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Rank: Civilian
Position: Ferengi Merchant
Player: Andi


Species: Ferengi
Gender: Male
Born: (60 years old)
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"


Nelwas is highly social, seeing an opportunity in every relationship.

He can sell anyone anything, or convince them to sell anything to him. A consumate wheeler and dealer, he has a zest for life and fine things.

Less strict about the Ferengi rules of acquisition, he is unpredictable in his dealings.


Formerly a very powerful fixer and fence in the underworld crime base Mikalovich Station, Nelwas lost everything he owned in a deal gone bad between Starfleet and Romulan intelligence operatives.

Little else is known about him.

Fortunes have come and gone many times in his life, and he knows how to pick up the pieces, and turn pain into profit.

Service Record

2386 - Present: Owner, Emporium, Ditondo Spirits, and 1 kiosk on Kepler station.




Friendship Ribbon
Mission: A Tiny Oversight
Cosmic Stripe
Mission: Faradays Gone By (Reduced to 18 years-old)
Friendship Ribbon
Mission: Boy Who Cried Wolf