John Reynolds (II)

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Blank.pngJohn Eugene Reynolds (II)

'Eugene' Reynolds

Rank: Civilian
Position: Private Security
Player: Brian


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 30 May 2355 (Duplicated 2374)
Place of Birth: Harmony Cove Colony - DMZ Federation / Cardassian Border
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'1"

Eugene has kept up a regular exercise and training routine to maintain a good level of physical fitness without becoming too obsessive about it. Somewhere on his body is a tattoo that he woke up with after a drinking challenge against Navot Maquis members. He likes to keep a neatly trimmed beard because he thinks it makes him look edgier and helps to impresses the ladies. During his time in Cardassian labour camps Eugene has gained a number of scars which are still faintly visible after medical procedures to repair the damage.


(See John Reynolds)

During 2373 when John Reynolds was working undercover in the Maquis, he was captured by Cardassians and sent to a labour camp on Lazon II. Elsewhere on the planet a duplicate of Commander William Riker was serving a life sentence after stealing the USS Defiant and aiding the Maquis in a plot against the Cardassians. Thomas Riker had been created some years earlier via a transporter mishap on the planet Nervala IV and had abandoned Starfleet to seek a life different to his doppelgänger. The method of his creation made him a potential asset to his Cardassian wardens, who hoped to create an army of duplicated soldiers to aid in their war efforts.

When Doctor Duran Nol, a leading geneticist, disputed the claims Riker was a duplicate, the matter was forgotten. That is until other Cardassian scientists decided to put the theory behind the claim to the test. Returning to Lazon II, a team secretly set about trying to intentionally replicate the conditions that had created the duplicate Riker. They altered one of the transporters in the labour camp and then made attempt after attempt. After the death of several test subjects the process was successfully duplicated on a young Human. John was unknowingly rematerialised in two separate locations. While one was eventually rescued by Starfleet, the other was forced to endure continued enslavement.

Almost ten years later when a number of slaves that had not already been released under the post-war agreements were released, Starfleet became aware of the existence of the duplicate John Reynolds. He was treated for his extensive injuries and rehabilitated for life outside captivity. Rejecting a retroactive commission, John instead decided not to serve in Starfleet, like he had always intended, and has since been working various jobs under the name Eugene. Most recently he has been hiring himself out as private security to merchants or transport vessels.


Father: Anthony Eugene Reynolds (Deceased)
Mother: Catherine Ann Reynolds, Née Turner (Deceased)
Sister: Samantha Marie Luthor
Brother: Lieutenant John Reynolds (Duplicate)
Other: David Luthor (Brother-In-Law), John Anthony Luthor (Nephew), Theodore Eugene Reynolds (Grandfather, Deceased)

Classified: See Eugene Reynolds