Liesel O'Brien

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Lieutenant.pngDoctor Liesel O'Brien

Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Former Chief Medical Officer
Player: Susan



Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2353 (32 years old)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Dark Gray
Height: 5'2"

Slender but curvy.


Quiet until she trusts, not given to trusting easily. Compassionate and kind, sunny disposition, quite an optimist. Quirky sense of humor that she keeps hidden. Can be icy on occasion. Having twins as her only siblings, she often had a feeling of being outside looking in, in spite of the well-expressed love of the family members. This is really the only baggage she carries, and she has it firmly under control.


First Doctoral Graduation Picture
Liesel's mother, Louise Bachman, came from a Germanic cultural background, while her father, Devlin O'Brien, was volatile Gaelic in nature. It made for interesting times in the O'Brien household, where Liesel was an only daughter. There were often family quarrels involving much arm waving and shouting, but the love of the family members for one another is strong.

Both parents, and twin brothers, Dace and Dolan, are involved in Starfleet. It's a family calling. All the men are in some aspect of warp engineering, while Liesel's mother is a Life Science (hydroponics) Officer.

Liesel began college at 17 at UCLA, majoring in psychology. She completed her degree in 3 years, moving on to the Master's program, which she finished in a year and a half. At the age of 22, she was accepted at Johns Hopkins for her doctoral program in psychology. Her doctoral thesis, The Effects of the Psychology of Cultural Background on Interspecies Cooperation, held much more depth than the title indicates. It was well-received by those involved in corporations and governments trying still to integrate the less cooperative species into the Federation's framework.

After obtaining her doctorate, Liesel worked for several years in group practices in New York, Dallas, Oslo and Jakarta, before moving to San Francisco. While there, she became acquainted with several civilians employed by Starfleet, and was eventually wooed into joining. Her first posting was a colony world, Janus 13, followed by 6 months on Orinoco Station, awaiting assignment to a ship. That assignment eventually came, for the U. S. S. Navajo.

Clarification: O'Brien has 3 doctorates, Her first, described above, at the age of 22, in the psychology of alien species. The second was begun before the completion of the first, and completed at the age of 24, during her group practice work in New York City, and is in Psychiatry. The final one was obtained at the age of 28, and is a medical degree. Her residency was served in Dallas and Oslo, as part of an international medical exchange.
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Following that, her time in Jakarta was as part of a medical team deployed to Java Island in Indonesia after a civil war which caused wide-spread injury, as well as disease in refugee camps. Her time in San Francisco was spent practicing psychiatry, largely among the off-world populations stationed there for Federation purposes. In addition, she spent one day a week working in poorer sections of the city, practicing medicine. At the age of 30, she decided to join Starfleet.

Her enlistment in Starfleet and duty on Navajo originally concerned only the psychology degree, but events are required her medical degree, since the Chief Medical Officer's post was vacated.

When Justin Shard, Marine Commander on Navajo received a promotion and transfer to Kepler Station, Delta Quadrant, Lt. O'Brien applied for, and received, transfer to Kepler as Chief Medical Officer. Her duties include overseeing several doctors, physician's assistants, nurses and medics. An occasional off-world mission allows Liesel to continue her studies in xenopsychology and xenoarchaeology.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy: 2383
Janus 13, agricultural community: 2383-84
Orinoco Station, 2384
USS Navajo, 2384-2385
Kepler Station, 2385-present


Father: Devlin O'Brien
Mother: Louise Bachman
Brothers: Dace and Dolan (twins)
Significant Other: Captain Justin Shard


Newcomer Award
Mission: Hello, My Name is Kepler
Captain's Choice
Mission: Hello, My Name is Kepler
3 Months with Kepler
26 Feb - May 2009
Players' Choice
Mission: Darwin's Malady
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Darwin's Malady
6 Months with Kepler
26 Feb - Aug 2009
Captain's Choice
Mission: Rutherford's Fork