K`rillim Nsslano

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K`rillim Nsslano

Rank: Civilian
Position: Temporal Investigator & Scientist
Player: Other Shawn


Species: Caitian
Gender: Male
Born: 27
Fur: Blue / Black
Eyes: Emerald
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 240 lbs

K`rilim is tall and muscular, with a deep baritone voice. His fur coloring is an unusual blue/black, and his eyes a deep emerald, giving him the appearance of a large panther. A simple white "star" resting on his forehead between his eyes is the only break in the dark fur.


K`rilim is aggressive, cunning and ambitious - not altogether uncommon traits for a Caitian when it comes to employment. Always moving and energetic, K`rilim is never at lack for motivation. Though somewhat naive, he is in no way dimwitted or unintelligent. Not one to have a flare for dramatics, K`rilim can often be blunt and very direct in his interaction. He does not often care for policy or procedures, which more often than not gets him into a sticky situation.

Aside from his other traits, K`rilim is a social creature, and tends to get along with almost everyone he comes in contact with - almost.


K`rilim's younger years were pretty much the same as your average Caitan - Attended school in Masila, spent summers in Casslen, etc. Always interested in athletics and physical sports, K`rilim studied and practiced Slsin-Dst, a Caitan martial art akin to Kempo for most of his young adult life. He quickly attained the status of Master at age seventeen. Though never very interested in academics, K found an odd niche in the student scientific community by way of Theoretical Anomalies. Armed with a thirst of knowledge and the tenacious curousity of a feline, K overcame a short-coming of low funds and made his way off of Cait in order to seek an education at the Daystrom Institute of Technology.

By age twenty-five, K had graduated with honors from DIT after majoring in Temporal Studies and Physics. While in school, he had little plans for what he wanted to do with his education. K really had no desire to be cooped up in a research lab, or sit behind a desk pouring over PADDs to no real end. His only two options with those limitations in mind stuck him in either Starfleet, or within the Federation. Not desiring to be involved in the military regime of Starfleet, he chose to apply within the Federation. After several long interviews and applications, K`rilim was accepted into the Federation's Department of Temporal Investigations. Graduating near the top of his class, K became a fully qualified Special Agent within the Department and was assigned as a Field Agent into the Recovery Division. Here he spent six months of training before being assigned to a permanent partner, Special Agent Luke Darring.

Luke and K were a rather dynamic duo in their sector. Together they earned a reputation for "aggressively getting the job done". On their latest assignment, they were dispatched to a remote ridgeline at a Marine Outpost just on the edge of Federation Space to collect an anomalous device located in a lab. The lab, owned by an estranged scientist who appeared to have either abandoned the lab or fell prey to on of his unstable experiments, was in such great disarray that both Luke and K had severe reservations about entering without further assistance. Due to the rather stretched resources of their division, however, further assistance was denied and the two were ordered to proceed with what resources they had - spit, grit, and bubble gum.

The device, a polished cylinder that could fit in the palm of a human's hand, was found in the center of the lab on a raised dias that appeared to have been made from an unknown metallic alloy. The device, cataloged as TPDV535, was made of the same material that the dais was, was weightless and appeared to be rather indestructible. The smooth surface was dark opal, but shimmered slightly with movement, casting an eerie blue-green wave across it's unscratchable surface. Throughout the lab, K had found several items which made it evident that the device had been used - everything from a very old Model T parked in the back corner, to a old terran Navy-issued field can-opener. Before K could finish cataloging the evidence as such, something rather catastrophic happened.

During the initial physical contact with the device, both agents failed to notice a faint warmth beginning to emanate from within it. As they worked, energy was beginning to build until finally the device emitted a hum which began so high-pitched that even K's sensitive felinoid ears couldn't pick it up.

Unfortunately, once sound finally reached a pitch low enough for K to hear it was too late. The built up energy created a field which spread quickly through the lab, knocking both agents to their feet in heaps. Something akin to a black hole was beginning to form from about the dais, presumably created by the device. Luke, in a rather rash decision, bolted to the dais and quickly snatched the device from atop it and began to start running for the only exit in the lab. K, who had been knocked to the wall closest to the door staggered to his feet in time to see the now blinding vortex stretch out with unfathomable charged tendrils. Before his eyes, the energy wrapped itself around Luke as he was struggling towards K with outstretched hands. One large arm wrapped mightily around an anchored support, K grabbed hold of one of Luke's grasping hands. Panic in both of their eyes, K watched as the tendrils continued to snake and constrict around his partner and a tug-of-war insued over the agent. The force of the vortex began to draw the superstructure of the lab in towards it's center, several unsecured items within finally taking flight in a tornado-like whirl. The maelstrom continued to grow in strength before it reached an apex.

In a brilliant flash of radiance, Luke was torn from K's grasp, the terrified agent being pulled into the center of the anomaly. The energy reached an unknown stopping point and discharged explosively. K was hurled backwards from his anchor and crashed through a thin wall that had crumpled under the weight of the gravitational force of the vortex.

It was several minutes before K regained consciousness in a pile of rubble and debris. Vainly he searched the remains of the lab for Luke, but all that remained was what was left in his own two paws - blood and the TPDV535. Shaken, K quickly stowed the device into the container they had brought with them, and notified his Field Office of the horrific events. His orders were now simple - bring the device immediately to the Department's head office. He was to be discreet and confidential in the events that had transpired, and verily it had been classified at the highest level given the obvious destructive power. The

Department, however, could not send a vessel out to retrieve the now lone agent due to the remoteness of the location, and required that he secure any other form of transportation. Against his better judgement, K was forced to book passage on board the SS Starfarer, a civilian vessel that was carrying a variety of both civilians and Starfleet Personnel. The device was locked securely in it's container and would remained on his person for the duration of the transport. No one could be trusted on the vessel, and the Caitian was hoping against hope against another travesty. This was going to be a hell of a report to write up. He only hoped his notice to Luke's family was received - his condolences were sincere, but obviously not enough.

Six Months Later..:

K`rilim had undergone an extensive debriefing after the "event" on board the SS Starfarer. Only he and another passenger, a Lieutenant Commander Kate Larson, had made it safely back to present time with what was left of the old transport vessel. In reality, only seventeen days had passed - to them it felt like months or even years had passed. They had seen wondrous things both past and future, but they had also seen horrors that would haunt them until the day they died. The entire episode was written off by the Agency - a mishap with the life support systems on the decrepit vessel caused by ill cared for equipment and shoddy civilian engineers. It had made K sad for a while, having gotten to know many of the crew over the vast amount of time they'd spent together, but in the end he understood the need. It was part of the job - part of his world.

He was forced to relive his experiences several times over the six months of debriefing. He lost count of how many times he had to retell the same story to different faceless superiors. He never did get to see Kate again after the two were seperated after quarantine, and he oft wondered how she was making out.

K`rilim bore the blame for the incident as the device was entrusted to him for safe transportation. With the culmination of events, however, he was ultimately and surprisingly not punished. At least, not in the conventional sense. He was removed from active field status and given a desk job at the main TI Agency headquarters where he simply filed papers and reviewed activity reports. Some might have seen it as a free pass, but for K it was a fate worse than death.

It seemed almost a stroke of luck one afternoon when K received a communique on his desk from Agency Command. With wide eyes, he had read it and almost fell from his chair. He was being transferred immediately to an outpost in the Delta Quadrant. A new Science Station had gone active in the quadrant and with it's new Commander having a less than stellar record, the Agency wanted someone to keep an eye on him. Temporal experimentation was regulated highly, and a station set in the middle of no where with minimal supervision left a lot of question marks hanging about - someone had to keep an eye on things. The first thought that came to K's mind was freedom - but it was dashed away while he read the remainder of the message. He would be more in prison than he was now.

Forced silence regarding his activities, daily status reports to the Agency, and worst of all - under the direct supervision of the Science Department. Teal was not K`rilim's color.

He obviously had no choice but to take the transfer. It wasn't as if it were a question of if he would do it, but how long it would take him to hit the ol' accept button. He knew a forced transfer when he saw one, and he honestly couldn't agree with them more. "Out of Sight, and Out of Mind" - what trouble could he get into out in remote space? With a heavy, ragged sigh, he began to pack up his personal effects from his desk - a coffee mug with a depiction of a cartoon kitty holding a coffee carafe and a worn leather-bound notebook. His spartan quarters, which were conveniently nestled just a building away, were already packed for him. The single transport crate sat in the middle of the room, a note posted to it's face - "Time heals all wounds - Best of Luck". It was signed by his manager, a futile attempt to make things seem for the better. He scowled and went to shred the paper, but the back had familiar scrawling:

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

The words didn't escape his lips, but his scowl turned into a limp smile, "Luke.. 21.. Luke.."


3 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - May 2009
6 Months with Kepler
21 Feb - Aug 2009