Kittiana Novus

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Blank.pngKittiana Novus

Rank: Civilian
Position: Manager, Emporium
Player: Brian


Species: Trill (Unjoined)
Gender: Female
Born: 2363
Hair: Brown (Usually dyed)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'04"


Kitt has lived a rather tough life which eventually caused her to keep the outside world at arms length and rely on herself above all others. Over time this has slowly improved, and she's learnt that some people do genuinely care about her. For the most part though she still worries that someone will try to take advantage of her or put their interests ahead of her own.


Little is known about Kittiana's life before she eventually drifted to Kepler Station. By her own admission, hers was a rough childhood and the teenage Kitt left Trillus Prime almost as soon as she could manage to arrange passage. One thing that did provide her a little light in the dark as a child were the stories of the figures from Human history known as pirates; having discovered a book about them the young girl could imagine herself living a life of freedom as a swashbuckler.

In the spirit of those Earth pirates, Kitt never remained tethered to one location for very long. She would drift from planet to planet, station to station, taking one random job after another to make ends meet. For the most part she enjoyed this freedom but it wasn't enough to fill the void that had always been there. As fate would have it, that void would begin to shrink after a chance decision saw her wash up on Kepler Station in need of money and a place to stay. Taking a job at Zombo's Burger Shack, a cheesy twentieth-century inspired diner, the petite Trill met the station's Lothario, Rexus Spokar and the pair soon began dating.

Their different views on the future, specifically marriage, soon became clear to Kitt after a talk with Rexus' friend, Cassiopeia Yale. She broke up with Rexus to spare them both the added drama later when things got too serious, however Kitt had already found herself developing deeper feelings for Rexus than she had ever had for someone before. Unsure what to do, this led to a brief period of casual hook ups with Rexus until they finally decided to give their relationship another try. For Kitt, this meant putting a lot of her issues with her family life aside and trying to embrace Rexus' more 'gung-ho' view to the future (KS14.1: A Tiny Oversight).


Father: Unknown (Deceased)
Mother: Unknown
Step-father: Unknown
Foster Son: Quequao


Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Romance Ribbon
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Heartfelt Moments Award
Mission: Graduation Day
Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Take It or Leavitt