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Hunting Party

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Procuring the ITA Dacoit thanks to some quick thinking by Lt. Commander Isis Rae, a small team departs Kepler Station on a mission to locate the Orion Mustava and put an end to his pirating ways.

Mission Log:

0 - Zachary Eastman, Henry McAllister, Maya Takagi, Isis Rae, Nilari Shendehor, Maxwell Roessler

  • MD 1, 0314
  • The EOA Chairman leads the team towards the disused Docking Lounge where they board the Dacoit in preparation for their mission to locate and remove Mustava from the playing field of life.

1 - Zachary Eastman, Tais Ysere

  • MD 1, 0325
  • As the adults get to work Zach finds himself the focus of a rather attractive blonde Dacoit crew member.