Kathanara Hough

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Lieutenant.pngKathanara 'Kat' Hough

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer
Player: Sah


Species: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Born: (38yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown / Black
Height: 178cm

Kat wears her hair in a tight bun at the nape of her neck most of the time, usually it is flawlessly held, although when she is under pressure several strands become loose and fall forward to cover her face at times. Kat has both her ears double pierced, but only wears ear-rings when off duty. On her right cheek is a benign, flat, congenital birthmark with wavy borders and irregular shape, referred to on Betazed as a "Love Mark" but commonly known on Earth as a Mongolian Blue Spot. This Love mark is hardly noticeable in her every-day life, but becomes somewhat inflamed when she is under stress due to increased blood flow to the capillaries in that area.


Kat is a relatively normal younger-middle-aged woman, who has for her entire adult life been stamped upon by her somewhat emotionally manipulative and abusive husband. Kat has prided herself on raising her children. If there was a room of 40 people, Kat is likely to be the last one you notice, she likes to hide in plane sight, and doesn't take kindly to any particular attention being paid to her. In a meeting she is the one who sits there quietly looking like she is praying for the deck to open and swallow her up, if a Commanding Officer ever asks her a question she mumbles almost incoherently for several minutes before blushing and becoming silent again.

The one thing that Kat can become worked up about and somewhat vocal around are her children. She is a dedicated mother and has given up many chances of progression in her career so she could spend more time with her children. A typical Betazoid, mother she will defend her children to her last breath even if she does not agree with what they have done. She is the only one permitted to criticise her children.


Kat had a typical and boring childhood on Betazed, the middle daughter of a School Teacher and a local Lawyer. As expected as the middle child she was the quiet child not quite fitting into what her family expected. She was quieter than her independent and self assured elder brother, and did not receive the showered affections of her parents as her younger sister did. She spent most of her childhood as peace maker between her two siblings at the worst of times, and at the best of times alone in her room reading about the many worlds outside of Betazed. She dreamed of leaving her homeworld and her family and exploring all the worlds and cultures out there. Anything to escape the anonymity and solitude of her life.

While not what you would class a high academic achiever, Kat did relatively well in school in most of her subjects, but did excel in cultural studies and history. At the age of 17 she applied to, and was rejected from Starfleet Academy. This hit Kat deeply, and for several months she wallowed in the pits of depression, what added to her pain was her elder brother Karn had been accepted the year before, and her younger sister Koli was applying the subsequent year. It has been Kat's dream from childhood to leave Betazed and the only way she could do that was through Starfleet. With the knowledge that her elder brother was at the Academy, and it appeared her younger sister would be accepted, Kat threw herself into preparation for the application process again, and sought and gained the backing and reference of the eminent Lwaxana Troi.

Kat had met Ambassador Troi during the darkest days of her depression when she was standing at edge of the Pejsoni Cliffs contemplating ending her life, just as she had made the decision to step off the cliff and to end her mental torment forever Lwaxana approached her and counselled Kat. Lwaxana was working with her aide taking in the afternoon air when she had sensed the pain Kat had been going through. She became a protégé of sorts, learning from the great Lwaxana, having the attention of a mother figure that she had not had her entire life. This support and faith from an older woman, and especially a woman as enigmatic and personally impressive as Lwaxana gave Kat the self belief to apply again, and this time to succeed in her application to the Academy.

Kat was accepted onto the Sciences Division of Starfleet Academy, specifically Archaeology and Anthropology. During the freshers party of the first week of Academy, Kat met a 4th year Cadet David Hough a young helm Cadet who had aspirations to command his own ship one day. He based himself on the great James Kirk and wanted to beat his record. Kat was instantly flattered by his signs of interest, something that had never occurred during her life on Betazed as everyone seemed to prefer her more attractive brother or sister. They began a whirlwind romance with David treating Kat like a princess, giving her attention as no-one had before, during their vacations he would take her on exotic holidays such as Risa and Enoaro Prime.

Kat became the top of her class in subjects related to her specialist areas of Archaeology and Anthropology and was somewhere in the middle in other subjects she was required to study. Towards the end of her first year, and David's final year she discovered she was pregnant, David had sworn he was taking contraceptive measures, but then had 'forgotten' for several weeks. David and Kat were married in a traditional Earth ceremony the day before David's graduation. Kat had originally wanted a Betazoid ceremony, but her husband said it was too vulgar for everyone to see him and her and one another naked. This was the start of things to come during their marriage.

After the wedding David took up the position as the Chief Helmsman of the USS Vindicator, leaving the pregnant Kat on Earth to continue her studies at the Academy. Half way through her second year Kat gave birth to her first child, Thea Hough, and took a years maternity leave from the Academy, hoping to rejoin the cohort behind her. Rather than returning home to Betazed for the year, David demanded that his daughter spend her early months on Earth in England with his family. Kat was thus forced into living with her in laws for 6 months. Her husband was offered Paternity leave from the Vindicator that was on core-system patrol, but refused this as he thought it would reflect negatively on him and hamper his chances at promotion.

Kat was used as a live in house-keeper by her parents in law, although they did treat her with kindness and love, but both were busy professionals and she accepted this as they did offer her moral support with the young child. During the first year of her daughters life, David returned to Earth once and only for 3 days before her went on a 'boys holiday' to Risa for his 3 weeks leave.

After completing her maternity leave, Kat returned to the Academy, and although it was a struggle at first the childcare facilities at the Academy and the help from her in-laws allowed her to continue with her studies as well as raise her daughter. Kat continued at SF Academy until August 2373 when she graduated and took up a position on the USS Charleston as Junior Science Officer as her husband was posted there as Chief Flight Control Officer and Second Officer.

In 2375 Kat found herself pregnant again, during her pregnancy she remained on active duty, and did not take maternity leave. In 2376 her son Ethan was born, shortly after the birth her husband transferred to the USS Shren as Executive Officer. Kat remained on the Charleston where she had become the Assistant Chief Science Officer. Kat found herself the topic of gossip on the Charleston after her husbands departure, as it became common knowledge that her husband had several dalliances with other crew members. Kat accepted this as she had the knowledge that he always returned to her bed at the end of the day and that they had children together. David denied these accusations, and eventually convinced Kat that he would never cheat on her. It was during her time alone on the Charleston that she was first offered the chance to head an excavation on Cordini 3 which was investigating suspected Iconian Ruins. David vetoed this option as he did not want his children to be out on the rim of known space, he also did not want Kat to progress in her career as it would limit his control of her. Even from the other-side of the Alpha Quadrant David exerted a lot of control over Kat and their children.

In 2377 when the Charleston was ordered to Cardassian space to help with the rebuilding of Cardassian infrastructure. Kat was offered to head up an excavation on one of the outer-worlds, to help the new Cardassian government to understand it's Hebitian heritage. Kat accepted the position as it offered more security for her and her children than remaining on the Charleston which was intended to help the Cardassian government fight pirates and splinter groups of rogue Obsidian Order personnel. Kat headed this dig for 4 years, she enjoyed her time there greatly allowing her to return to her roots as an archaeologist and anthropologist. During this time she completed her Doctorate on the subject matter of the First Hebitian Civilization. Her time as head of the Excavation came to an end in 2381 when she was asked by her husband to take up the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer on his new Command the USS Darwin while it explored the Beta Quadrant. Kat could not refuse the chance to unite her family once again, even though the position was in theory a downward step for her, it was a sacrifice she was more than willing to make just to be with her husband again.

Her time on the Darwin went exceptionally well for the first year or two, her husband and she grew to know one another again, and it allowed her children to spend quality time with their father. In 2383 she was promoted to the Chief Science Officer position when her predecessor Lowri Jones left for Earth when she discovered she was pregnant. During the next 2 years Kat and David tried for another child with little success, Kat discovered a message on a PADD on her husbands desk, it was from Lowri informing him that their son had just said his first word, and that she would be taking him on holidays to Risa. Kat's world crumbled around her. She could not confront her husband, and she could not believe the evidence that was staring her in the face. Two days later the Drawin changed course to Risa, David stating it was for the crew to have some R&R. With this final piece of evidence in front of her Kat followed her husband to Risa's surface and watched as he met with Lowri and her young child. Kat confronted David and Lowri causing quite the scene, David slapped Kat across the face in front of several witnesses. Kat then returned to the Darwin and collected her children. She placed a call to her elder brother, Rear Admiral Karn Lorian and explained the situation to him. He pulled the strings he had and within 30 minutes Kat had received her transfer orders to return to earth as a Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Starfleet Academy so she could be closer to her brother whom she had grown close to over the last few years.

She had left the Darwin without speaking to her husband or letting him know, and went to the USS Hood and was ferried to Earth. On her return to Earth she was met by her brother who informed her that he had brought charges against David nominally on the grounds of striking a subordinate officer. For a Commanding Officer this would result in his career being destroyed. Although Kat hated her husband, she still felt something for him and did not want to hurt him. She asked her brother to drop the charges. He agreed to do this for her, although little known to her he suggested that his soon to be ex-brother-in-law, that he quietly step down from Command before the truth of his affairs as well as beating his wife became common knowledge, effectively ending his hopes of promotion to Flag Rank. David realised he had no option but to take a quiet exploration mission away from Federation space for a few years while things quietened down.

Kat began divorce proceedings and they went unchallenged, and in 2385 she and David were divorced. She tried to rebuild her life with her children on Earth and threw herself into research and teaching. She wrote several journal articles and papers that were well received by her peers and was awarded the Natora Medal for Cultural Studies at a major awards ceremony. She decided to use her married name as not to have a different surname from her children. Towards the latter part of 2385 she discovered that David had married Lowri and had a second child together, he had severed all contact with Thea and Ethan. He then began a hate campaign against Kat, she received anonymous messages from people calling her a 'whore' and 'psycho-bitch'. The now Mrs Lowri Hough then took up a position as a Junior Professor in Planetology at SF Academy, she was far more sociable than Kat and began spreading misinformation about Kat to the staff and more senior students resulting in Kat being hated by her colleagues and students. Unable to take the ridicule Kat applied for, and was accepted as the Chief Science Officer of Kepler Station, as far away from Earth and her ex-husband and his new wife as possible.

Service Record

  • 2368-2373: SF Academy. Marries David, Thea born.
  • 2373-2375: USS Charleston (Science Officer).
  • 2375-2377: USS Charleston (Assistant Chief Science Officer). Ethan Born
  • 2377-2381: Hebitian Excavation (Excavation Chief).
  • 2381-2383: USS Darwin (Assistant Chief Science Officer)
  • 2383-2384: USS Darwin (Chief Science Officer). Leaves and divorces David.
  • 2384-2386: SF Academy (Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology).

Promotion Record

  • 2373: Commissioned as Ensign
  • 2376: Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)
  • 2378: Promoted to Lieutenant


Children: Thea Hough (14), Ethan Hough (9)
Ex Husband: David Hough


3 Months with Kepler
23 Oct 2010 - Jan 2011
Combat Medal
Mission: Freud's Hostage
6 Months with Kepler
23 Oct 2010 - Apr 2011