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Kepler Station (SB-909)

(For continued history, please see Kepler Station-II)

Dedication Plague, 20 September, 2324

Station History


Originally commissioned in 2324, Kepler Station was to become the prototype for a larger variation of the ageing Regula-I Class of starbase which had been in active service since 2279. Construction of the station began in the Bellatrix system, one of three points defining the Delta Triangle, late in 2324.

Despite construction already being well under way, the SCE decided the facilities included in their prototype would be insufficient to handle the quantities of heavy traffic flow through the majority of Federation sectors during this period of peace and began plans expanding the design in favour of what later became the Regula-II class. This improved design has since served as the class choice for many starbases, including Starbases 173 and 257.

Regardless of this decision, Kepler Station was completed in early 2325 and the dedication ceremony was held shortly afterwards, beginning the station's illustrious yet somewhat troubled career. Just two years later though construction of the first Regula-II was completed and Kepler Station was reassigned and restructured to serve as a secondary science station for all Starfleet teams working in the Triangle. It continued in this capacity until it was finally abandoned in 2379.

In Service

In orbit around Bellatrix I, 2379
After what became known as the 'Gateway Crisis' in 2376, Starfleet was one of a number of powers which had been investigating potential locations of and applications for Iconian Gateways. One such gateway was discovered by a long-range survey team drifting through space, having broken loose from its original orbit. Secreted to a remote location for analysis, it wasn't for another eight years that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers were able utilise the Gateway and establish a stable link to the Delta Quadrant.

Having previously only been accessible via the fledgling, and somewhat unreliable, Quantum Slipstream Drive technology, many within Starfleet Command deemed missions to the Delta Quadrant too dangerous. However with the spaceborne gateway providing a seemingly stable connection back to the Alpha Quadrant those descenting voices soon fell silent. Therefore, in early 2385, a foothold was established within a region known as the Jathlin Arm and the formally derelict Kepler Station was given a new lease on life as part of Task Force 38, under the command of Captain Gregory Blake (KS0: Hello, my name is Kepler...).

The Jathlin Arm
A placid life cataloguing artefacts and supplying science vessels was not on the cards for Kepler Station though. Late in 2385, a mysterious spatial anomaly transported the entire station from the home it had known in the Delta Quadrant to the Gavarian Frontier, located thousands of light years away in the Gamma Quadrant. This placed both the station and her remaining crew squarely in an area of unclaimed space between the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Empire which was monitored by Task Force 47 (KS5: Schrodinger's Station).

With some members of the crew stranded in the Delta Quadrant a new influx of personnel was needed. In the meantime though it fell to the current staff to settle things down and take stock of their new situation. With dangerous neighbours like the Romulans to contend with they needed to be on the ball (KS6: Herschel's Kisses).

Gavarian Frontier
Following a series of misadventures in their new home, it finally seemed as if life on the station was finally stabilising. This changed in mid 2386 however when Kepler Station once again fell victim to a spatial anomaly which shunted the station and her crew forward through time by six months and deposited them back in an area of the Alpha Quadrant known as The Expanse (KS10.1: Honey, I'm Holm!).

It was shortly after being deposited in the Expanse that Engineers began construction of the Coaxial Trajector Manifold which was designed with the intention of anchoring the station within normal space and hopefully avoiding any further mishaps.

The Expanse
Despite having found themselves in precarious situations before, the political nature of The Expanse was far more fragile than Kepler had previously known. With the Cardassians, Tholians, Breen, Tzenkethi and Ferengi are all nearby it was clear that the sudden, and unwelcome, appearance of a Starfleet instillation could damage the delicate balance. Extensive talks began between the powers however it wasn't until a cache of Romulan technology was discovered that the possibility of more in-depth negotiations came about (KS11.2: The Donkey's Brahe).

At the same time that Kepler Station was to receive a new commanding Officer; Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr. Having served in Starfleet in one capacity or another since the 2330's, Bakyr was seen as a calm pair of hands to guide Kepler Station into the future.

That future would begin with the formation of Task Force 92, under the purview of Rear Admiral Holden, that would service Starfleet and Federation interests within the Expanse (KS12: Fleming's Stratagem). Diplomats, private companies, and independent merchants from around the region gather at Kepler Station to begin formal negotiations on everything from resource management to exploration. The main goal however is for the creation of a Trade Agreement that will see Kepler Station serve as neutral territory for the other five major powers.

An unknown group were almost successful in derailing the talks when they orchestrated the murder of a Cardassian delegate and insured that the initial evidence point towards Ensign Hideyoshi Shimura, one of Kepler's Counselling staff. Although he is eventually proven innocent, it is too late for the negotiations to continue and the sector is left with a tentative provisional agreement keeping the peace (KS13: Schwann-upmanship).

These provisional agreements allowed for a number of existing trade routes to remain intact as well as the development of more. One of the fundamental stipulations was that each major party be given commercial space on Kepler Station with which to pursue new financial avenues. The agreement also put heavy limitations on Starfleet actions in the region, limiting both the size and strength of Task Force 92. Rear Admiral Holden therefore establishes the Expanse Oversight Advisory to oversee Starfleet endeavours and to ensure that matters do not deteriorate further (KS14.1: A Tiny Oversight).

In mid 2387 an asteroid field was detected on long-range sensors which was travelling on a course which would potentially take it within range of the station. Dispatching the Runabout Sigmund Jähn to monitor the situation, the field was detected making a controlled manoeuvre around a T-Class gas giant in Cardassian space. Concerned with the safety of Kepler Station and everyone aboard, a mission to divert the asteroids was undertaken by the U.S.S. Harbinger and the U.S.S. Tokyo. It was hoped that the two vessels could find a method of diverting the asteroids since moving the station out of the flight path would be too difficult within the predicted time frame. As they draw nearer and gather more data on the situation, it becomes clear that something is driving these asteroids on their way through space. Whether or not striking Kepler is their goal remains unclear.

Having ruled out the option of blowing the asteroids up, due to their mineral composition, the team struggle to find a viable option. That is until they discover that the faint subspace emissions from the Coaxial Trajector Manifold, the device responsible for keeping Kepler Station anchored in place after its trip from the Delta Quadrant, may in fact be what is drawing the asteroids along their new path. Unwilling to risk shutting off the C.T.M. the team instead decide to build a second device and affix a series of amplifiers onto the perimeter of the asteroid field in the hopes that their device will be more appetising to the asteroids, and they can then 'steer' them away from Kepler.

While at first the plan seems to be working, an overload in the station's C.T.M. causes feedback which hurtles the asteroids into warp, accelerating them towards the station at devastating speed. Unable to do anything other than be swept along in the asteroid's wake, the Harbinger and Tokyo watch in horror as the station is struck by a portion of the asteroid field.

Although the asteroids had dropped out of warp just prior to reaching the station the damage was severe, the entire Medical Module was torn from the main structure of the station and a total of sixty-six people were killed in the collision.

Remnants of the Medical module
Temporary command of the station was assigned to Expanse Oversight Advisory Chairman, Lt. Commander Hank McAllister due to the fact that Captain Bakyr had suffered serious injuries during the collision, and was subsequently left paralysed, and Lt. Commander Isis Rae was suspended pending an investigation into the actions taken during the failed attempt to divert the asteroids (KS19: Boy Who Cried Wolf).

Further investigation into the mysterious asteroid field soon revealed that there was much more to them than originally believed. They were in fact an Ark for the suspended remnants of the Sassobaun Consociation, a civilisation perhaps as old as the Iconian Empire. Having set out thousands of years ago, the highly advanced Sub-spatial Engine Matrix had degraded to the point where the attempts to alter its course by the teams aboard the Harbinger and Tokyo caused it to malfunction and jump to warp. Realising that the collision was an unfortunate accident, the crew aided the Sassobaun in making sufficiant repairs to their Ark so they could continue their voyage to Rho Geminorum VII and establish a new colony (KS20: Piazzi's Penance).


Following a review by a Starfleet appointed adjudicator, it was decided that the sixty-three year old Regula-class station could no longer satisfactory serve its purpose. Therefore a new Midway-class station was constructed and Kepler Station was officially decommissioned in August, 2387 (KS23: Take It or Leavitt).

Command Staff

Commanding Officer:

  • Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr (2386 - 2387)
  • Lieutenant Commander / Commander Isis Rae (Temporary 2386, Temporary 2387)
  • Lieutenant Commander Hank McAllister (Temporary 2387)
  • Commander Cole Lockwood (Temporary 2386)
  • Commodore Gregory Blake (2385 - 2386)
  • Commander Tiffany McGrath (Temporary 2379, 2384 - 2385)
  • Doctor Mia Daecher (2376 - 2379)
  • Lieutenant Commander / Commander Celestino A. Marcone (2374 - 2376)
  • Commander Xonak (Temporary 2364, 2365 - 2373)
  • Doctor Rachel Sutherland (Temporary 2356, 2357 - 2360)
  • Captain L'Jurak Harn (2353 - 2356)
  • Doctor Gann (2353)
  • Lieutenant Commander Anthony J. Roux (Temporary 2353)
  • Doctor Alya Nejem (2346 - 2352, 2360 - 2364)
  • Doctor Samuel Beckett (2344 - 2345, 2376)
  • Doctor Abraham Gallagher (2333 - 2343)
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Kralenth zh'Rithsia (2331 - 2333)
  • Lieutenant Commander T'Sai (2327 - 2331)
  • Lieutenant Francine Parrish (Temporary 2327)
  • Commander Michael T. Laine (2325 - 2327)

Executive Officer:

  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander / Commander Isis Rae (Temporary 2385, 2386 - Present)
  • Lieutenant Commander Pr'ithitan Ch'gra'thaniy (2385)
  • Commander Deacon Caine (2385)
  • Lieutenant Commander / Commander Tiffany McGrath (2377 - 2379)
  • Doctor Mia Daecher (2375 - 2376)
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Carter Foxwell (2374)
  • Lieutenant Commander Avery Sabine (2366 - 2373)
  • Doctor Takako Fujimoto (2364 - 2366)
  • Lieutenant Commander / Commander Xonak (2361 - 2364)
  • Doctor Eshaas ch'Th'Shelavorn (Temporary 2356, 2357 - 2361)
  • Doctor Rachel Sutherland (2354 - 2355)
  • Doctor Colleen Llewellyn (2353 - 2354)
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Anthony J. Roux (2351 - 2353)
  • Commander Taurak (2346 - 2350)
  • Doctor Alya Nejem (2345 - 2346)
  • Doctor Samuel Beckett (2340 - 2344)
  • Lieutenant Commander Pek (2334 - 2340)
  • Doctor Augustus Belmont (2332 - 2334)
  • Lieutenant Commander Kralenth zh'Rithsia (2327 - 2331)
  • Lieutenant Francine Parrish (2325 - 2327)

Second Officer:

  • Lieutenant John Reynolds (2387)
  • Lieutenant Isis Rae (2385)
  • Lieutenant Valeia (2379)
  • Lieutenant Commander Tiffany McGrath (2376 - 2377)
  • Doctor Mia Daecher (2373 - 2375)
  • Lieutenant Carter Foxwell (2372 - 2373)
  • Lieutenant K'Tilerr'n (2366 - 2370)
  • Lieutenant Ro'Bel Flinn (2361 - 2364)
  • Doctor zh'Thanthaa (2357 - 2361)
  • Doctor Eshaas ch'Th'Shelavorn (2353 - 2356)
  • Doctor Colleen Llewellyn (2353)
  • Lieutenant Anthony J. Roux (2349 - 2351)
  • Doctor Lincoln Esperon (2347 - 2349)
  • Commander Taurak (2346)
  • Lieutenant Harrison S. Reynolds (2343 - 2344)
  • Lieutenant / Lieutenant Commander Pek (2331 - 2334)
  • Doctor Augustus Belmont (2328 - 2331)
  • Lieutenant Commander Chadwick Lewis (2327)
  • Lieutenant Hannah Fitzpatrick (2325 - 2326)

Assigned Craft



  • 68 | Type 7
  • 69 | Type 7
  • von Lenard | Type 8
  • von Braun | Type 9
  • Kolbe | Type 11
  • Laue | Type 11


  • U.S.S. Clara Zetkin | Danube-Class
  • U.S.S. Heinrich Mann | Danube-Class
  • U.S.S. Karl Benz | Danube-Class
  • U.S.S. Sigmund Jähn | Venture-Class

Formerly Assigned: