Jaci Moon

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Ensign.pngJaci Moon

Ensign Jaci Moon

Rank: Ensign
Position: Security / Tactical
Player: Tiffany


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2364 (23yo)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"

Jaci is tall and lanky, but very fit and strong. She has long black hair that is most times kept up in a braid or tail and she has an elaborate tribal tattoo on her back and one down her arm.


Jaci is young, cocky and can be impulsive. She's newly graduated and feels like she has the universe by the tail, but she has a lot to learn. She was quite popular while at the Academy and being at the bottom and working her way up has her somewhat frustrated.

She's been know to be a bit of a ladies woman. Charming and attractive, she has made more than one woman swoon, but she quickly moves on to her next conquest.


Jaci is somewhat of a rebel. While her entire family adheres to the old native ways on Dorvan V, she wanted to break free and be her own person. She always protested that technology could only help them, not hurt them. The Cardassian rule over Dorvan V didn't help her need to get away and do something different. That is when StarFleet Academy presented itself to her and she was accepted on a scholarship due to her heritage. She has a twin brother that like their names is quite opposite than her. He the sun to her moon. Whenever they are together fireworks will soon follow. Jaci is also someone that cannot be tethered at times. She felt most her life she was confined to the tribal ways and now she can hardly sit still. She has a small case of claustrophobia, but enough that small spaces after long periods of time cause her great anxiety.

Out of respect to her parents and grandparents she does try to preform tribal rituals when necessary. It is important for her to prove that she can incorporate both the old and new ways, therefore she likes to spend time on the holodeck hunting, fishing and training. She also is extremely talented on the guitar. She is also an avid runner and tries to do so each day.