Kennedy Monroe

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Blank.pngKennedy Elise Monroe


Rank: Civilian
Position: Doctor / Counsellor
Player: Lori


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 6 June 2355 (30yo)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"


Since graduating medical school, Kennedy has regained much of the fire, confidence, and outgoing nature that she lost after witnessing her father's murder, although she is not as quick to smile as she once was. She is a true workaholic and saves most of her ire for people who are jeopardizing the health and well-being of those she cares about. Kennedy is extremely maternal and much more thin-skinned than she'd care to admit. Kennedy abhors violence of any kind and considers herself a doctor first and foremost, something men and women of all allegiances respect.

When she allows herself to think of life outside of work, she dreams of finding her son and getting married. She is far more competitive than most people realize and would some day like to establish her own private practice, but she is also keenly aware of what greed and vice can do to a person and is afraid to get what she wants for fear of losing it.

Kennedy’s true skill lies in her ability to listen and read people well. Having lived what sometimes feels like two lifetimes despite her young age, Kennedy tries to offer advice whenever she can, an ear, or at times a shoulder to cry on. A medical work horse, most people don't know that she likes to develop her intellect by reading or conducting research.

Growing up, Kennedy learned the only person she could truly count on was herself. Although she has come to appreciate being a part of Starfleet and contributing to a cause that is bigger than herself alone, her primary loyalty is to the patients she serves.


Kennedy Elise Monroe was born to Amelia and Zander Monroe of New York on Earth. Long before Kennedy's birth, Amelia, who would become a successful psychologist, and Zander, who would become a prominent physician, grew up in an impoverished community and fought long and hard to give themselves better lives. After years of devoting their energies to managing their own private practices and making names for themselves in the area’s elite research community, Amelia and Zander were finally confident they could support a child. Growing up, Kennedy wanted for nothing, and although her parents made sure she never turned into a spoiled rich girl, they were also committed to making sure their only daughter never knew what it was like to be without the creature comforts they had worked so hard for.

While Kennedy enjoyed the benefits of being one of the privileged, including the lavish apartment and top notch education geared toward preparing her for her own medical career, Amelia and Zander worked frantically to keep their own dark secrets under wraps. Never completely satisfied with what he'd accomplished, Zander had developed quite a taste for the finer things in life, along with an expensive gambling habit and a penchant for beautiful women. To this day, Kennedy isn't sure how much her mother knew about her father's illicit dealings, but Kennedy remembers her mother always managed to explain away his frequent "business trips" with a smile. Consequently, it didn’t concern Kennedy when at age 14, her father suddenly announced they were setting off on a new adventure and moving to Bajor.

Eventually, Zander lost one too many times gambling and found himself owing a sizable amount to a man well-connected to organized crime. Kennedy does not know who this man is or whether he or his associates could still be alive and free, but for reasons that remain unclear, rather than being murdered, her father was enlisted to treat wounded with "no questions asked," to launder money, and to use his research expertise to manufacture large quantities of Glitterstim, a particularly potent and addictive variety of a narcotic that was both highly lucrative and helpful when it came to keeping the prostitutes and lowlifes involved in organized crime in line.

As a teenager, Kennedy could recall many times when her parents seemed tense and unhappy, but as a youth, she attributed the tension to her parents' hectic schedules, which often took both of them off-world. Life as Kennedy knew it came to a grinding halt, however, when one afternoon, she came home from school early to find her mother shot to death in the foyer of their apartment and her father arguing with a man dressed in black and carrying a phaser. In shock, but aware enough to preserve her own safety, Kennedy hid in the apartment's coat closet as she listened to her father being tortured in the master bedroom while the stranger in black demanded the money and drugs he was owed. Two hours later, the confrontation ended with a shot, but it would be another hour before Kennedy could convince herself to leave her hiding place and ultimately discover her father's body.

In what seemed like a heart beat later, the authorities had seized all of her family's criminally funded assets and given up on finding and prosecuting her parents' killers. Kennedy was left without family, money, or a place to live. Because she was only fifteen at the time, she was sent to several different foster homes, most of which were headed by adults who thought foster children made good slaves. Besides grieving the loss of her parents, Kennedy had to contend with the shame of being the daughter of once prominent people. It seemed everyone loved a good scandal, particularly when it involved a fall from grace of people who on the surface, were supposed to represent the best of what Bajor had to offer.

She became a chronic runaway who preferred living on the streets of the Yallder Province to being bounced around from home to home. For five years, Kennedy took on whatever menial jobs she could find to support herself, while also getting herself mixed up in all sorts of trouble, including drugs, drinking, and for a time, prostitution. Living on her own was not easy by any means, and more often than not, the people she encountered were no better than the man who had killed her parents. The Province had earned every bit of its vile reputation and Kennedy saw her fair share of the violence firsthand. Monroe survived by switching loyalties as often as most people changed their clothing. However, besides the violence and criminal activity, Kennedy saw others who lived in Yallder, people who were simply down on their luck and unable to get out of the hells that surrounded them, people who were just trying to keep their heads down and stay out of harm's way, people who may have at one time been like herself. Deep in her heart of hearts, Kennedy still dreamed of becoming a doctor and of helping the very people whom she struggled with from day to day.

That dream was quickly discarded when at the age of twenty, Kennedy became pregnant. At the time, Kennedy believed she loved the father of her child, whom she suspected was cheating on her, and she continued to believed he loved her right up until he left for work and never came back, leaving her only with a handful of credits. Unable to care for the child and left with little choice, Kennedy gave birth to a son, and after holding him for a few moments, she gave him up for adoption, believing he was destined for a better life than she could provide. She was not permitted to know whom her son was going to and she has not seen him since his birth. Monroe used her handful of credits to return to the Yallder Province, this time determined to build a better life for herself.

Holding down at times three legitimate jobs, Kennedy commuted to the Yesopol Province to return to school. Kennedy set her sights on becoming a doctor and serving the less fortunate, but didn't count on how difficult it would be to return home without her son. Surrounded by her memories, she was determined to leave Bajor as soon as possible. Starfleet appealed to her primarily because she could have a career she loved without having to settle in one place for too long.

It took her a year to complete the necessary pre-requisites and to gain the conviction to move forward. Kennedy’s biggest concern wasn't so much whether she could succeed academically, but whether she could stand to take orders. At the age of twenty one, Monroe entered Starfleet Academy, convinced she would quit or be tossed out by the end of her first year. Older than most of her fellow cadets and having lived through more than they could imagine, Monroe kept mostly to herself, but over time became the unofficial "house mother" to many of the students in her class, lending an ear or advice when necessary. At the Academy, Kennedy was able to reinvent herself in a sense, and immerse herself in her studies while beginning to put what she saw as a past life behind her.

If Starfleet Academy was the beginning of Kennedy’s transformation, her time at Starfleet Medical completed it. By the time she graduated, she had come to trust others and depend on them in a way she hadn't since her son was born. She chose to double major in medicine and counseling. In her own way, Kennedy was honoring her parents' memories and trying to learn what could possess two intelligent people to surround their child with violence, and what could possess a man to kill.


After graduating with distinction, Kennedy was assigned to the USS Jamestown, where she served as a medical officer for a year. Although Monroe earned the respect and friendship of her colleagues, over time, she grew increasingly tired of Starfleet rules and regulations hindering what she considered to be ethical medical and counseling practice. It wasn't an easy decision, but Kennedy ultimately decided to resign her commission in favor of serving Starfleet as a civilian doctor/counselor. She is still getting used to the idea, but believes it is the right thing for her at this point in her life.


Father: Zander Monroe (Deceased)
Mother: Amelia Monroe (Deceased)


Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
3 Months with Kepler
12 Jul - Oct 2009
6 Months with Kepler
12 Jul 2009 - Jan 2010
1 Year with Kepler
12 July 2009 - 2010
Unconscious Award
Mission: Tombaugh's Garden