Julia Holzwarth

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Ensign.pngJulia Anne Holzwarth

Ensign Holzwarth

Rank: Ensign
Position: Former Science Officer
Player: Deedra


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2263(22yo)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4"

Julia has a slender, femininely athletic body, an open, guileless face, bright smile and long blonde hair that she wears in a pony tail when in uniform.


Julia tends to be a bit shy around strangers; once she is comfortable in a situation, she has no problem speaking her mind in a forum where opinions are asked/needed. Julia woud rather make decisions by consensus rather than by forcing her opinions on others, and is more comfortable being an adviser than a leader. Her academy roommate Qin has described her as "intensely earnest with a tendency toward naivety."


Julia is the youngest of the six children of Alexander (Sgt. Major, ret.) and Sophie Holzwarth, and grew up in the town of Osage Beach, Missouri. Julia was identified early as a math prodigy and, by the age of sixteen, she had earned a doctorate
Washington University
in mathematical physics from Washington University in St. Louis, with the product of her thesis being the Holzwarh Theorem which, though it does not out-and-out disprove Wang's Second Postulate, does bring several of its tenets into question, and might possibly serve as a basis for finally overturning Wang's Second Postulate and, by extension, Schlezholt's Theory of Multiple Big Bangs.

During her post-doctoral period prior to entering Starfleet Academy, Julia was a mathematician on the team led by Dr. Lenara Kahn, a Trill scientist working on a project to create a stable, artificial wormhole. Although Julia was a very junior mathematican on the wormhole project, Dr. Kahn quickly took Julia under her wing.

Often, someone with Julia's gift would be socially 'stunted' since, due to her age and intellectual prowess, she was practically ostracized from her class mates at Washington University (with one or two exceptions). However, her fraternal twin, Luca, made sure his sister always had friends her own age. Luca was the kind of boy growing up who was always the center of his social setting, and was always ready for an adventure. Growing up in Southern Missouri meant that adventure could be anything from spelunking to sailing. Julia was always close to her twin, and applied to the Academy in part because Luca did.

At the Academy, Julia was fortunate to have Qin Yi as her roommate. Qin ensured that Julia never faded into a comfortable nook at social situations at the Academy, while Julia made sure Qin never faced an academic hurdle that she couldn't overcome.

One of the most influential people in Julia's time at the academy was Lt. Commander Vasili Popov, her major advisor. Considering Julia's mathematical prowess, there was a good deal of pressure to send her to someplace such as the Daystrom Institute or some other Federation 'think tank.' Commander Popov felt, however, that Julia's ability as an officer would not be developed in such a setting. Therefore, Julia was assigned to the Kepler Station for her cadet cruise.

Julia's first week on Kepler station proved to be quite eventful. On the orders of First Lieutenant Svetlana Ivanova, Julia began examining the ruined sensor pods of two of Lt. Ivanova's fighters. One of the examination techniques ended up throwing Julia across the fighter bay, after which she ended up in sickbay. While recovering in sickbay, her attending physician, Lieutenant Michael Harris, instructed Julia to take a day or so off to convalesce. During her recuperation, Julia was befriended by Violet Matthews, a waitress at the Treehouse Lounge.

Upon returning to duty, Julia found herself intrigued with the possibility that the comet that had caused so many problems to Kepler Station a month before she had arrived, might be the largest source of naturally occuring chronitons ever encountered. There were some questions on the nature of the chronitons and how to study them, since the chronitons had caused widespread power outages on the station and the marine fighters sent to investigate the comet (see Halley's Complaint). Julia suggested the deployment of probes using more primitive technology that would not be susceptible to the comet's power draining effects. Within a matter of days, the probes were constructed, and Julia found herself on the USS Harbinger as a trainee/observer during the mission that would deploy 'her' probes.

During the comet mission, Kepler station disappeared in a purplish maelstrom, but not before the majority of the station's staff was evacuated by a timely self-destruct alarm. Deedra and the rest of the crew of the Harbinger were quickly advised that their mission had been cancelled, and that the Harbinger would be retrieving the escape pods that had ejected from the Kepler. When Commodore Blake arrived upon the Harbinger (and subsequently assumed command of the ship), he was advised that Julia had launched a probe to investigate the phenomenon that had claimed the Kepler. Julia conveyed her suspicions to the Commodore that the Kepler might have been moved by an artificially created wormhole, and that said wormhole had been created by some force outside of the time frame that the Kepler and her crew were currently residing in.

Julia used a jury rigged version of the technology and process developed by Dr. Kahn to reopen the wormhole which had moved the Kepler. Her original intent had been to send a probe through the wormhole to find out where the Kepler had been moved. Instead, the purplish maelstrom returned, moving the Harbinger, along with the Kepler's marine runabout, to the Gavarian Frontier in the Beta Quadrant, where both ships were reunited with the Kepler.

Upon reboarding Kepler Station, Commodore Blake was visited by a woman claiming to be Julia, albiet from more than a few years in the future. The Julia from the future was wearing a uniform bearing the rank of Rear Admiral, and explained to the Commodore Blake that the Kepler had been moved at the direction of a future version of himself.

Julia heading to the Treehouse

Hobbies and Interests

Although tagging along with her physically adventurous brother Luca has given Julia a number of interests, she is utterly fascinated with the Sherlock Holmes genre, and in particular "The Woman", Irene Adler. Point of fact, Julia has a number of holograms based on stories about Irene Adler by 20th/21st century author Carole Nelson Douglas.

Julia is a top player of both two- and three-dimensional chess. In addition, she is conversant with a number of varieties of chess, which includes chess games inspired by fiction (such as Pyramid Chess from the literary classic 'Dune') as well as "chess-like" games from other cultures, such as the Cardassian game of Kotra.

Konane Board and Pieces

Julia is an adept player at Konane (which is sometimes referred to as Hawaiian checkers). She learned this game when she was befriended by Keanna Pukui, an older student at Washington University. The two women were studying combinatorial game theory together (Konane games are excellent subjects for analysis by combinatorial game theory). In addition to knowing the history, lore and rules surrounding Konane, Julia knows quite a bit about the history and legends of Hawaii itself. One of Julia's most treasured possessions was the gift of a Konane board and pieces from Keanna when Julia received her doctorate.

Julia's academy roommate Qin taught Julia how to play pai gow, but Julia doesn't feel comfortable playing it except for nominal stakes.

Julia enjoys tinkering around with electronics, computers and the like, and has made herself an electronic chessboard capable of projecting the pieces (and added levels of board) of several of the various variations of chess she knows how to play (Sort of a mini-holodeck, in other words). The chessboard has several settings for the computer opponent, including one that could give a grand master a run for her money.

Julia has fairly eclectic music tastes; at present, her favorite musical group is a band from Earth called Sionnachuighim, which describes its music as "Gaelic Historical Fusion." Her favorite songs by the band are "Love Walks In" and "Everybody Hurts."


Father: Alexander Holzwarth (Sergeant Major, SFMC, ret.)
Mother: Sophie Holzwarth
Brothers: Jonas Holzwarth, Niklas Holzwarth, Luca Holzwarth
Sisters: Lena Holzwarth, Laura Platt
Others: Heidi Holzwarth (sister-in-law), Robert and Adali Holzwarth (uncle and aunt, also co-proprietors of Holzwarth Lager)


Newcomer Award
Mission: A Lovelace Ordinary
Treknology Award
Mission: A Lovelace Ordinary
3 Months with Kepler
12 December 2009 - March 2010
Plot Development Award
Mission: Schrodinger's Station
Players' Choice
Mission: Schrodinger's Station
1st - JP Fest 2010