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Karik's original appearance

Rank: Civilian
Position: Geologist
Player: Brian


Species: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Born: 2255 (Reduced in age to 23)
Hair: Black, Greying
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'6"


Like many of his brethren Karik has embraced the path of logic and the teachings of Surak. However over his many years he has come across hardships that have pushed his resolve to breaking point. The death of his mate and children almost saw him emotionally ruined and still leave him struggling for control at times.


The youngest son of Taurik and T'Mir, Karik was born in Vulcana Regar; a city in the coastal Raal Province on the planet Vulcan. Due to medical issues there were complications with the birth and both T'Mir and the newborn Karik were lucky to survive. After an extended stay in hospital they were released and returned to the family home. Perhaps because of this his brother Lasak, who was born three years earlier, acted in the capacity of protector while Karik was growing up. Where ever the young Vulcan would be his older sibling was sure to follow. Although somewhat frustrated by this, Karik looked up to his older brother and relied on him a lot while their parents were away on various scientific endeavours.

In mid 2265, Karik grew tired of the continued teasing that he was forced to endure because of his history of medical troubles. Following the philosophies of Surak, he realised that there was only one logical solution; action must be taken to correct matters. Therefore he made up his mind to under go the Kahs-wan maturity trial.

Heading to the Forge with no food, water, or weapons besides his hands, Karik was determined to prove himself in the eyes of his peers. Managing to handle the first five days of the trial relatively well, it soon became clear to him that he would not be able to survive in the wilderness for much longer. Lasak proved to once again have Karik's best interests at heart and, after wandering aimlessly for a day or two, he found his brother sheltering from an electrical sandstorm inside a cave at the base of the L-langon Mountains. When Karik pleaded with his brother not to force him to leave, the pair remained for the duration of the trial allowing Karik to return triumphant.

Upon reaching the appropriate age, Karik followed the example set by his parents and brother and joining the Vulcan Science Academy. From then on his life opened up much more and he was able to exercise an independence that he had never known as a child. This carried on into early adulthood when he went against Lasak's wishes and joined a group of Human and Vulcan scientists who were setting out on an expedition deep into the Beta Quadrant. Although he regretted that this decision caused a rift between he and his brother it was one that he could not refuse so he boarded the starship Konusha (Vulcan for understanding) and left his home planet for the first time.

Over the next few years Karik was part of a series of scientific pursuits aboard the Konusha. It was during this time that he met a young Vulcan female by the name of Lara, who was serving as part of a diplomatic attaché. The pair found a connection almost immediately, enjoying long walks and games of Kal-toh, and began to correspond with one another after parting ways. However events in his life were about to spiral out of Karik's control. Reports of a mysterious entity caught the attention of the scientists and they altered their plans to investigate. Tracing it to an M-Class planet with a pre-warp civilisation they quickly found themselves overwhelmed by a barrage of strong psychic energy as the entity attempted to communicate with them. The sheer force of the entity's mind broke through the mental barriers of the Vulcan scientists, including Karik, and flooded their minds with raw emotions, leaving them in a shattered mental state.

Being unaffected by the psychic barrage, the Humans were able to get the Konusha to safety before permanent damage was caused to any of the Vulcan minds. However extensive mental reconditioning and meditation was required in order to build up their mental barriers and emotional control again. Karik found the incident difficult to recover from and sequestered himself away for a number of years working on geological projects around Vulcan.

Having found his time in the Forge a profound influence on his life, Karik made a concerted effort to study the region. His interests were soon divided though when Lara returned to Vulcan to work at the Consulate. Their courtship officially began and just shy of a year later, in 2293, they were married. After their eldest daughter T'Mir was born, Lara insisted that Karik reach out to his estranged brother and attempt to mend past wounds. Lasak was receptive to the idea and once again the family were together in Vulcana Regar.

After the turn of the century Karik and Lara extended their family with the birth of their second daughter, Pani. Unfortunately she would not get the chance to meet her Grandparents who died just a few short weeks beforehand. Karik and Lasak travelled to Mount Seleya and meditated on the grounds of the recently constructed temple, known as the Hall of Ancient Thought, in memory of their parents. They returned in time for Pani's birth and then Lasak departed Vulcan to assist a Starfleet team on an archaeological dig.

By 2310 the family was preparing for big developments with Lara soon to be teaching at the Sarek School of Diplomacy and Ambassadorial Studies and both T'Mir and Pani enrolling in the Leonard McCoy Institute of Learning, an educational facility designed to encourage Vulcans and non-Vulcans to learn together and from one another. They were due to move into a larger apartment, where both children could have their own room, and Karik was even in the running for a position on the local council. However tragedy struck and the family were torn apart forever when a rogue shuttlecraft crashed into the building complex and killed fifteen people, among them Lara (49), T'Mir (16) and Pani (10).


Father: Taurik (Deceased)
Mother: T'Mir (Deceased)
Brother: Lasak
Spouse: Lara (Deceased)
Children: T'Mir (Deceased), Pani (Deceased)


Combat Medal
Mission: Curieosity Killed The Cat
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Gone By (Reduced to 23 years-old)
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Faradays Gone By
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Yet To Come (Future echo)