Jeremiah Holden

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Rear-Admiral.pngJeremiah William Holden


Rank: Rear Admiral
Position: Task Force 92 Commanding Officer
Serial: 5351-LN-622-W9311


Species: Human (Lake Armstrong, Luna)
Gender: Male
Born: October 2, 2326
Hair: Brown/Gray
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’2” / 187.96cm
Weight: 160 lbs / 72.5kg

Jeremiah is by all accounts a well-groomed, somewhat attractive older gentleman. He carries himself in a relaxed manner, with his head frequently hung pensively in thought. He tends to maintain a professional look, keeping his hair neatly trimmed and of standard cut. He has what’s been called an authoritative and commanding presence, although he smiles often and loves to laugh.


Holden is a scientist in mind and in heart. He is known for being fair-minded and rational, preferring to weigh all points of an issue equally before making a final decision. He will however act upon his decision boldly, even at the risk of getting it wrong. His decidedly magnanimous view is that his own mistakes may turn into another person’s successes, and that no one gets it right 100% of the time.

As one of Starfleet’s “Old Guard,” he is a skilled diplomat, as well as a decorated Veteran of the Dominion War. During a conflict, he will constantly re-assess his situation, and adjust his tactics on the fly.

Jeremiah is somewhat well-known amongst his former crew for being kind-hearted, and willing to listen to even the most minor of grievances.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Jeremiah's strengths lie in his fierce, undying loyalty to the tenets of the Federation, and its citizens. He firmly believes that the needs of the many are more important than those of the few, and will always do what he considers best for the greater good. He is an accomplished, established CO with an illustrious service record, and many friends within the Fleet & Federation Government.

However, the world is rarely so black and white, and this fact can lead him to miss the big picture. He has been out of the fleet for many years, and while officially retired, many find him weak for leaving at the prime of his career to pursue civilian politics.

His style of command, while professional, is more relaxed than most Commanding Officers, which can lead to his subordinates having trouble knowing when to take him seriously.


Holden’s ambition was never to command a starship, and feels that it was due to his own natural abilities that he rose through the ranks. His current ambition is to perform admirably in his role as Secretary of Education and Ambassador of the Sciences, while spending as much time with his children as is possible.

Hobbies & Interests:

As an accomplished scientist, Holden enjoys going over the latest peer reviews in his spare time, to see what’s new and exciting in the galaxy at large. He specifically enjoys reading and reviewing papers about new spatial anomalies and discoveries. He is also an avid card player, and hosts weekly games amongst his Senior Staffers.

To keep himself active and fit, he enjoys long scenic hikes and jogs on the holodeck, and he encourages a high level of physical activity amongst his crew.

Jeremiah and his late wife co-wrote a holoprogram based on a 20th century ocean liner that he invites all his crew to partake in.


Jeremiah was born the first and only child of Libbie and Jeremiah Holden.

Jeremiah always said that he had a relatively boring childhood, growing up on the shores of Lake Armstrong, on the Lunar Colonies. As Luna is tidally locked, Jeremiah's view from his backyard was dominated by Earth at all times. While some Lunar Colonists find this to be a petty irritant, it fascinated the young Jeremiah, and was the impetus of his wanting to learn more about the galaxy in which he lived.

Throughout his early schooling, it was clear that he had a love for the sciences, and his inquisitive mind was always looking for the next big project to study, even if only for his own leisure. While his science teachers were thoroughly impressed with him, this caused some derision in his family life. His parents and extended family were deeply devout and traditional Roman Catholics. While Jeremiah was raised to honor and respect this tradition, in his teenage years he began to find himself at odds with religion, as there were simply too many variables that could not be proven scientifically.

At the age of 18, Jeremiah enrolled into Starfleet Academy, with the intent of studying Astrophysics and Stellar Cartography. In his foundational science classes he consistently received high praise and high marks from his instructors, and was noted for his keen understanding of the way the universe functions, as well as his uncanny ability for star-mapping. However, his marks in the other foundational undergraduate courses were only passing, and he frequently struggled to keep himself interested enough in them to complete the coursework.

While at the Academy, he would meet Grace Connely, a fellow Lunar. He has frequently been noted as saying that from the moment he met her in the famed gardens of the University, he knew that he would marry her one day. The two shared a brief romance during their 3rd year at the Academy, but as both were scheduled to take Midshipman postings on different vessels, it was decided that they should call it off and remain friends instead.

Jeremiah completed most of the coursework to receive a Master’s Degree in Astrophysics with a secondary focus in Stellar Cartography by his 3rd year at the Academy, and opted to finish out his term as a Cadet by taking a Midshipman’s posting aboard the USS Persephone, a Miranda Class Vessel. He received the formal offer and later that year graduated “abroad” and was offered a posting as a junior science officer aboard the same vessel. He happily accepted, as it would give him a chance to see the galaxy beyond his own “backyard.”

He took to his posting exceedingly well, consistently performing as well as (or in some cases outperforming) his other junior officers aboard. Grace, his Academy sweetheart was posted aboard as a junior nurse/surgical assistant, and the two rekindled their romance. Jeremiah was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade, and given regular bridge duty assignments as part of his rotation. Under the watchful gaze of the Senior Staff of the Persephone, Jeremiah excelled in his duties and even exceeded the usual expectations, and was as a result praised highly by his superior officers.

Jeremiah and Grace were married a few years later, and rather than taking shore leave for a honeymoon, they opted to stay aboard the Persephone to complete their mission. Jeremiah continuously exceeded expectations, and on a few occasions, was given command of an away team to perform planetary surveys.

Jeremiah was ordered to report to the USS Vallejo, an Excelsior Class Vessel, as Assistant Chief Science Officer. Grace was to take a Surgical position aboard the Vallejo as well, a trend that would continue throughout their married life. It was a definite shock for Jeremiah to go from such a small tightly knit crew to a large capital ship, and it took him several months to adjust to the new routine. Once again though, he performed consistently well, earning the attention of the Vallejo’s Executive Officer. Commander Roberts saw in Jeremiah not only the superlative abilities of an exceptional scientist, but the keen knack for direction and command of subordinate crew. Roberts frequently met with Jeremiah, discussing his goals and motivations. Jeremiah rarely saw it as anything other than a friendly meeting with the man, but as time progressed it was clear that Roberts was grooming him to move further up the chain of command. Jeremiah made it clear in no uncertain terms that his love was for science, and that he had no interest in command.

Roberts however would not be deterred, and consistently put more onto Jeremiah's plate, in the attempt to push him into re-considering. Jeremiah again performed well, commanding more and more away teams with increasing success, and leading the Science Department aboard the Vallejo with the cool efficiency that was expected of him. It was here that he would gain his reputation for being fair minded and analytical, while being kind-hearted and keeping an open-door policy, even while not on duty.

After this, two big events happened in Jeremiah's life. His son Cassidy was born, and he was promoted to Chief Scientist and Second Officer of the Vallejo. While this did not change his job functions to a great degree, it meant that he accompanied more and more away missions, and took more Bridge shifts than previously. He spent much of his time with his wife and new child while off duty, and continued his duties as Chief Science Officer. During his term as Chief of Science, he discovered several spatial anomalies, and went on to collate several maps of the outer portions of the Federation, combining them into a useful map of the Vallejo’s Area of Operations.

Jeremiah's wife Grace was given the unique opportunity to become Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Copernicus, an Olympic Class vessel. To help his wife further her career, he would gladly have taken any posting aboard, but as luck would have it the Executive Officer had recently accepted a command of his own, and thus Jeremiah was promoted to that position. It was also in this year that their daughter Alexia was born. Jeremiah enjoyed his time aboard the Copernicus much more than any of his previous postings, and gained several friends in both the senior and junior staff that he would keep for the rest of his life. As the ship’s XO, he tried to spend as much time as he could with the crew so that his evaluations could be fair and even-minded, and also because his wife had greatly encouraged him to do so.

Being such a visible couple aboard the ship did have it’s downfalls, and the two had to take great care to maintain professionalism while on duty, setting an example for their crew. To further this, Grace was removed from the standard Chain of Command, and ordered to report directly to the ship’s Commanding, Captain T’Larr. T’Larr and Jeremiah maintained a cordial and professional relationship in his five years aboard the Copernicus, and when the time came, T’Larr put in his recommendation for Jeremiah to receive his own command. The first opportunity came, and Jeremiah turned it down, not feeling he was ready for command at that point in his career. It would be another 5 years before the next came.

Eventually, Jeremiah was not given a choice. The USS Prestige, an Ambassador Class Starship, lost her Commanding Officer and most of her Senior Staff in a conflict with a Romulan Warbird. Owing to this, much of the crew was transferred elsewhere (or in some cases flat out resigned their commissions), and Jeremiah was ordered to take command of the vessel.

He would spend the next 14 years as the CO of the Prestige, requesting some of the more notable people he’d served with in his long career to come aboard with him as his senior and junior staff. Based in Starfleet’s First Fleet, the Prestige’s role was primarily as a scientific exploration vessel, which was the perfect assignment for Jeremiah. His wife and his children would remain on-board with him, with Grace serving again as the ship’s Chief Medical Officer.

with the escalation of the Dominion War, the Prestige saw a great amount of battle, and to Jeremiah's defense, his ship was one of the few that suffered no casualties throughout the entire 2 year conflict save for one. Towards the end of the war, while on an away mission to provide aid to a recently attacked colony, Grace’s medical team would be ambushed by Jem’Hadar agents, with all members of the away team lost in combat. Following this, Jeremiah immediately resigned his commission under the Starfleet Medical Code, citing that he was unfit for active duty as he had been emotionally compromised by the sudden and grievous loss. He would return to active duty nine months later, and continue to command the Prestige for several years.

It was at this time that he was approached by President Elsa Duranjo of Korvat Colony, and asked to become her Secretary of Education and Ambassador to the Sciences. He accepted, and retired his commission.

His son Cassidy would go on to attend Starfleet Academy, and as of the present time is posted as the Assistant Engineering Officer aboard the USS Orleans. His daughter at present time lives with him on Korvat, attending postgraduate school to become a doctor and follow in her mother’s footsteps.

In 2386, Jeremiah was served with Return to Active Duty papers. He was ordered to resign his Secretarial post and report to USS Endeavour to command Starfleet’s Task Force 92. While this weighed heavily on his heart, he nonetheless dusted off his pips and followed orders. He was promoted to Rear Admiral upon arriving on station, and has proceeded with commanding the Task Force.

Service Record

  • 2339-2343: Starfleet Academy (Cadet 4 - Cadet 1) - Astrophysics/Stellar Cartography
  • 2343-2348: USS Persephone (Cadet 1 - Ltjg) - Midshipman Apprentice to Assistant Chief Science Officer
  • 2348-2353: USS Vallejo (Ltjg - Lt) - Assistant Chief Science Officer
  • 2353-2358: USS Vallejo (Lt - LtCdr) - Chief Science Officer & Second Officer
  • 2358-2368: USS Copernicus (LtCdr-Cdr) - First Officer
  • 2368-2382: USS Prestige (Cdr-Capt) - Commanding Officer
  • 2382-2386: Korvat Colony (Capt, Ret.) - Presidential Secretary of Education & Ambassador to the Sciences
  • 2386 - Current: USS Endeavour, Excalibur Class (RAdm) - Task Force 92 Commanding Officer


Spouse: Grace Connely-Holden (Deceased 2375)
Children: Cassidy (son, b. 2356), Alexia (daughter, b. 2361)