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Rank: Civilian
Position: Body Guard
Player: Brian


Species: Oratti
Gender: Female
Born: 2356
Hair: Grey Hair-like Fins
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'3"

The Oratti are short amphibious humanoids with a slim and gangly build much like that of adolescent Humans. Although the colours vary with each individual, their grey rubbery skin is covered with spotted patterns that shift colours slightly depending on the lighting. Large, frog-like, eyes are positioned on their heads in roughly the same location as those on a Human however their lack of a nose, and slightly wider mouths, makes them seem even larger in comparison. Hundreds of wispy fins which aid in swimming cover their head in an approximation of hair. Those fins tend to grow longer on the females and, along with their slightly less angular jaw and body, is the only real difference between the two genders.


Trained from a young age to protect the elders of the Priory, Kage is a strong-willed and dedicated warrior who has sworn to put Saba's life ahead of her own. She has pre-set ideals of how the world works but is willing to accept there are a lot of things she doesn't understand.


Inducted into the warrior sect from a young age, Kage has spent most of her life living in the Warrior Barracks; a specialised training facility attached to the main Ocean Priory complex. There, she was taught everything from fighting, hunting and tracking by the most skilled Oratti elders in each of those fields. Kage is noted as being one of the best swimmers in her generation and is almost able to hunt just as well on land. This fact is one of the reasons she rose through the ranks to become personal protector of Saba.

Having protected Saba and his offspring, Nuii, loyally for many years, Kage was ill prepared for the events to come immediately after the discovery of a team from the Bad Place. They soon learnt that these aliens were from a group called Starfleet and had come to the Ocean in search of Teslacite. Despite her protests that anyone from the Bad Place could not be trusted, it was decided that the group meant them no harm and, after a couple of them were injured in a fall, they were brought to the Priory to recover from their injuries. The aliens were vastly different from the Oratti; consisting of a number of different (hair) coloured Humans and a Vulcan. At first Kage had very little interaction with them until Saba ordered her to escort the one known as Santos to their strange vessel.

It wasn't long before trouble followed the aliens though; the slave traders discovered their presence and sent raiding parties down to the Ocean Priory to deal with them. Fighting broke out between the Slavers and Starfleet with the Oratti caught between them. While the Slavers showed no regard for the Oratti, the aliens from Starfleet put their own lives at risk to protect them. Recognising the honour in this Kage fought side by side with Santos and Karik, learning she had misjudged them greatly out of fear and ignorance. It was while working with her new allies that Kage first left the Ocean she had known her entire life; they boarded the Slaver vessel Vengeance in an attempt to rescue a large number of her people. After returning successful, Kage found herself facing a whole new dilemma when Saba announced his plan to leave the Ocean and go with Starfleet to their station in the hopes of brokering an agreement for aide from the alien leaders (KS14: Curieosity Killed The Cat).


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown