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A movie (also film or motion picture) is an artistic form of entertainment, popular on various worlds in similar forms. Throughout the 20th, 21st and 22nd centuries movies were typically viewed in movie theatres, but were also available for home viewing on a television. The Denobulans were said to have had something similar to films and television centuries ago, but gave it up when they decided their real lives were much more interesting.

Aisha par'Mach

(KS16: Maxwell's Dozen)

A 23rd century romance about forbidden love between two teens who literally come from different worlds; M'Rena is the daughter of an old fashioned Klingon warrior and Satav is the son of a Vulcan diplomat. Can the couple triumph over adversity and live happily ever after? The title Aisha par'Mach is derived from both the Vulcan and Klingon words for love.

Bride of Chaotica, The

(VOY: Bride of Chaotica!)

Perhaps the most well known of the 1930's science fiction B-movies to feature Captain Proton, "scourge of intergalactic evil", the movie focused on the romance between Doctor Chaotica and Queen Arachnia, who were constantly shifting between love and an attempt to kill the other, as they try once again to conquer the planet Earth and rid themselves of Captain Proton.

Other Captain Proton Movies

  • Captain Proton Vs. the RoboZombies

Dixon Hill and the Black Orchid

(ENT: Congenitor)

Based on the novel of the same name by author Tracy Tormé, Dixon Hill and the Black Orchid follows private detective Dixon Hill as he traverses the mean streets of 1940's San Francisco. Praised for its authenticity and careful adherence to the source material, the movie is still popular to this day and was likely the inspiration for the Broht & Forrester holonovels.

Holding Axanar

(KS22: Lewis' Bond)

A retelling of the famous Battle of Axanar which occurred in 2251 during the Four Years War.

Main Cast

  • Captain Kelvar Garth | Steve Inhat


Sometimes referred to as a Serialised Holonovel despite being made solely for viewing purposes rather than participation, this form of entertainment is common among many species.

Boomer Diaries, The

(TNG Novel: Greater Than The Sum)

Set near the beginning of the warp-5 era in the mid 22nd century, The Boomer Diaries follows those early pioneers of Earth's deep-space exploration utilising a soap opera format. The later seasons of the narrative were considered inferior to the earlier ones, given the contrivances of the storylines, and the difficulty of maintaining a sense of isolation with the passage of time.

Main Cast

  • Vallejo

  • Dirani

Illuminating the City of Light

(ST Novel: Articles of the Federation)

Hosted by Velisa, Illuminating the City of Light is a show produced by the Federation News Service which sees guests from in and around the political landscape of the Federation interviewed regarding their opinions on current events affecting the UFP.

Jurassic Starship Fossil Guardians

(KS15: The Cabinet of Doctor Cuvier)

Created in 2369, the series follows the various adventures of five Federation teens who must fight against a reawakened evil... 170 million years earlier, an epic battle was fought on the sacred grounds of the Temple of the Ancients between Tyro, crowned Prince of the Jurassic Bandarian Empire, and the evil sorceress, Millenia the Time Witch. Standing with their prince in the final moments of their once proud empire are the last of the Bandar warriors, known as the Fossil Guardians. But even with their combined powers and the aid of the legendary Sword of Ages, Millenia is a force to be reckoned with. She seeks to gain control of Bandar and with it, bring about her own 'Endless Millenium'.

The Fossil Guardians know that in their weakened state they would not be unable to defeat the sorceress so instead they decided to give her what she wanted; "If you want Bandar, you will stay here forever, trapped within Time itself!" - Tyro. Summoning the immense power of the Sword of Ages to turn her magic back on her, Tyro and his Guardians trapped Millenia within a frozen moment, contained inside a metal seal in the remains of the destroyed temple.

Where she would remain until a class field trip brings five teenagers to the site of the ancient temple. Discovering the seal amongst the rubble, they unearth it and unwittingly free Millenia from her prison. Demanding that the five youths pledge themselves to her she becomes enraged at their refusal and instantly strikes at them. Before she can do any real damage, an intense glowing light repels her and forces her to flee in the form of an alien bird. The light then takes on the form of Tyro and reveals that his physical form has decayed and only his consciousness remains. After explaining the danger Millenia poses, the prince recruits the teens in his quest to stop her from causing the same destruction to the worlds of the Federation that she did to Bandar and hundreds of others. To achieve this, Tyro grants them the powers and weapons of his Fossil Guardians.

Main Cast

  • Prince Tyro | Astral Advisor

  • Millenia the Time Witch | Evil Sorceress

  • Old Man Lawson | Archaeology Expert

  • Ptery Dactyl | Fossil Red, Leader

  • Cera Topp | Fossil Pink

  • Veloss Repétor | Fossil Black

  • S'Teg | Fossil Yellow

  • Brach O’Soor | Fossil Blue

Shrevan zh'Laikan

(KS19.1: Nora and Judith's Excellent Adventure)

Twelve year-old Shrevan zh'Laikan was just your average, happy-go-lucky girl living with her parents in the capital city of Laibok when she accidentally discovers an ancient relic during a school trip to the city library. The relic belonged to 19th century Queen, Thalisar the Last and grants Shrevan access to a wealth of magical abilities and a claim to the Empty Throne. Hoping to make a better life for her family, the young girl is eager to take on the mantle of princess until she learns that there are some on Andoria who will stop at nothing to make sure that doesn't happen. With the aid of the spirit of Thalisar herself, and a mystical zabathu named Zaba, young Shrevan takes on the secret identity of singer/crime fighter the Ice Princess and sets out on a journey to stop her enemies and bring peace to her new kingdom.

In the climactic final episode of the first series, Shrevan and her friends battle the forces of Queen B'Reel, a powerful sorceress and self-proclaimed heir to the Empty Throne. One by one her friends fall leaving the young heroine to face the greatest challenge of her life (KS22.1: Graduation Day).

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