Natasha Wellington

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Second-Lieutenant.pngNatasha Wellington


Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Position: Marine Fighter Pilot
Player: Other Shawn


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: March 23, 2360
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4'7"

Natasha is lean and trim, and her small stature hides her agility and strength. Years of conditioning for cross-country track have smoothed and toned the young woman into a sculpted form. Her ebony skin is a light mocha, and her eyes are a deep, deep brown. Her chocolate tresses flow wavily down to her mid-back when not tied tightly in it's usual regulatory bun. Her uniforms are crisp and clean, and she looks the part of a Marine Officer despite her diminutive size.


Natasha is a Marine's Marine. True to the Corps, as most Marines are, she bleeds green through and through. Not the stereotypical grunt, Natasha can be keen on her feminine side and has a rather sweet disposition. Impetuous at heart, her sometimes brash decisions have landed her periodically in the hot-seat. She is sensative about her family, but is very close to her remaining brother SSgt Duncan Wellington.


Born in London, England, Natasha's family was every bit a Marine family. Her father, Major Damien Wellington, was a Flight Leader on the USS Grandstorm, and her three older brothers (Duncan, Tyler, and Adrian) were all in the Corps throughout the Federation. Being the only girl of four children, Natasha was rather doted on by her father, and her brothers were fiercely protective of her while growing up. Growing up in a Marine family was rather rough, despite being the doted daughter that she was. Her father was strict on many levels, and carried many of the Corps ideals into his family life. His sons were to be Marines, but Natasha was absolutely not to be. He had far better plans for her - marry a Marine Officer, have children, and live happy planetside. That would have been perfect, if only Natasha shared the same desires. Having grown up in a Marine household Natasha wanted nothing more than to enlist in the Corps and carry on the family tradition. This certainly put her at temporary odds with her father, but of course that did not hold her back.

Tensions grew as the Dominion War approached and bloomed into the terrible confrontation that it was, and that caused equal tension at the Wellington household. Now fifteen, Natasha was keen to look into enlisting in the Corps, though she still had several years before she could properly do so. Her brothers all had enlisted and moved on to be Marines, and she was left behind with her mother to finish up school. The conflicts played constantly on the news feeds, and anxiety reigned as the two females heard little from their family members, and only gruesome details from the telecasts. One evening the news brought frightening news - a major skirmish had occured on a border sector and there were a great many of casulties. Natasha had been watching, and to her horror she recognized two of the dozen Marine regiments that had suffered great losses, and one of the Fighter wings which had suffered an almost total loss. Horror spread through the house, as she and her mother waited with tear-streaked faces for any type of notification. None came, not even a comm message to say things were alright.

A week had passed without a single word from any of the boys are the Major and it was a horrid week for Natasha. She was grief-striken and ill with the lack of news. One evening, however, that changed. A shadow of a man approached their modest home one dreary evening wearing green Marine dress and two envelopes. The knock on the door startled the women, and with a flurry they flew to the door to throw it open. They gasped as they saw him - the Major stood alone and hallowed with red eyes and mourning frown. His news was swift and dreadful - Adrian and Tyler were dead. Duncan had been in a completely different sector across the quadrant and hadn't even seen the fight. The Major's entire wing had been decimated in the same skirmish, and he had been the only one to limp his fighter back to the carrier. His news delivered, the Major collapsed and entered an almost comatose state that lasted the better part of a month.

The news hit the women hard, but it was obvious the Major took it the worst. He was a Marine, but something had happened to him during the conflict. Maybe it had been the fighting, or maybe it had been the loss of his sons - whatever it had been, it made the man snap. He was now on a leave from the Corps pending a psychaitric review stemming from his obvious trauma relating to the incident. The Dominion War had ended a year later, but the Major was no better. Meetings and counseling could not crack the man, and only seemed to push him further into his approaching delirious state. Honerably discharged, the family survived on a pension rather well despite the Major's now formidable binge drinking habits. Anger and fighting broke out in the household, bringing a new conflict into their lives. Duncan, now a Staff Sergeant, resented his father's state and fought constantly with the man to get help for his brooding issues. Natasha's mother pleaded with the man to seek help so that their family could move on and be happy once again. The tensions grew to a breaking point on a stereotypical raining evening at the household.

Natasha had just come to graduate high school when the Major's alcohol induced rages came to an ultimate climax. A terrible fight broke out in the Wellington household, of which the end resulted in the rather brutal slaying of Marie Wellington at the hands of the Major. The next few months were rather a blur for Natasha - her father was found rather incompetant by a tribunal, and institutionalized in a Federation facility. Natasha never saw him after the night everything had happened. She moved in with her brother Duncan at his Barracks until she could enlist herself in the Corps, which she did.

Her Basic was quick, at least in her mind. Despite everything that had happened to the girl, Natasha had retained her rather sweet disposition. She had little trouble gaining the interest of her immediate supervisors, and when the time came for her to apply for the Federation Academy she got in with little trouble. Several rather quick years passed, and she found herself graduating Flight School in the top 10% of her class - something she was very proud of. After graduating and receiving her commission, Natasha stayed with her brother at his Barracks before finally getting shipped off to her first new assignment.

Service Record

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Father: Major Damien Wellington - Incarcerated / Institutionalized

Mother: Marie Wellington - Deceased


Staff Sergeant Duncan Wellington
Lance Corporal Tyler Malcolm Wellington - Deceased - Assumed KIA / MIA
Lance Corporal Adrian Miles Wellington - Deceased - KIA


Newcomer Award