Much Ado About Nelwas

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Much Ado About Nelwas

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New information has been brought to light, by the Romulan intelligence operative known as Ilia, which reveals that Nelwas somehow survived the asteroid collision months ago, and was in fact been held against his will in a Ferengi institution all this time. With supposed philanthropic motivations behind revealing this information, Ilia provides a dossier on a Federation scientist turned defector, named Doctor Heinrich Baumgärtner, and a family who are being held under 'protective custody'.

Bypassing as much red tape as possible, and calling in the last of his favours, Captain Nikolas G. Bakyr manages to arrange an unofficial transfer of custody for the family to Lieutenant Maya Takagi. Setting out with a small team aboard the former pirate vessel Vengeance, the plan is to deliver the family members to Ilia in exchange for the necessary details to perform a rescue.

Chronological Mission Log

Mission Day 1 | 11th July, 2387

Mission Day 3 | 15th July, 2387

Mission Day 5 | 15th July, 2387

Mission Day 6 | 16th July, 2387