Jad Raynar

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Blank.pngJad Raynar

Rank: Officer (Suspended)
Position: Temporary civilian status under orders from career manager
Player: Simon


Jad Raynar
  • Assignment: Kepler Station
  • Position: Civilian (Officer status suspended pending career manager review)
  • Rank: Suspended Marine Captain (New rank status pending)
  • Full Name: Jad William Raynar
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Birth Place: Buckinghamshire UK, Earth
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5'11.5”
  • Weight: 174 lbs.
  • Eyes: 1 Grey 1 Blue
  • Hair: Brown

Jad Raynar has a thin scar running from his lower portion of his right eye to just above the right side of his upper lip and his right eye has been replaced by an ocular implant. He has a tattoo of a Raven on his right shoulder. His left hand shows signs of repeated breaks in his knuckles and fingers from an obvious history of brawling with little or no medical treatment after.

Counselor's Profile

Jad is a very competent officer. When he is given an order that he doesn't believe in he will question it without hesitation. His level of concentration on whatever tasks he are assigned are almost inhuman as he can be damn near impossible to distract. He is incredibly sarcastic in almost every situation . He believes in the chain of command almost to a fault and has a strong sense of military tradition.


Jad loves holodeck scenarios based off of books and video games from the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He also uses the holodecks to reminisce in his favorite memories.

He is an accomplished cook. Having taken night cooking courses during his summers he considers a properly cooked meal with all the right garnishing to be one of the most rewarding personal experiences he can have. He specializes in asian and British foods but is not limited to those catagories.

Jad is also an avid Knife collector. He has an impressive collection of swords and knives. His favorite being a combat knife he took from his run in with a Klingon Family that tried to kill him with it. Along with his collection he is also well practiced in knife and sword combat, something he practices often in the holodeck.


  • Father: Charles Raynar
  • Mother: Michelle Raynar
  • Brother(s): none
  • Sister(s): none
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: None.
  • Other Family: Uncle Roy Raynar.


Born in Oxfordshire England, Jad Raynar loved flying since he first saw a Raven. His motto, "To fly is to be free", came from the freedom he saw the Raven enjoying. No rules, just the wind in your face. At the age of four his family moved to Borden military base in Ontario, Canada. Under the suggestion of his father, Charles and his mother, Michelle, Jad joined the local air cadets, and was soon recognized as having a knack for flying and sharp shooting. Even though he didn’t always respect his commanding officers when he thought he was right about something.

At the age of 14 he quit cadets, to make room for his studies at school. While in grade nine he stopped some bullies from picking on a boy named Brian Rolfe. After that Brian and he became best friends and Brian followed him everywhere. At age 16 his friendship with Brian ended when they had a fight over a girl named Claire Luna. Brian ended up winning Claire’s heart, and Jad, heartbroken, went back to England for a year, to learn how to pilot Cargo shuttles with his uncle Roy, who owned a shipping business there.

After his uncle Roy caught him performing acrobatic maneuvers with the shuttle, he thought he was in big trouble, until his uncle offered him a job as a fighter escort for his freighters. At age eighteen, at the suggestion of his Uncle Roy, Jad joined the Star Fleet Marine Corps.

In the academy it became clear that Jad was frontline material. His piloting and shooting was second to none, and he was quite adept in astronavigation and basic engineering. However he just barely passed his covert operations training courses. During his first year at the academy he met a Klingon pilot trainee named K’tan who insisted that he was the better pilot. Their rivalry became the talk of the academy as Jad, who chose the call sign Raven, continued to battle for number one on the academy killboard, with an honor-obsessed Klingon. Their rivalry ended when K’tan, obsessed, with getting Jad off of the killboard, rammed Jad’s fighter in a training exercise, putting Jad in a Coma for a week and killing the Klingon. Jad awoke to many friends, including Brian and his newly wed wife, Claire, who gave him the news that due to his ability to pilot a heavily damaged fighter in an emergency landing, while only semi-conscious, and come out with only minor injuries, That he would lead a team of fighter pilots in a bunch of trick maneuvers to impress the Admirals that were coming to witness the graduation ceremonies. He graduated as one of the best pilots to ever come out of the academy. He was top of the killboard and top of his marine class.

He was immediately transferred to the USS Merlin where he served for six months and then following that he was transferred to the USS Samauri and various other posts.

Raynar has also studied courses in Advanced Fighter Piloting, Advanced Helm Control, Astronavigation, Basic Engineering, Basic Medical, Counselling, Covert Operations, Advanced Tactical and Command Training.

Jad in his Marine Greens the day after his promotion to Captain

In 2381, during his service on the USS Taliesin as the ships CAG, he was kidnapped by the same Klingon family who the wayward officer cadet K’tan belonged to, who had blamed Raynar for their sons death. During this kidnapping, a 2nd Lieutenant Romera, who Jad had just got into a relationship made contact with a ’mole’ who actually turned out to be the father of the Klingon Ghost of Jad's past; K’tan. This Klingon, identifying himself as "Ma'Kish" attacked her upon revelation of his true identity and after being defeated by Romera dishonourably, committed suicide.

Meanwhile, the injured Raynar fought back on the Bird-Of-Prey, which the family had acquired, killing 2 on board before being knocked unconscious. However, after his rescue back to his ship, it emerged that Jad was to be a father along side Romera, the mother, who he had become quite attached to. Although, the clash with the Klingons did not come without consequence, as Raynar lost one of his eyes to a blade, which then had to be replaced with an ocular implant. But this was not the end of the issue with the Klingons, as one somehow managed to remain aboard the Taliesin and attempted to kill Jad.

Raynar though, in sickbay at the time, managed to kill him before he managed to inflict any harm.

Jad visiting the parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Naturally wearing his pilots dress uniform to show off

A short time later Romera and Jad split up and she transferred off of the Taliesin to West Point. However she never made it to West Point. A malfunction in the flight control systems in the transfer shuttle she was on cause it to crash while trying to land. Jad shut down to the world, his grief overcoming the rest of him. He became a hard person that day. He would bury himself in his work and he wanted to never again have someone get close to him. About 2 months later the Taliesin was attacked by the Breen in an unexplored sector and Jad was deployed to try and fend off the Breen fighters. After destroying the Breen ship Jad had to limp his half destroyed fighter back to the Taliesin and land via Barricade landing.

The Taliesin however was too badly damaged to survive and crash landed on an alien world. During their time marooned Jad was assigned to go on a salvage mission to recover one of the Taliesins dropships. When he and his men arrived at the wreckage they found the ship overrun with Breen troops. However the mission was a success and Jad was able to get away with a slightly damaged Hopper. Soon after the crew was rescued by General Walker from the Starfleet marine corps and they were taken back to the federation where Jad was reassigned to the USS Taliesin A as the Marine Fighter Commander and Promoted to the Rank of Captain.

In 2381, he was awarded the Good Conduct Medal for service to the Taliesin, The Combat Medal for fighting the Breen and the Taliesin Memorial Medal for Surviving the Ships crash.

Jad in a bar fight just before his transfer to Kepler

Jad decided later that year to take some time to go back to earth and Visit his adopted Country, Canada. Some time away was his idea of a way to clear his thoughts, and try to forget about his recent problems. It also served as something to do between postings. A few local friends took him to some bars and they caused all sorts of trouble and he found it was not only the biggest rush he had in years but it also helped him to not think about troubling things.

Unfortunately this led to a bad habit in the months to follow.

Since then Jad has been transferred to various postings but never stayed too long so as to not get comfortable with anyone. He has found himself in the deep end of a bottle of alcoholic beverages on more than one occasion and has been constantly getting into fights in local drinking establishments, and with security officers. Finally his career manager came to him with a councilor and suggested he take some leave away from everything familiar. His officer status was suspended and it was suggested that he spend some time on Kepler station where he would be in one place and perhaps figure out what he wanted out of his life.


3 Months with Kepler
24 Jul - Oct 2010
6 Months with Kepler
24 Jul 2010 - Jan 2011
Grrr Ribbon
Mission: Attack of the Giant Orange Floaty Thing