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Maynard's Fright

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A week after their strange arrival, Kepler receives a distress call from SS Dalliance, a civilian transport ship. They claim to have been attacked by a Starfleet vessel and are in dire need of assistance. The XO saddles up Harbinger and goes to help. Meanwhile those on Kepler warily keep watch on Romulan space, because if there is going to be a threat, then that is where it will come from. Right? Ernh! Wrong!

What the hell is that out the viewport...

Mission Log:

0 - Opening - Gregory Blake

  • MD1 0658
  • The command centre informs Gregory that they have received a distress call from a civilian ship claiming to have been attacked by a Starfleet vessel. Gregory passes the buck to his XO and goes back to shagging his holographic wife.

1 - Thomas Stuarde, Sarah Martin

  • MD1 0730
  • With more of sickbay working now, Thomas repeats his physical with a fail in flirting. He grabs a cup of coffee and Sarah runs.

2 - Venice Cade

  • MD1 0820
  • Cade reflects on loves had and lost while hiding from Halley Grayson.

3 - Gregory Blake, Talva Ren, Ayel Hayle, Aaron Ingles, Kennedy Monroe, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD1 0900
  • Crew assembles for a staff meeting with idle chatter... some friendly and some serious.

4 - Sarah Martin, Isis Rae, John Reynolds, Dianna Fabray, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD4 0700
  • Isis arrives in ops only to be redirected to leading an away team. The team assembles at Harbinger's dock, receives their orders, and boards the small craft.

5 - Gregory Blake, Talva Ren, Ayel Hayle, Aaron Ingles, Kennedy Monroe, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD1 0906
  • A staff meeting is called to review the repairs and status of the station.... and Gregory hears the same request over and over again: more crew required.

6 - Gregory Blake, Talva Ren, Ayel Hayle, Aaron Ingles, Kennedy Monroe, Thomas Stuarde

  • MD1 0927
  • As the meeting winds to a close, a new problem presents itself in the form of a replica Kepler hanging around outside.

7 - Thomas Stuarde, T'Raia

  • MD1 0945
  • T'Raia comes by the intel offices to fix the replicators. Thomas grows unnecessarily suspicious of her. Slightly paranoid, is he?

8 - Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD1 0625
  • Fliter makes a journal entry of his early morning thoughts and dietary regime.

9 - Sarah Martin, Kennedy Monroe

  • MD1 0740
  • Sarah reorganized the medical department heirarchy and hands Kennedy more responsibilities.

10 - Dianna Fabray, Kennedy Monroe

  • MD7 0900 (one week ago)
  • Dianna reports for a counseling session. She expresses her discomfort in social settings and Kennedy offers to help her.

11 - Andre Stormgald, Shivani Vilina

  • MD1 0650 - Dalliance
  • Andre's ship is under attack by a Starfleet vessel. He puts a call out for help and runs over to engineering to help out.

12 - Sarah Martin, Halley Grayson

  • MD1 1000 - Harbinger
  • Sarah and Halley have the ward room converted to a "functioning" sickbay. They philosophize on the merits of working in deep space.

13 - Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 0925
  • The influx of work never ebbs for any staff of the engineering department. Top that off with an even larger problem and mucho coffee will be needed.

14 - Talva Ren, T'Raia

  • MD1
  • Talva enters engineering looking for a status update. T'Raia begins to answer and Talva has a fit that the shields aren't up to 100%. They banter, and T'Raia suggests that Talva get to work.

15 - Catherine Sawyer

  • (about 3-4 days ago) - T'Lana
  • Catherine studies Kepler out the window of her quarters, mentally preparing for a move while her superior stirs in bed. He's ready for some action; she's ready to move on. Catherine makes her decision clear.

16 - Catherine Sawyer, Talva Ren

  • MD1 0945
  • Continuing from post #13, Catherine reports to engineering and is assigned to look over the station's sensors. But first, introductions are made between the duo, and it's not the most congenial meeting of two people.

17 - Sarah Martin, John Reynolds

  • MD1 1050
  • John make "a wrong turn" and finds himself stumbling over conversation with Sarah once again. Despite their animosity for one another, they make an effort to be descent people and their tummies decide on a late pancake breakfast.

18 - Phillip Sheridan

  • MD1
  • Phillip's personal log expresses unease with 24th century technology and his ability to help fix it.

19 - Catherine Saywer, T'Raia

  • MD1 0950
  • Catherine crosses paths with T'Raia outside of engineering plans are set to get shields to optimum ahead of schedule.

20 - Talva Ren

  • MD1 1000
  • Talva stews over his encounter with T'Raia. He also decides humans who like coffee are delusional. He then calls on the one person on Kepler who is the most delusional of them all: Cade.

21 - Isis Rae

  • MD1 1511 - Harbinger
  • The Harbinger approaches the scene of the distress call to find one ship crippled and the other ship... behaving oddly?

22 - Kennedy Monroe, Zoey Thomas

  • Several days ago
  • Zoey is acting strangely and Kennedy tries to help her.

23 - Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 1004
  • Catherine sets her team to new work assignments.

24 - Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 1010
  • Noting an increase in communications traffic, Catherine sends a report to Thomas Stuarde offering to look into the details further upon his request. She also sends a report to Talva Ren which includes the results of the sensor diagnostic.

25 - Thomas Stuarde, Aaron Ingles

  • MD1 1030
  • Thomas, Aaron, and a security officer by the name of Fox board a shuttle and head out to investigate the duplicate Kepler station.

26 - Venice Cade, Talva Ren

  • MD1 1000
  • Talva and Cade discuss taking a space walk out to visually inspect the sensor array. Neither one seems excited by the idea.

27 - Dianna Fabray, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD1 0900 - USS Harbinger
  • Filter offers Dianna some bootlegged software upgrades to make the ship run smoother.

28 - John Reynolds, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD1 prior to post #27 - USS Harbinger
  • Filter reviews the ship's specs and decides they're not good enough and consults with John to check into doing something about it. John replies that, since they are on their way already, now isn't exactly the time to requisition supplies from Kepler.

29 - Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 1030
  • Catherine performs daily maintenance on the computer system's backup drive and as she returns from that task, she starts to ponder the duplicate Kepler in more depth. The duplicate's lack of (technobabble) causes Catherine to conclude: Interesting.

30 - Dex Maidali

  • MD1 1420 - USS Hippocrates
  • Craziness has broken out on Hippocrates. Dex heads to Sickbay to consult with the medical staff over a cure, but they're all slaughtered by an insane Cardassian. She concludes that a message requesting outside help needs to go out.

31 - Dex Maidali, Eva Blake

  • MD1 - USS Hippocrates
  • Dex meets Eva in the jefferies tubes. They team up in order to attempt getting a distress call out.

32 - Thomas Stuarde, Aaron Ingles, Gregory Blake

  • MD1 1100 - Kepler's Runabout
  • Initial scans of the duplicate station reveal nothing "unusual." Thomas and Aaron prepare to board it.

33 - Sarah Martin, Isis Rae, John Reynolds, Dianna Fabray, Filter Metta B'exar, Halley Grayson

  • MD1 1210 - USS Harbinger
  • Help is on the way! Sarah and Filter will go to the Dalliance to offer aide while Halley awaits the transport of patients on Harbinger. Dianna will help with the transporters while John tries to figure out a way to break onto Hippocrates.

34 - Phillip Sheridan, Violet Matthews

  • MD1 0910
  • Phillip's appetite draws him to the Treehouse Lounge, Violet's work shift draws her to the same locale (only, a bit late). Friendly conversation ensues.

35 - Sarah Martin, Filter Metta B'exar, Halley Grayson, Crew of Dalliance (played by Isis Rae)

  • MD1 1230 - Dalliance
  • Sarah and Filter beam onto Dalliance. Greeted by an irritated crew, Sarah manages to convince the ship's Doctor that they are there to help, which is good since Doc Joe can't get access to his medical bay at the moment. Filter wants to shoot everybody and thinks the Dalliance crew is panicked. Dalliance: 2 DOA, 1 major injury, 7 pissed off (but conscious) crew.

36 - Dex Maidali, Eva Blake

  • MD1 - USS Hippocrates
  • Dex and Eva detour from their route to the bridge in order to visit a holodeck. Eva is confident that she'll be able to accomplish their goals from there.

37 - Sarah Martin, Halley Grayson

  • MD1 1320 - USS Harbinger
  • Sarah and Halley remove the pylon shard from Andre's leg

38 - Thomas Stuarde, Aaron Ingles, Fox (played by Dex Maidali)

  • MD1 1100 - Duplicate Kepler
  • The away team boards the duplicate station. They find plants and terminals and rooms and cooricors - but it doesn't add up to actually being Kepler.

39 - Sarah Martin, Isis Rae, John Reynolds, Dex Maidali

  • MD1 - USS Harbinger
  • Dex sends out a distress call from Hippocrates. John still can't get access to Hippocrates' computers in order to send a boarding team. Isis opts to begin towing the ship away rather than just sit around and twiddle her thumbs.

40 - Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 1100
  • A momentary glimpse into Catherine's past shows her in trouble for what she is about to do again. Running a program (technobabble), Henrie Waycaster discusses the lack of computer network readings coming from the duplicate Kepler.

41 - Sarah Martin, John Reynolds

  • MD1 1345 - USS Harbinger
  • Sarah absconds with John in order to plot a way onto Hippocrates.

42 - Thomas Stuarde, John Reynolds

  • MD1 1045 - Duplicate Kepler
  • As the shuttle prepares to dock with the duplicate station, Thomas recalls a conversation with John from the night before.

43 - Dalliance crew, Isis Rae

  • MD1 1345 - SS Dalliance/USS Harbinger
  • On the Dalliance, repairs are estimated for another two hours before they can limp away. On Harbinger, computer systems cascade into non-operational.

44 - Sarah Martin, John Reynolds, Eva Blake

  • MD1 1400 - USS Harbinger
  • John and Sarah place a call to the Hippocrates, hoping to contact Dex. They reach Eva however, and conspire to drop the shields so they can beam over and help.

45 - Thomas Stuarde, Aaron Ingles

  • MD1 1230 - Duplicate Kepler
  • Finding Engineering in a similar set-up to the original, the energy reactor appears to be alive. Aaron takes a sample of the station's "blood;" the station doesn't like it and they have to beam back to the runabout.

46 - Thomas Stuarde, Gregory Blake

  • MD1 1330
  • Thomas reports his findings about the duplicate Kepler to Gregory.

47 - Sarah Martin, Isis Rae, John Reynolds

  • MD1 1400 - USS Harbinger
  • Sarah wants to go to the Hippocrates, Isis finally relents and has the doctor take two security officers.

48 - Sarah Martin, John Reynolds, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD1 1420 - USS Hippocrates
  • Sarah gains control of Sickbay and the ship through Sickbay. The trio develop a plan to confirm their control.

49 - John Reynolds

  • MD1 1428 - USS Hippocrates
  • John transports to near the environmental controls in order to release some gas into the air systems. He's greeted by a crew member and gets into a tough fight.

50 - Sarah Martin, Eva Blake, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD1 1445 - USS Hippocrates
  • Sarah begins looking into the symptoms of the Hippocrates' disease when Eva enters, carried by an Engineering hologram. Sarah has learned the disease is transmitted by touch.

51 - Isis Rae, Gregory Blake, Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 1410 - USS Harbinger, Kepler Station
  • Isis calls the station to report her situation to Gregory and asks for help. He transfers her to Catherine who helps reset the Harbinger's computers back to a working condition.

52 - Sarah Martin, Eva Blake, Halley Grayson, Filter Metta B'exar

  • MD1 1505 - USS Hippocrates
  • Sarah contacts Halley for a consult. He suggests drugs and Sarah decides it's polywater contamination.

53 - Kennedy Monroe

  • MD1 1530
  • Kennedy reviews Zoey's psych profile and contemplates how the woman ever received a degree to be a shrink.

54 - Catherine Sawyer

  • MD1 1430
  • Catherine takes a break for lunch and can't stop thinking about the duplicate Kepler.

55 - John Reynolds, Dex Maidali

  • MD1 1435 - USS Hippocrates
  • John runs into Dex on his way to environmental. Dex offers her assistance.

56 - Thomas Stuarde, Gregory Blake, Phillip Sheridan

  • MD1 1400
  • Phillip is sent to the intel office to help Thomas with trying to communicate with the duplicate station.

57 - Sarah Martin, Eva Blake, John Reynolds, Filter Metta B'exar, Dex Maidali

  • MD1 1530
  • John returns to sickbay with Dex. Infected, he shares his intoxication by falling into Sarah's arms.

58 - Catherine Sawyer, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD1
  • Catherine is called to sciences to help fix a piece of technology and is drawn into the mystery that is the duplicate Kepler's state of aliveness.

59 - Kennedy Monroe, Talva Ren

  • MD1 1015
  • Talva enters sickbay looking for assistance with his fear for EVA work. Kennedy flirts with Talva and gives him meds and an offer to be his moral support.
  • Note: Harbinger hasn't come across "casualties" at 1015, sickbay shouldn't be in a flurry. Also, the medical staff is fairly minimal in numbers at this point

60 - Thomas Stuarde, Phillip Sheridan, Catherine Sawyer, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD1 1500
  • While Thomas and Phillip try to communicate with the duplicate Kepler in multiple languages, Fenella arrives in Ops to spread the news that the station's a plant.

61 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin, Dex Maidali, Filter Metta Bexar

  • MD1 1550 - USS Hippocrates
  • Everyone on the Hippocrates is infected except for Filter. Dex and Filter are tasked with heading to Engineering to lock the ship down better. Sarah and John want him to wear a protective suit, Filter's afraid it will take away his sense of style... or mobility.

62 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin, Eva Blake Listed but not involved Dex Maidali, Filter Metta Bexar,

  • MD1 1601 - USS Hippocrates
  • Sarah repair John's injuries. His state of mind turns toward the bedroom. Eva offers to share him (since her mind is always in the bedroom - or any place else which could be considered convenient for sex) and Sarah declines, which is an invitation to John for him to kiss her.

63 - Halley Grayson, Doc Joe and associates (played by Isis Rae)

  • MD1 1415 - USS Harbinger
  • A call from the Dalliance adds a patient to Harbinger's make-shift sickbay. Concern grows for the remainder of the crew and Doc Joe arranges to have them all brought aboard.

64 - Filter Metta Bexar, Dex Maidali

  • MD1 1615 - USS Hippocrates
  • Dex and Filter arrive in Engineering. While he suits up, Dex passes out, so he shoots her for good measure then fires up the engine and sets a course for Kepler.

65 - John Reynolds, Sarah Martin, Eva Blake, Halley Grayson, Filter Metta Bexar

  • MD1 - USS Hippocrates (mostly)
  • Sarah has John yell at Filter to stop the ship. Filter is certain he is the only sane one left on the ship and does not see the logic in stopping and doesn't. John and Sarah flirt more while Eva remains partially clothed.

66 - Catherine Sawyer, Gregory Blake, Thomas Stuarde, Phillip Sheridan, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD1
  • A contingent reports to Gregory's office and reports about the giant plant. Thomas wants to stimulate it (in the negative sense).

67 - Diana Fabray

  • MD1 1600 - USS Harbinger
  • Diana is confronted with the guilt of having installed bootlegged software that created problems on the Harbinger.

68 - Filter Metta Bexar

  • MD4 (?) 0625
  • Filter wakes with a start and decides to shower. While in the shower, he falls down. He begins self-diagnosis of his problem by looking at his family history of medical files, but then decides he's only stressed out and there's nothing to worry about.

69 - Isis Rae, Halley Grayson

  • MD1 1620 - USS Harbinger
  • Halley reports to Isis regarding the situation on the Hippocrates. Isis is upset, but before things get better, they get worse and Shepherd reports the Hippocrates has gone to warp.

70 - Gregory Blake, Isis Rae

  • MD1 1625 - USS Harbinger
  • Bigger emergency, Isis calls Gregory to report she's lost control of the Hippocrates team.

71 - John Reynolds, Isis Rae

  • MD1 1640 - USS Hippocrates / USS Harbinger
  • As John struggles with the new feelings Sarah has brought to the surface, on top of the side effects from the polywater, he attempts to fill Isis in on what is happening aboard the Hippocrates.

72 - Marco, Halley Grayson, Sarah Martin, John Reynolds, Eva Blake

  • MD1 1730 - USS Hippocrates
  • With the help of Marco the hologram, a cure is created and ready to be administered.

73 - Sarah Martin, (crewman), John Reynolds, Marco, Isis Rae

  • MD2 0130 - USS Hippocrates
  • With the cure being circulated around the ship, John suggests that Sarah try and rest while he fills in the Commander. He puts in a good word for Dex in the hopes of having her join his team.

74 - John Reynolds, Dex Maidali

  • MD2 0145 - USS Hippocrates
  • John checks in on Dex as she recovers in Sickbay.

75 - Sarah Martin

  • MD2
  • Sarah files her report regarding the situation on the Hippocrates.

76 - Catherine Sawyer, Thomas Stuarde, Phillip Sheridan, Fenella Zuribel

  • MD1
  • Thomas tries to wrangle the scientists before they set out in the Runabouts to deal with the giant plant.