Jack Rikter

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Ensign.pngJack Rikter

Rank: Ensign
Position: Engineer
Player: Rob


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (22yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"

No distinguishable markings. Short cropped brown hair. Clean shaven with an upward angling nose. Ice blue eyes.


Very professional and serious about the job. Hopes to make Chief Engineer someday or god willing transfer to command. Makes friends easily enough and is not overly critical of others. Is quick to call other on not performing their duties to the best of their abilities.


Jack Rikter was born to Brad and Mary Rikter in the New Berlin colony on Earth's moon. Brad served on the U.S.S. Saratoga as an engineer and was part of the damage control teams. The Saratoga was destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359. Jack was just a child then and doesn't remember how close Earth came to falling to the Borg attack led by Locutus. Brad was seriously injured in the attack as a section of the bulkhead he was working on repairing depressurized. Two out of the three workmen that were a part of his team were sucked out into space and Brad just managed to get clear before the emergency force fields were deployed. He was found by a group of evacuating personnel and he was carried to an escape pod at the twilight of the attack. Brad survived but due to his injuries his career in Starfleet was over.

Mary Rikter is a professor at Starfleet Academy teaching Advanced Warp Theory. She also is brought in on special projects and was part of the team led by Leah Brahms that was responsible for designing the engine for the Galaxy Class of starships. Tutoring her son in his studies, she was more than proud of him when Jack decided to enrol in Starfleet. She tries to keep in contact with her son as much as possible, but his studies and responsibilities keep him quite busy.

Jack placed in the top 90th percentile in most of his courses except for Quantum Mechanics and Quantum theory in which he struggled. He is quick to follow orders and is quick to make suggestions. He follows the rule book almost to the letter but is aware that sometimes the rules must be bent in order to accomplish the greater good. Jack is kind of a history buff in that he's studied in depth most of the famous missions by the great captains and starships of the past. Captain's like James T. Kirk and Jean Luc Picard. Even the short career of Rachel Garret who's sacrifice made it possible for the Federation and the Klingon Empire to begin peace talks. Some day Jack hopes to make Chief Engineer of a starship, but also realizes that first he must establish himself as a competent officer before that happens and is therefore happy to take on any assignment in which he is given. One day, he hopes to transfer to the command structure and hopes to be in the big chair someday. But that will only happen when and if he does his duty both to Starfleet and his commanding officer.


Father: Brad Rikter
Mother: Mary Rikter


3 Months with Kepler
6 Mar 2011 - May 2011