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The Medical Department is responsible for the complete well-being of the crew and the station's civilian population. It provides physical and mental health advice to any individual who requests it, or as appropriate. Preventative Medicine is the primary focus of the current Medical Department. Medical Officers seek to prevent illness or injury by monitoring the crew's health and conditioning, via regular checkups and physicals. They also conduct xenobiological research, a specialty of the current medical officer, Lt. Liesel O'Brien.

When deaths occur, the Medical Department is also responsible for performing autopsies, determining cause of death. Those findings must be reported to the Command Team and to the Chief Medical Examiner (Pathologist) and Surgeon General of the Fleet.

Sickbay on a Regula One Station is in Module A, Deck 25. Medical offices are also located there. Sickbay information is found at that link.

The Chief Medical Officer is the head of the department is in charge of the medical staff, Sickbay, and monitoring the crew's physical fitness. Dr. O'Brien is a medical doctor and a psychiatrist. The CMO also has medical authority to relieve any officer or crewman from duty, including the Commanding Officer, if she determines the individual to be medically unfit.

The Counselor is responsible for the mental health of the crew and the civilians on station. Trained in psychology or psychiatry, the Counselor advises and treats crew members with personal, psychological and emotional problems. He or she may also provide advice to the Commanding Officer in diplomatic exchanges. Like the Chief Medical Officer, the Counselor has medical authority to relieve any officer or crewman from duty, including the Commanding Officer, if she or he determines the individual to be mentally unfit.

A Nurse is a medical professional who provides physical health care to the crew and civilians. He or she may perform physicals, triage, repair superficial injuries, and administer some medications. Unlike medical doctors, Nurses are not surgically trained.

A Medic is an individual trained to provide basic and emergency first aid care, especially in combat or on away missions. A Medic may also serve in another position and be called upon only in emergency situations.

Departmental Numbers

  • Officers: 1
  • Enlisted: 42
  • Civilian: 5

Special thanks to Elisa of the USS Archimedes for the original department and position descriptions, undergoing modifications as Kepler advances.