Miles Santori

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Blank.pngMiles Santori (PNPC)

The Crazy Ei8hts Lounge

Rank: Civilian
Position: Owner and Bartender of the Crazy Ei8hts Lounge
Player: Alex


Species: Sigma Iotian
Gender: Male
Born: 31 October 2365 (21 yrs)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180lbs

Miles is your typical guido from the planet of mobsters known as Sigma Lotia II. His hair is dark but buzzed low and he is a generally muscular young man. He is covered with several tattoos and he keeps his skin tone evenly tanned. He smiles a lot for a guido and articulates his words with hand gestures to put the right emphasis on the subject.


Miles Santori
Miles is a listener, a useful trait for a barkeep. He is the whiskey bar wise man who lends a kind ear to the sob stories and tall tales of his mostly inebriated patrons. He prescribes the appropriate prescription for the appropriate malady, be it Scotch for the scorn lover, Andorian Ale for those that want to be left all alone, or Saurian Brandy for the sensibly bold. He is a confident man who puts on the airs of a guy that has been around the block and back.


Spending his youth as the unfavored youngest son of a crooked cop in Sigma Lotia II's capitol city, Miles became jaded quickly. At the age of nine, he was getting into street side trouble and having his pops pull his chestnuts out of the fire. By the age of fourteen, he was chest deep in the entry level business of the local Famiglia. A rough patch of luck had him running from his homeland before he turned eighteen and since then, he has been wandering the Quadrants. Hopping from transport to transport, working as a laborer on the shipping lanes, Miles spent a some time collecting stories and a few proud scars. Settling down in 2386 on Kepler Station, he finally collected enough cred to settle down and set up a small shop, called the Crazy Ei8hts Lounge just in time for its strange shunt through time and space into the Beta Quadrant. After lean times, it happened again, this time depositing them in the Expanse. Deeply invested and with nowhere else to go, Miles is looking for something special to make of his business.


Miles Santori
Father: Vincent Santori

Mother: Loretta Santori nee Cagula
Other: Michelangelo Santori (Older Brother), Mia Santori (Younger Sister)