "Dixon Hill in The National Sheriff"
  • "Dixon Hill in The Listening Man"
  • "Dixon Hill in The Parrot's Claw"

Kahless and Lukara

(DS9: You Are Cordially Invited)

Said to have been programmed by a Ferengi named Quark, in 2374, this program soon took off in popularity as relations between the Klingons and the Federation improved. However it did not take long for more erotically themed programs to take precedence.

Photons Be Free

(VOY: Author, Author)

Photons Be Free was a provocative holonovel composed by Emergency Medical Hologram known as The Doctor in 2378. The novel depicted the oppressed existence of an EMH on board a Federation starship. Following legal action, Broht & Forrester were forced to recall the holonovel, however it is believed there are still copies available.

The Tempest

The Tempest was one of the final plays written by the renowned Human playwright William Shakespeare. The play includes the characters of Prospero, the deposed Duke of Milan, banished by his brother to a distant island, who has since become a powerful magician, and Miranda, Prospero's daughter, who was raised by Prospero on the island.

Erotic Simulations

A Picnic with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx

(DS9: The Homecoming)

Also known under the computer filename Scenario 14C, this program features an intimate setting with Goddess of Rixx.

Pleasure Maze

(DS9: Rapture)

A pleasure maze was a type of puzzle. Each one came with a surprise in the centre.

Lauriento Massage

(DS9: A Man Alone)

Experience a massage from a recreation of a trained expert in a diaphanous ritual robe with very soft fingers.

Vulcan Love Slave Series, The

(DS9: The Ascent)

The Arduous Journey of T'lana on the Road to Enlightenment, or Vulcan Love Slave, is a work of erotic fiction by an anonymous author. The book is widely enjoyed in Ferengi culture and was adapted into a holonovel that has inspired at least three sequels which featured characters such as T'lana and Shmun.

Several possible authors have been named for the original novel, including the Vulcan poetess T'vora, Grand Nagus Zek, and literary critic Iskel. A lesser-held theory is that the original story was written by a 22nd century Ferengi named Krem.

Story Titles

  • "Vulcan Love Slave, Part I" (2373)
  • "Vulcan Love Slave, Part II: The Revenge" (2374)
  • "Vulcan Love Slave, Part III" (2376)
  • "Vulcan Love Slave IV: T'Ris in Orion Bondage" (2378)

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