Jael Parano

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Blank.pngJael Parano

Jael Parano, current picture

Rank: Civilian
Position: Limbs Hostess, Tree House Lounge
Player: Nick


Species: Risian
Gender: Female
Born: 2356 (29 years old)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Depends on her mood, or clothes.
Height: 5'6"


She values her privacy outside of work hours, and is secretive about life outside of her job.

On the job, she is calm and in charge. She uses her charms, and wiles to direct people rather than having to be authoritative. She knows her job and performs above expectations, but doesn't take any crap.


Jael Parano, young worker on Risa

Jael grew up in the home of a Risian couple that both worked as entertainers in two different facilities. Sexuality was a common subject from an early age fro Jael. She was enrolled in a school, that taught all manner of sexual practices from around the galaxy, when she was 12 years old.

When she was 17 she started to work at her mothers workplace. She quickly caught the eye of a number of regulars, and was especially popular with visiting Starfleet officers. She took the Risian philosophy towards sexuality to its furtherest possible extreme. Everyone knew who the adventurous person was.

Jael Parano, the boss

By the time she was 22 she was amongst the most respected women in the hospitality industry on Risa. She started her own business and woman started coming to her for training. She took a highly spiritual approach to sexuality and taught the women (and eventually men) how to connect with their patrons in highly personal ways, but still be able to not become emotionally entangled with any of them.

Jael Parano, current picture

One of her young pupils became increasingly popular, and started getting ideas of being in charge. He rallied the other employees of the business. The customers money started to be funneled into a joint account held by the staff. They also started spreading rumours about her dealing with the underground slave trade on Risa. It took 24 hours for Jael to realize that something was awry, but by the time that she did she no longer had a client base, and the rumours her employees had been spreading about her had destroyed her reputation.

Feeling betrayed, and used, Jael left Risa with the intention of never returning. She worked around the quadrant, but anytime she got into a position where she could have been in charge of her own business she moved on. She no longer has a desire to run her own business. She just wants to do what she is good at, and work for a trustworthy employee.


Father: Marc Parano
Mother: Lizelaia Hor'Ta


Romance Ribbon
Mission: Rutherford's Fork