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Jem'Hadar "Bug" Fighter


A Jem'Hadar fighter was a small type of warship that formed the bulk of the Dominion fleet. These versatile starships, nicknamed "Bug" ships due to their beetle-like design, were also known to perform the roles of patrol ships and scouts.

Technical Information

Jem'Hadar attack ships were vaguely insectoid, looking much like a Terran scarab in design. Extremely sturdy, these warships were capable of landing intact on a planet and taking off again. Once landed, the Jem'Hadar could dismount troops from the warship via a large access hatch on the belly of the ship. While capable of making planetary descents, they were not capable of conducting battle manoeuvres while in sub-orbital flight.

Although highly manoeuvrable, the "Bug" fighters lacked the edge in manoeuvrability that Starfleet's Danube-Class runabouts possessed. Despite this, they still heavily outgunned the smaller Federation vessels. Jem'Hadar fighters were relatively easy for a large starship to destroy. A few solid phaser or photon torpedo hits were enough to cripple or destroy one, therefore, they usually operated in groups of two or three during routine operations, and in much larger swarms in large battles so that the loss of one or two would not make much difference.

The primary directed energy array was located in the forward section of the ship, and had a range that exceeded 100,000 kilometers. Armaments of this type employed by this class varied from disruptors to phased polaron beam weapons. During initial encounters with the Federation, these phased polaron beams were capable of penetrating the shields of Federation starships. During the waning days of the Dominion War, in late 2375, Jem'Hadar fighters were retrofitted with Breen energy dissipator following the Breen's alliance with the Dominion. However, this came too late in the war to have an effective impact; shortly after the refits began, the Cardassian Rebellion successfully obtained a fighter with the weapon and delivered it to Starfleet. In addition to directed energy weapons, they were also armed with torpedoes manufactured by the Karemma.

The Orion Pirate Mustava modified his "Bug" fighter, the Vengeance, by installing four Teslacite weapons of an unknown origin. These Carronades proved devastating to the Federation Starship Tokyo and, as well as causing the deaths of key personnel, almost resulted in the destruction of the Defiant-Class vessel until shield modifications were discovered to counteract the unique energy frequency and provide some protection against the blasts (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat).

Outside of conventional weapon use, the "Bug" fighters were also used in performing kamikaze attacks on enemy vessels, which allowed them to inflict more damage than their weapons alone could perform. When this tactic was used against the USS Odyssey in 2370, Commander Benjamin Sisko explained that it was the Jem'Hadar's way of "showing us how far they're willing to go."


Such fighters were typically commanded by a Vorta and a Jem'Hadar First. The bridge had no chairs, and only two head-mounted virtual display devices instead of a viewscreen. The bridge was designed to contain three side doors and two floor hatches leading to other parts of the ship. In place of the captain's chair was a central position with several access points to various system controls. Adjacent to this position were several stations pointed inward, facing towards the command position.

The Vengeance was further modified to restore some creature comforts, such as an infirmary and food replicators, but retained the emphasis on the central command position. It also housed spaces devoted towards the shipment of live slave labour and areas for performing various forms of torture.

Class Information


Crew: 12
Troops: 40


Length: 90.32 metres
Width: 106.02 metres
Height: 18.32 metres


Cruising Velocity: Warp 5
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.6 (for 12 hours)

Defensive Systems


  • Type VII: 2

Phased Polaron Beam Emitters: 4
Teslacite Carronades:

  • Mark I: 4


  • Deflector Shields

Technical information gathered from Memory Alpha and Memory Beta