Kyle Stewart

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Blank.pngKyle Horatio Stewart

Rank: Civilian
Position: Lead Guitarist, The Orangutans / Owner, Music Moon
Player: Brian


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2362
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1"


Having spent the last five years as a member of the pop group, The Orangutans, Kyle has spent large portions of time away from home and surrounded by people who want something from him. This has lead to him being slightly quiet and introverted when it comes to her personal life, however his confidence remains unshaken. Kyle is good natured and caring, spending a lot of his down time personally replying to fans. He is also a romantic at heart and hopes to one day have the sort of relationship his parents have.


The eldest son of Elisabeth and William Stewart, Kyle was born in Croydon, South London, just a few weeks after his Grandfather, Commander Horatio T. Nelson, was killed during the Federation-Cardassian War. In honour of her father, Elisabeth passed on his first name to Kyle who, despite not particularly liking it as a child, has come to appreciate the link to a relative he never got the chance to meet.

Unlike the great Starfleet Commander though, Kyle's interests lay in music from a very young age. Both parents heartily encouraged him to pursue this passion and were instrumental in his decision to join his friends in forming a band in 2379. After two years of playing local pubs and not receiving much of a following, the group hired Alan Scott as their new manager and then became The Orangutans. Since then the band, under Alan's guidance, have become well known in the Alpha Quadrant thanks to an almost continuous tour schedule.

While the band were performing one of their semi-regular gigs via holographic communication, Kyle met a lovely young half-Vulcan named T'Vei whose charms instantly caught his attention (KS15: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier). He made a few arrangements to take a slight detour before a concert for the Grand Negus on Dreon III and spent two days visiting the station in person (KS16: Maxwell's Dozen).


Father: William James Stewart
Mother: Elisabeth Ashley Stewart, Nee Nelson
Sisters: Joan Grace Stewart (11), Ashley Martha Stewart (7)
Grandfather: Commander Horatio Thaddeus Nelson (Deceased)
Grandmother: Ashley Martha Nelson (Deceased)


Snuggly Bunnies Award
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Asteroids Survival Pin
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf
Holo-Programmers' Pin
Mission: The Scopes of Justice or Fine Jung Cannibal