Michael Harris

From Station

Lieutenant.pngMichael Harris


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Player: Greg


Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2352(33yo)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'0"

Michael is a man that puts himself out well to most that he runs into. He takes care of his appearance and is usually immaculately groomed. Brown hair crowns his head and has a defined part to the right. A smile can usually be found on his lips, and a mischievous glint is often lurking in his blue eyes. He has a flawless medium complexion, and maintains a lean semi-muscled build of someone who takes care of himself.


If there is one word that can describe Michael in most moments, it is irreverent. He has a ready smile in most situations, and a quick wit. He has a weakness for moments where some sort of prank can be pulled on someone, and usually has to reign himself in before he goes too wild. As a doctor he tries to keep the mood light for his patients, but when the chips are down he is all business and an absolute machine in an emergency. So long as the job gets done and people are safe, he is fairly laid back and easy to be around. When someone starts threatening a patient’s well being though, he can be rather harsh and even vindictive.



Harris was born to a rather regular run of the mill family on earth. Both of his parents were historians, his father a field man, while his mother was more of a research oriented member of the academic world. Michael was the first child that was born to the family, and it was not long before a little girl, and then yet another boy would have been added to the mix. As the family grew larger, Michael’s mother took a more at home approach to her work, and even looked at outside help taking care of the children so that she could keep working in some fashion.

From early on, it was obvious that Michael had nothing short of a prodigious intellect. He would read and absorb anything he could get his claws on. From there one might expect that he could have gone one of two paths. Either he could have lived up to his potential, or he could have generally squandered his gifts. Michael went the latter route. Since academic life came so easily to him, Michael actually paid no attention to it at one point in his life. He slept through most of his classes in school, never really paid attention or even took any notes about what was going on, and yet he still managed to maintain a rather impressive grade regardless.

It was not until he was almost finished his schooling that things became different for Michael to a degree. His younger brother, whom he loved most of all in the family, died in a tragic accident. All the work that the doctors could do could not bring his brother back around, and he died in the operating room. It was an important moment for Harris as it made him want to get into medicine and try to do what the others might not have been good enough to do.

Harris aimed for the brass ring and applied to Star Fleet Academy. This was done not only for shock factor for elements of his family that thought that he would never amount to anything because of his wasted potential, but he also figured that it was where he would have been able to get the best training possible to be the best doctor possible. It worked, to a degree. Again the academic portions of life in medical training and in the academy more or less put him to sleep. Where he shone though was where he had to use his hands. It was fairly obvious that he would be a decent surgeon, if only he could be kept awake long enough to learn anything.


It was one of the medical Academy staff that came up with a rather different idea in terms of trying to get the most out of Michael. It was put forward that maybe Michael should continue his ‘training’ in a field medical unit. The thought was that the constant change of scenery, and various medical procedures he would need to master to get the job done on the fly out in a field unit would probably do Harris well. It was accepted, and he was posted out immediately to a field medical division.

The staff of the unit was not too happy to be ‘holding the hand’ of some newbie that had not earned their bones yet. In a fashion though, it was not long before Harris would come into his own. The constant flow of patients in various places and also various hot spots, meant Michael was constantly challenged. His light hearted demeanour irked his higher ups, but the speed and precision that he moved while performing surgery was nothing short of astounding to watch.

Even after finishing his ‘official schooling’, Michael Harris remained with the field medical teams and the next seven years of his career moved him from one hot spot to another, or even from one mass casualty situation to another. Most of the time they didn’t have all of the equipment that they might have wanted, but Harris managed in the shake and bake environment he was thrown into. After having been in the ‘field’ for what Star Fleet Medical deemed too long, Harris was pulled off the field medical teams and serious thought was given as to what should be done with him. The eventual decision was that he should be removed from a front line environment for a while. So he was sent to Kepler station as the head of surgery there.


Newcomer Award
Mission: Halley's Complaint
3 Months with Kepler
21 September - December 2009