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Blank.pngJon’a Despard

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Rank: Civilian
Position: Archaeologist / Anthropologist
Player: Nick


Species: Ba'ku
Gender: Male
Born: 2007 (378yo) (looks 33)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"

Sinewy and strong, but short enough to not seem imposing in appearance. He was the walk and mannerisms of a man of confidence and purpose, but it only hides his emotional fragility. He has a long scar on his arm that was inflicted when he slipped and gashed his arm on a rock during the evacuation of the Ba’ku by the Enterprise crew.


Very introverted and secretive; he has a tendency to answer in short statements, or with his own questions. He always has a look of inquisition and almost interrogation on his face when he is asking questions. He has learned over his many years that it is often better to simply listen than to talk too much, because of this his questions are few, but always direct and probing.

Although he would never admit it, his relationships define and give meaning to his life. His whole career comes from the desire to reignite a lost relationship. When things are not going well in a relationship he has a tendency to assume it is the other persons fault, but fails to see that he is the one constant in the failed relationships.

He likes his work, but finds no lasting fulfillment.


Jon’a lived a fairly typical life on the Ba’ku home world. He was a farmer of small root type vegetables. He had a couple of relationships that ended poorly, and in such a small community, people quickly heard about it. After the Son’a attempt to move the Ba’ku from their home, Jon’a became increasingly interested in a Federation archaeologist by the name of Marissa Despard. They fell in love much to her aristocratic family’s disapproval. They put pressure on her to put in for transfer by putting doubts into her head. The time came for her to be reassigned, and she left without saying a word of goodbye.

In his grief, Jon’a went to work studying everything he could in Marissa’s chosen field. He had gotten it in his mind that if he was able to associate with those in her circle then he may one day be able to catch up with her. Slowly he became more accepted amongst the Federation workers on Ba’ku, eventually leading to his application to work for the Federation. They asked him to receive official training if he was to be accepted.

Reluctantly, Jon’a left Ba’ku for Bajor. He walked into the best educational establishment on Bajor and applied for a course in Archeology. He was amazed at the cost and left forlornly. He started to investigate ways of getting the necessary money to achieve his goals.

Seedy days.jpg

‎Jon’a fell into the employ of some shady individuals, and within a year was acting as a courier for some underground thugs. He started to feel guilty about what he was doing. He knew the goods he carried for these people were contraband. In order to keep his mind off of his guilty conscience he looked for a relationship which he found with a young woman. She claimed to be older than he believed her to be, but she was willing and he needed someone.

Was it love? He never really knew, but the day that he returned home to find a positive test result for pregnancy sitting in next to the bathroom sink, he decided that things had gone to far. He had never wanted children, and he had never wanted a life with this girl. His time on Bajor had slowly corrupted his sense of judgment in moral issues. He packed up his belongings and left without even a goodbye. As he went on with his life, and his moral compass righted itself, he found himself often wondering about his lover, and the child that he had fathered.

A couple of lonely years later, Jon’a was waiting for the arrival of the new head of the archaeology department that he was
Jon'a, Dig site on Malchus IV
] working in on Malchus IV. The moment that he realized it was Marissa he went to meet her. The awkwardness was, of course, tangible at the time, but they both knew that there was still very much something alive. They still held strong feelings for one another.

Jon’a and Marissa married 6 months later and continued to work on Malchus IV. After a few years Marissa went in for a medical check up, and was informed that she had a severe and rare condition. Her internal organs were in a serious state of cellular degradation. She was informed that it was as if her body was only meant to survive so long, before shutting down.

Marissa did not tell her husband, but he knew something was wrong. He assumed that she was having an affair, and started to withdraw from the relationship. Marissa became more and more obsessed about finding out what was wrong with her and began neglecting her home life, and archaeology work. She found out that there was a place available on the Kepler for an archaeologist, and anthropologist. She decided it was to go in the hopes that the medical science of a frontier station in the Delta Quadrant would provide the answers to her questions. It took time to convince her husband that it was the right move. In Jon’a’s mind it was a last ditch effort to get his wife back.

Kepler, Ba'ku and Back Again

Marissa and Jon'a did not bond as Jon'a had hoped. In fact, he was driven further from her and into the arms of another woman, namely Vera Ataz. His affair with Ataz was intense and passionate, driven by a need to feel connected to someone again, but he failed to see that it was a purely lust based physical relationship. There was nothing truly lasting to it. Pain had blinded him to the truth though. His hearts attention quickly moved to Ataz, which saw him dreaming, longing, and wanting the Trill more each day.

Then came the fateful trip to the crystalline city of Cyrus. While there on the archaeological expedition, Marissa lost her footing near the edge of a cliff and came close to plummeting to her death. The one thing that prevented this was Jon'a. He caught her hand just before she escaped his sight. It was there that he was faced with a terrifying and evil thought. He could let her go, physically and emotionally, once and for all. He could be with Vera and there would be nothing to prevent it. Jon'a Despard whispered his regret over not having had a continued love for Marissa, and then...he let go of her hand.

When the bereaved Jon'a returned (he was truly aching inside after realizing the atrocious nature of his deed), he found that Vera had left the station, and him. Inwardly, he was dead. The only recourse he had was to return to Ba'ku. It was here that he hoped for healing, and perhaps redemption. He told no one of his deed...but now fears that a reporter who he met on Ba'ku will uncover his secrets on her new assignment on Kepler Station. He now believes that he must beat her to the evidence (if there is any) if he is to continue to cover up his sins.


Wife: Marissa Despard (Deceased)

Marissa Despard (Deceased)

Lover: Vera Ataz (Missing)

Vera Ataz (Missing)


3 Months with Kepler
21 June - September 2009
Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
Players' Choice
Mission: Rutherford's Fork