Madeline Cunningham

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Blank.pngMadeline Rose Cunningham


Rank: Civilian
Position: History Researcher
Player: Caiti


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: (25yo)
Hair: Fiery Copper
Eyes: Sea Green
Height: 5'6"

Ms. Cunningham is just under average height, with a rather slight build. The appearance is deceptive, however, as her body is taunt like steel cables. She has several tattoos, most generally invisible when clothed. The first, a rose, is located on the inside of her left ankle; another--a fleur-de-lis--is located near the groin just above the joint between her right leg and torso. A third, that of her family crest, is on the center of her back between her shoulder blades. Her ears are pierced, once in both lobes, but while in uniform she rarely wears jewelry. She has several scars, one located on her side that runs from just above the fleur-de-lis tattoo to just behind her right armpit--the result of having to have corrective surgery on her spine as a child.


Ms Cunningham--call me Maddy--is very outgoing. She enjoys getting her fellow NCOs together at the bar for drinks, the holodeck for outdoorsy activities, or anything that gets them together to 'build better professional ties.' Competitive almost to a fault, Ms. Cunningham always pushed her troops harder than the rest--striving to be the elite in an elite branch. It isn't unheard of either: in the course of her several years in the Corps, she has sustained several injuries including several broken bones, sprains, a slipped disk, and a dislocated finger.

Interests: Maddy has always had a healthy interest in sports and physical activity. She also loves to dance and socialize, especially amongst her fellow NCOs in the platoon. She enjoys reading Classical literature when she is in need of her own time away from the demands of everything. One thing that she is not interested in is men... especially their sexual advances. She puts up with them for about as long as they take to piss her off, then she'll just ignore them. Her academic love, though, is--and really has always been--history. Now that she's out of the Corps (something she never planned for) she's scratching up for a new career: that of professor. In order to do this, she needs to get her Master of Arts and so she's headed out to the Delta Quadrant to work on something fresh as opposed to the overdone history of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.



Maddy Cunningham was born on 5 November 2360, and grew up in County Cork, Ireland, the only daughter out of five children for a retired Gunnery Sergeant. While rarely ever excelling at school, she was no moron: she always brought home good marks. What she did excel at was sports--she was always up to doing any sport that she could join, especially football (soccer to those pesky colonials in the United States) and rugby. She tried her hand at lacrosse and Irish-rules football, but she wasn't impressed.


Madeline Cunningham graduated a year early from her secondary schooling, and for a semester attended the University of Dublin. She discovered that she had a calling in the Starfleet Marine Corps after spending a semester with the university's ROTC department. In the course of her service, she did manage to return and receive her degree from the University of Dublin, double majoring in Classics and Military History with a minor in Earth Languages. After her medical discharge from the Marines, she returned again to the University of Dublin to gain her Master of Arts in History, which lead her out to Kepler Station.


Madeline Cunningham walked into a Starfleet Recruiting station on 6 January, 2378, just in time to hear the news of the engagement between the USS ENTERPRISE-E and the Reman Warbird SCIMITAR. Even though she had aced the ASVAB--and her recruiter was pushing hard for her to select a Warp Core Engineer MOS--she followed in her father's footsteps and chose Infantry. Within three days, she was winging her way to South Carolina, home to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island's 4th Training Battalion, the last segregated (and therefore female-only) Basic Training establishment in the Federation.

After graduation (as honor graduate), she again graduated from the top of her class at Infantry school, earning her the right to be recommended for Scout-Sniper school. After that four-week hell, she also attended HALO Airborne school. Once finished, Madeline Cunningham finally reported to a line company. She was medically discharged due to injuries sustained in the line of duty, plaguing her to this day with pain.

Service Record

  • 6JAN 2378: Madeline Cunningham enlists in the SFMC, and is promised the rank of Private, First Class upon completion of Boot Camp.
  • APR 2378: Recruit Cunningham graduates from MCRD Parris Island as Honor Graduate, and receives her promotion to PFC. After ten days of leave spent at home, she reports to Camp Geiger, North Carolina, to the School of Infantry (SoI).
  • MAY 2378: PFC Cunningham is Honor Graduate from the School of Infantry. She is selected to be recommended for further training as a Scout-Sniper and HALO Parachutist before reporting to her first assignment.
  • JUL 2378: PFC Cunningham is ordered to report to the "Hawks" of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, assigned to the 2nd Marine Division at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, as part of the Battalion's Scout-Sniper section.
  • SEPT 2378: PFC Cunningham deploys aboard the USS NATOCHES (NCC 34556), an AKIRA-class assigned to a Marine Enhanced Strike Group (ESG), as part of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable).
  • DEC 2378: During the course of a contested embassy evacuation, PFC Cunningham, above and beyond the call of duty, remains at her weapon and engages targets, allowing several additional shuttlecraft flights to land and evacuate all civilians from the compound. As her actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Naval Service and Marine Traditions, she is awarded the Bronze Star with Valor device.
  • FEB 2379: PFC Cunningham is promoted to Lance Corporal upon completion of the six-month deployment of the 22 MEU(SOC).
  • DEC 2379: L/CPL Cunningham again deploys with 1/7 Marines, this time as part of the 26 MEU(SOC).
  • FEB 2380: L/CPL Cunningham is promoted to Corporal, and given command of one of the Scout-Sniper teams of 26MEU.
  • MAR 2380: CPL Cunningham's sniper element, conducting a covert operation near Breen Space, is accidentally compromised when a young Breen stumbles across their hide. This begins a twelve-hour running firefight, during which the Marines suffer no casualties. After tabbing across nearly 150km of a desert wasteland, the three-man sniper element arrives at the emergency extraction location, seriously dehydrated and with the entire team on the verge of severe hypothermia. CPL Cunningham is awarded the Marine Corps Commendation medal in recognition of her leadership and courage.
  • MAY 2380: CPL Cunningham and the 26MEU return home. CPL Cunningham receives block leave and returns home for twelve days.
  • JUL 2380: CPL Cunningham is sent to SERE School, where she is the first to completely evade all attempts to capture her--until she reports at the end of the exercise with a grin on her face. Recycled, she is detained almost immediately during the Evasion phase (through methods that could only be described as 'cheating'-the instructors simply skipped her evasion exercise) and spends much of her Resistance to Interrogation and Escape phase playing hide-and-go-seek with the instructors. Defiant--but realizing that she's there to learn and not prove a point--CPL Cunningham is found every morning in the guard's break room eating a bowl of oatmeal. After the second round and successful completion of the course, CPL Cunningham is awarded a bronze oak leaf in lieu of a second Marine Corps Commendation medal.
  • AUG 2380: CPL Cunningham reports back to her unit.
  • JAN 2381: CPL Cunningham attends the Basic Non-Commissioned Officers' Course, a requirement for promotion to Sergeant.
  • APR 2381: CPL Cunningham rejoins her unit while they are on deployment as part of the 22MEU.
  • JUN 2381: 22MEU returns home, CPL Cunningham begins taking online professional development courses to enhance her promotion points rating.
  • OCT 2381: During a deployment work-up, CPL Cunningham falls from a Type 11 shuttle into the Atlantic Ocean, breaking her leg and causing a slipped disk. CPL Cunningham spends three months in rehab and physical therapy before being declared fit for duty.
  • JAN 2382: CPL Cunningham returns to the HHC-1/7, and assumes command of the entire Sniper section when the senior sergeant goes on paternity leave.
  • MAR 2382: CPL Cunningham successfully screens for Sergeant, and requests assignment as a Drill Instructor at MCRD Parris Island. Her request is granted and she is ordered to report in late May.
  • MAY 2382: CPL (p) Cunningham participates in Drill Instructor Academy. She graduates second, only because she tripped on the PFT run right in front of the finish line, allowing the man behind her enough time to gain from her mishap.
  • SEPT 2382: CPL Cunningham is promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the first group of new recruits, Series 8291.
  • DEC 2382: SGT Cunningham graduates her first class of recruits, extremely proud of the results, as no one drops out. She also manages to convince several of the young women to change their MOS to 0311, Infantry.
  • JUN 2383: During the pugil sticks training evolution, SGT Cunningham is injured when the Senior Drill Instructor hooks her leg and causes her to land on her coccyx hard enough to break it. SGT Cunningham ignores the pain for nearly two weeks before having to be ordered to report to sick call by the Senior Drill Instructor and it is discovered that the injury is infected. SGT Cunningham is placed on convalescent leave for a further month, missing the graduation of her second Series.
  • AUG 2383: SGT Cunningham requests and is granted permission to attend University of Dublin to finish her coursework.
  • MAY 2385: SGT Cunningham graduates from the University of Dublin and is ordered to report to the Third Marine Division's headquarters, prior to assignment in the most prestigious of all Marine Divisions: those in charge of the Forward Deployed Stations.
  • JUN 2385: SGT Cunningham successfully screens for Staff Sergeant, and receives block leave prior to reporting for duty.
  • AUG 2385: SGT Cunningham, during a deployment work-up, catches a burst from a phaser, aggravating her past spinal injuries. In the light of this, a Medical Review Board recommends a Medical Discharge, under Honorable Circumstances. She is given a meritorious promotion to Staff Sergeant and retired.


Newcomer Award
Mission: Halley's Complaint