Kathryn Grant

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Ensign.pngKathryn Grant


Rank: Ensign
Position: Former Assistant Chief Engineer
Player: Robert


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: March 15th, 2358
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'11"

A tall young woman with a fiery head of hair and eyes that shine like emeralds, Kathryn is someone whose very looks exude a certain quality of strength and determination. Her musculature has been honed over years of constant brawling and daily exercise to the point where her body is a delicate balance between feminine grace and raw athletic power. Kathryn’s skin is also dotted with wide, sweeping oceans of freckles; although in uniform the only visible spots are in the band that runs across the middle of her face, more revealing numbers such as her MMA outfits and myriad of t-shirts allow the seas of cute spotting to be shown off alongside her toned arms and legs and well-developed abdominal muscles. The inside of her left arm bears a tattoo of the name 'Rory' in large, cursive letters.



“Blunt” is a good place to start. Kathryn has learned the value of always speaking her mind, but along the way she never happened to pick up the importance of thinking before letting out what’s in her head. With absolutely no filter on her mouth and barely enough skill as an engineer to back up her aggressive attitude, she’s become quite the model for How to Nearly Torpedo Your Career and Alienate Shipmates. Still, she rarely if ever intends to be malicious, and actually has quite a bit of respect and admiration for most of the people she’s worked with and under; the issue is when she mouths off about the few people she maintains a less favorable opinion of.

Hobbies and Interests

Back on her first cargo vessel at 18 Kathryn began taking part in amateur MMA fights, brutal bouts of unarmed combat that amounted to little more than brawls with prizes at the end. It was a decent enough way to make an extra latinum strip or two, and for as much of a pounding as she took, it became an entertaining hobby for her that she pursued further as a part of Starfleet Academy’s much safer and actually regulated MMA League. For all five years there she proved to be one of the best that her class had to offer, and in her last two years at SFA she managed to accomplish the rare feat of going the whole season undefeated. After entering service she’s continued to participate in sanctioned matches whenever possible, and practices every weekend on the holodeck to keep her skills sharp - on top of the occasional secretive match in whatever cargo hold the junior officers and enlisted can keep the prying eyes of their superiors off of for a night.

In addition to her favorite combat sport, Kathryn is an avid guitarist who taught herself how to play when she picked up a cheap guitar back on her homeworld as a preteen. While she’s never had any formal training and mostly just plays old Pop-Rock songs from the late 20th century, Kathryn’s fairly talented with both the acoustic or electric versions of her instrument, and has a strong, always-in tune singing voice to boot. Crewmates have in the past convinced her to do nighttime Ten Forward performances, though most will insist that she never stop playing that guitar, as the sight of her attempting to dance is a horrifying image that arguably violates the decency laws of several planets.

In terms of activities that she more passively follows, Kathryn is a sucker for action and horror holonovels, the cheesier the better; she'd much rather enjoy something so laughingly bad it makes her bust out laughing then whatever the critics are currently throwing mountains of praise at. Several ideas for holonovels abound in her head, but with everything else that takes up her time she just hasn't had the chance to work on them at all. Less involved entertainment than a holodeck romp comes for Kathryn in the form of sifting through her collection of old mechanical and engineering digital magazines from the 22nd and 23rd century, and it's almost unheard of to walk into her quarters and not hear an upbeat classic rock song playing.


Early Life

An only child born on the non-Federation frontier world of Kalama after an ill-advised one-night stand, Kathryn Cosmo Grant entered the universe without a terribly warm welcome. Her mother, a diner waitress without much hope of going beyond her miserable job in the middle of the desert, was hardly grateful for a kid to take care of when she could barely scrape together enough credits to keep herself going. As one can imagine, her childhood wasn’t exactly overflowing with love and support; Kathryn learned rather quickly that she was going to have to rely on her own damn self in order to survive, and embraced that wholeheartedly when she spent every scraped-up credit the day after graduating high school on a seat aboard the first outbound transport.

Freighter Travels

The next two years was a long string of hopping from transport to transport, taking what odd jobs she could to support herself. Over the course of this little journey she picked up quite a few tricks and tidbits of knowledge in the realm of engineering. Her natural aptitude in repairing old tech that could best be described as rickety and junked up proved invaluable on quite a few occasions.

Perhaps at no other time did her talents prove valuable than when her cargo ship came across the USS Mikhailovich, an aging Miranda-class vessel stranded by massive engine failure in the path of a raging ion storm. Coming aboard to help out the Starfleet engineers aboard, virtually all of whom were used to working on modern vessels with much more up to date systems, her experience and talent when it came to old heaps of junk proved essential in bringing the ship’s engines back online just in time to save it from practically assured destruction in the storm.

Thoroughly impressed by what she’d been able to do with a bit of practical experience, the ship’s captain gave Kathryn a unique offer: transport to Earth and a recommendation to Starfleet Academy, where her natural ability could be refined into the kind of honed skill that could save even more lives further down the line. She’d hardly considered Starfleet in the past, but it seemed a good a way as any to get out of a life where she struggled daily just to get buy and never knew the privilege of a hot shower; she took him up on the offer, and a few months later was the oldest human in her class and a new cadet majoring in Engineering with a focus on Propulsion Systems.

Starfleet Service

Kathryn in uniform.
Here, slamming into just how much math and science (subjects she’d never been terribly good with, given the ‘eyeball it and hope it doesn’t explode’ nature of her previous work) proved to be Kathryns bane. For as talented as she clearly was with just about any propulsion system and aging piece of technology, her grades were just barely what one might consider passing, and between that and her insistence that filtering what came out of her mouth was entirely pointless, her time at the Academy ended up turning into five years of instructors wondering why they hadn’t kicked her out yet. By the skin of her teeth and nary anything more, she managed to narrowly graduate at the age of 25, and set out on a career mainly filled with chewing out by every superior she served under and bouncing to wherever her unique experience with old and decrepit systems happened to be useful.

After getting out of the Academy Kathryn has driven enough superiors up the wall that she’s ended up bouncing from one ship to another on a roughly annual basis over her four years in service. Only thanks to her last superior aboard the USS Memphis being rather tolerant of her attitude thanks to her talents for anything mechanical (if only just) that she was able to somewhat catch up career-wise, proving herself enough to be worth considering as the Assistant CEO of the Memphis for a year before being assigned to the same position on the far-off outpost of Kepler Station.

Her first two weeks on the station proved more exciting than anything she'd run into since joining Starfleet. Within just a few days of coming aboard, the engineer became fast friends with several of her crewmates, was nearly burned alive repeatedly by exploding conduits, and was thrust into leadership of repairs on an ancient alien vessel. During this here's-an-ocean-now-swim-damn-you introduction, she became particularly enthralled with a cadet by the name of Rory Kirakis; both woman bonded almost instantly, and barely a day after meeting each other their sudden friendship catapulted into a sudden romance. The entire wonderful if befuddling relationship proved to be a more than adequate representation of the breakneck pace of affairs on Kepler.

In June, 2387 Kathryn received the break she had been waiting for when a temporary assignment aboard the S.C.E. Nova-Class starship USS Wright became available. Jumping at the chance she accepted and departed the station immediately; leaving only a note to tell anyone where she had gone.

Connections with other Characters

Kesari Lor

Kathy's next-door neighbor on Deck 4 first ran into the engineer after she barged into Lor's quarters to fix a malfunctioning replicator she had smelled from outside. Despite the fact that they couldn't possibly be any more different in terms of personality, a combination of shared moments of amusement and being able to pop into each other's rooms via several loose wall panels has allowed a strange little friendship of a sort to develop between them.

Vilgi Morr

The very first person Kathryn encountered on Kepler, her counterpart in Operations quickly took a liking to the redhead and she did to the bolian as well. With similar senses of humor and a shared difficulty in dealing with their photonic chief, they've quickly bonded into fairly close friends who enjoy hanging out and getting a meal every bit as much as repairing an explosion-happy EPS conduit.

Rexus Spokar

Perhaps best described as Kathryn's favorite punching bag, Rexus has become what could be considered Kathy's friend only if one's idea of friendship involves frequent fisticuffs. For the most part they get along well and enjoy each other's company, but Kathy's seeming hatred for Spokar's face, expressed via punches and roundhouse kicks, has rapidly become a favorite joke among the junior crewmen.

Rory Kiriakis

After a first meeting that involved Kathryn nearly burning Rory alive with an exploding EPS conduit, Rory and Kathy clicked like nothing else in the galaxy, becoming instant best friends amidst a love of causing trouble around the station. Within just a few days of first meeting their relationship snapped up from close friends to lovers in yet another of Kepler's strange, rushed, passionate romances, if one more influenced by giant robot fights than any other on the station.

Service Record

2378-2383: Attended Starfleet Academy majoring in Engineering
2383: Comissioned as Ensign
2383: Assigned as Propulsion Specialist, USS Monticello
2384: Assigned as Engineering Officer, Deep Space 4
2384: Assigned as Propulsion Specialist, USS Canterbury
2385: Assigned as Propulsion Specialist, USS Waltham
2386: Assigned as Propulsion Specialist, USS Renaissance
2386: Assigned as Propulsion Specialist, USS Memphis
2386: Assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Memphis
2387: Assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer, Kepler Station
2387: Assigned to S.C.E., USS Wright

Family and Major Relationships

Terry Kelvin - Father - Cargo Freighter Captain, age 58
Ariana Grant - Mother - Diner Owner, age 55
Kesari Lor - Neighbor and Fellow Speckled Redhead - Kepler Station ACSO, age 26
Rory Kiriakis - Significant Other - Command Trainee, age 21
Rexus Spokar - Preferred Punching Bag - Operations Cadet, age 21
Vilgi Morr - Best Friend - Kepler Station ACOO, age 31


Newcomer Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Piazzi's Penance
3 Months with Kepler
6 Feb - Apr 2014
Argument / Disagreement
Challenge 4: 6th - 13th May, 2014 (as Carolyn Takashi)
Personal Log
Challenge 4: 6th - 13th May, 2014