Makani Freitas

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Ensign.pngMakani ‘Mike’ Freitas

Mike back in uniform

Rank: Ensign
Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer
Player: Derrick


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2349
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"

Mike is tall and trim. He’s no body builder, but living on and in the oceans has kept him strong. His only distinguishing marks are a small birthmark on his lower back and a scar on his left shoulder blade from a surfing accident in his youth.



When on duty, Mike is professional. He's friendly and supportive, but not pushy or intrusive. He figures if someone needs something from him, they'll ask. As far as his own research is involved, though, he's tenacious. He always has five or six more questions he's wondering about, and will do almost anything to find the answers he needs. He can become involved to the point of obsession if he doesn't have something to snap him out of his research 'trance.'

When he's off-duty, he's much more laid back. He's a bit sarcastic, loves most music, anything involving the beach, cooking, his family, or socializing with friends. He's been a bit less outgoing for the last year or so since the death of Lonus, his husband, but time has been working on healing that particular wound, and he's looking forward to the new challenges and environment to be found on Kepler Station.

In general, he’s a bit of a klutz, honest to a fault, has an insatiable sweet tooth, and never heard a joke he didn’t love.


Mike grew up in the Hawai'ian Islands on Earth. His parents are both scientists. His mother studies the biomimetic properties of marine biomolecules, and his father is a marine geologist working with several of the sub-Pacific cities and research outposts on geothermal layer modeling.

Mike at the beach

He and his brother grew up in, on, and near the ocean almost their entire lives. Mike was generally the 'brains' of the two while Kip was the 'brawn.' His early childhood and education were typical, aside from Kip constantly getting them into trouble and Mike having to talk them back out of it. He did well in school, learned to play piano passably, played a few sports, etc. When he was 14, he realized he was interested in guys the way that Kip was getting interested in girls. The two of them were happy that they'd never end up competing for dates; their parents took a bit longer to come around. He’d never imagined himself living anywhere else, but when his brother decided to join the Marines, Mike started taking a serious look at Starfleet Academy. He decided if Kip could explore the universe, so could he. He joined up and packed off to San Francisco. Like most cadets, it was a move that would change his life.

In his sophomore year, Mike had started focusing on his scientific studies almost to the exclusion of all else. His advisor decided a distraction was needed and ordered him to join at least one intramural team. Mike picked a soccer team and promptly broke his ankle. The doctor who treated him in the emergency room that afternoon was a young Betazoid man named Lonus Drune. The rest of the story of their courtship is one Mike is usually too embarrassed to tell, though Lonus often teased him about it.

They married at the end of Mike’s junior year. Shortly after Mike’s graduation, their son Pili was born, with Lonus’ sister serving as surrogate. The records of Pili’s conception are vague, and that’s another area Mike doesn’t willingly discuss.

The next 14 years were pretty routine. Mike resigned his commission in order to help raise Pili and finish his graduate studies. After earning a Ph.D. in Xenobiology (specializing in marine vertebrates) and certificates in several related areas, he did consulting work for several private companies and taught adjunct courses at SF Academy. Lonus did research, wrote papers, and treated patients with extremely rare disorders. Pili grew.

A little more than a year ago, Lonus was killed in a shuttlepod accident on his way home from a conference. Mike and Pili have been through counseling, been surrounded by supportive family and friends, and have recovered fairly well, but they’ve decided they need a change. Everything around them was reminding them of Lonus, so Mike rejoined Starfleet, they’ve packed up their personal belongings, and they’ve shipped out for Kepler.


Father: Dr. Garrett Freitas
Mother: Dr. Mahina Freitas
Twin Brother (fraternal): 1st Lt. Kekipi ‘Kip’ Freitas, SFMC
Son: Pili Freitas-Drune (15)
Spouse: Dr. Lonus Drune, deceased

Lonus Drune


3 Months with Kepler
18 June - September 2009
Newcomer Award
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
Romance Ribbon
Mission: Rutherford's Fork
6 Months with Kepler
18 June - December 2009