Joseph Karcher

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USS Harginger: Senior Chief Petty Officer - Joseph Karcher


Position: Second in Command / Tactical Specialist
Name: Joseph Karcher
Gender: Male
Species: Reconditioned Angosian
Born: 2339
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"

Joseph wears his hair longer than standard and sports a scruffy beard, more from forgetting to shave than by design. He's put on a bit of weight so is a bit more cuddly than the standard Starfleeter, he considers himself a bit burly.


Joseph is usually found to be a quiet, considerate, warm and intelligent man. Known for his sense of humour and his loud booming laugh, he gets along well with most people. Recently however separated from his wife and he is prone to long bouts of depression and mood swings which he tries to hide and control while on duty and drown in while off – usually with the aid of alcohol. He can also be found enjoying the occasional cigar.


Joseph was a veteran of the Tarsian War, a protracted conflict involving the Angosians of Angosia III during the mid-24th century. He like all of his people was a pacifist until he was forced to undergo treatment that manipulated him genetically and psychologically in order to make him more willing to engage in the violence necessary to end the conflict. After the war the government found no way to reverse this process and the veterans found themselves unable to reintegrate back into the pacifist society. The government subsequently confined all returning veterans including Joseph, to a penal settlement on an Angosian moon.

In 2366 when the Angosians petitioned to join the Federation a veteran escaped confinement and made himself known to the visiting Federation representatives. He later freed some of his fellow prisoners and caused a civil upheaval. The government's application was put on hold indefinitely and the Federation extended assistance in helping the Angosian veterans with their conditioning.

Joseph was one of the veterans who sought treatment and spent the next four years undergoing intensive psychiatric treatment with Federation doctors to reverse psychological changes that had been forced on him. While the damage done to him could not be completely reversed he was able to reintegrate back into peaceful society. He credits his recovery to Doctor Katie Martin, a young psychiatrist who Joseph later married.


After his rehabilitation Joseph enlisted in StarFleet and received his basic training before being assigned to the USS Damocles for further on the job training in the area of engineering. He later moved on to specialise in weaponry and also cross-trained in the Tactical department. A few years ago Joseph followed his wife to Starbase 50 after her promotion to Chief Counsellor.

Joseph's strengths are also his greatest weaknesses. His conditioning is triggered by adrenaline and includes an increase in physical strength, aggression and tactical intelligence. He attempts to control this through meditation and other techniques he learned during his psychiatric rehabilitation. Normal scanners are also unable to detect his bio signs, which causes medical staff headaches come time for physicals.