Kaspar Szarecki

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Young and eager Kasey.

Cadet3.pngKaspar "Kasey" Szarecki

Rank: 3rd Year Cadet
Position: Engineering Cadet
Player: Pip


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: (20yo)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10"

Kasey is fair-skinned with a liberal dusting of freckles across his nose and cheeks. He blushes easily and spectacularly. He has no piercings or tattoos, but he does have a long scar on his right shin from being kicked by a horse at the age of twelve.

Fixing things: it's a vocation.


Kasey is young for his age - rather naive and likely to assume that people mean well and are dealing fairly with him, especially because it is considered a sin on his home planet to not tell the truth. This, naturally, means that he's quite gullible. He is easily embarrassed but able to forgive quickly and completely, and does not usually hold grudges. He has a strong sense of morals, ethics, and the importance of respecting others and not hurting those who haven't done him any harm.

In tense situations he gets flustered and can lose the ability to think clearly, but he remains kind to those who are around him, though he despairs of himself. Kasey at the point of utter despair is a pathetic sight and most people feel inclined to offer support and comfort rather than kicking him when he is already down. It is not hard to cheer him up. He has a strangely deep practicality to his views on women; on his world, dating isn't done unless you are seriously courting with the intent of marriage, and even then the match is made more on the basis of practicality and economics. He can talk to girls just fine, and he likes them very much, but he's never dated one; he doesn't think he's ready, since he couldn't support a family.


On the farm.

Kasey is the youngest of seven. His elder brothers and sisters mostly settled into typical lives on their home planet; it was seven-year-old Kasey's aptitude with his eldest brother Fridric's combine harvester that brought him to the notice of the community - first because he took its engine apart on a long summer afternoon while nobody was paying attention to him, and then because he put it back together and it stopped making the clanking noise Fridric had complained about.

Kasey's family are colonists on Blogoslavny, fourth world out from a fairly warm sun - Earthlike environment, particularly rich in metals and boasting large areas of good soil for cultivating. The Blogi formed small, traditionally-minded and religious communities; though the fervor of the religion has died down mostly, it's still a very traditional and strict upbringing. Kasey himself is moderately religious, remembering to say prayers for aid in difficult situations and to thank God for what he has been given, as his parents would have had him do.

Kasey has been sent to Starfleet Academy by his grandfather Fridric, who supervised Kasey's four summers servicing shuttlecraft at Blogoslavny's major spaceport, Zlocisty, and funded his Ask (on his 17th birthday) to get to Earth for Starfleet Academy. Kasey is paying his own Academy tuition out of his savings earned by repairing things since he was very young, and works at Utopia Planitia during the holidays as it is much too expensive for him to travel home.
- Kasey is very close to his family, especially his mother and his three younger siblings. He writes many messages home to compensate for the fact that he can't see them, frequently using old-technology paper letters because his family does not own their own subspace unit.

At home with the family dog, Krol.


Father: Georg Szarecki
Mother: Lisabet Szarecki
Siblings: Fridric, Johan, Marjana, Mikael, Karel, Sofie
Grandfather: Fridric Szarecki Sr.
Grandmother: Maria Szarecki


Pie-In-Face Award
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe
NPC Award
Mission: The Donkey's Brahe