Lev Zorn

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Blank.pngLev Zorn

Lev Zorn

Rank: Civilian
Position: Computer Tech Specialist
Player: Joseph


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 21 (Years Old)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"

In many ways Lev resembles almost the stereotypical computer geek. Of slightly below average height with a thin build and pale skin tone, he certainly doesn't even look to be as old as he actually is. First appearances can be a bit deceiving though, he actually is quite fit and athletic as long as it doesn't require bulk or brute strength.

He keeps his hair short, well trimmed, doesn't really have any problem with five o'clock shadow and presents a wellgroomed look most of the time. His clothing choices are casual, conservative during work, even more casual tending toward grubby sometimes on his own time, tees, shorts, and sneakers being the norm.

No scars, piercings, or such.


Lev is somewhat of a prodigy when it comes to computers, a product of genes and family background. Give him a project to work on involving computer programming, troubleshooting, whatever, he is all serious and focused. He is not afraid to speak up, take charge, or deal out necessary criticism. He doesn't get flustered and is quick to adjust if the situation calls for it.

Socially, he is more quiet, laid back even shy in new circumstances, lacking the confidence he exhibits in his field of expertise. He's friendly enough but tends to let others approach him as opposed to bold and outgoing if there is a crowd. Lev was brought up to be polite, a gentleman, and tolerant of others and normally that's how he behaves.

He has his own sometimes strong opinions but generally keeps them to himself.


The older of two children born into the Zorn family, his father is famous for his groundbreaking work in software and programming development so he got introduced to the field from an early age. He took to it like a fish to water and with that pedigree plus a high IQ he was able to go to university earlier than his age group, graduating already at nineteen with top honors in his field. Immediately he was hired by the same corporation his father works for to help in the fields of development of new software and the installation and applications of current products. His latest assignment is Kepler Station.

Of course this involves extended travel in Federation space and his first exposure to all that entails. For a sheltered homebody it is proving to be quite the awakening in many ways. Lev does have other interests beyond computers. He likes long distance running since his school days when he was on a cross country team. He enjoys swimming and even has dabbled in underwater exploration. He's quite competitive in handball and lately has taken up kendo, based on ancient Japanese sword fighting though without the deadly blades and possibly fatal wounds. All those fun activities will have to be put on hold though now that he is to be on a Federation station. When it comes to social relationships, he had just a few close friends and has mostly lost track of them now that he is in career mode. His best friend thru childhood was tragically killed as a Starfleet cadet on his first voyage. As for girls, well he likes them alright but has never had a girlfriend, much to his regret.


Father: Mordecai Zorn, 51
Mother: Julia Zorn (Deceased)
Sister: Rebecca Zorn, 15


Newcomer Award
Mission: Vakil's Speciality
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Vakil's Speciality
3 Months with Kepler
11 Nov 2012 - Jan 2013
Combat Medal
Mission: Maxwell's Dozen
Players' Choice
Mission: Maxwell's Dozen
6 Months with Kepler
11 Nov 2012 - Apr 2013
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Gone By (Reduced to 13 years-old)
Players' Choice
Mission: Faradays Gone By