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Kepler Newsletter #1: 4 April 2009

Report From The Centre Chair

Welcome to our first irregular newsletter. This nifty newsletter will include such helpful information as comings and goings, awards, mission summary, to do lists and more! You also have to put up with me waffling a bit at the beginning of each newsletter but meh, you should be used to it by now.

I want to thank everyone for all the manic posting we've been doing since we started. But please don't feel like we need to post that much that quickly. We're traveling at breakneck speeds and I don't want anyone suffering from sim burnout (especially me). For those already exhausted and worried, I've found that sims tend to quiet down after the manic startup (hopefully not too much!) and settle into a fairly steady groove. So please, hang in there.

Several people have commented that we have an amazing group of talented writers and they can't understand how we've all managed to find each other. I have no idea how we found each other either, I'm just glad we did. I really enjoy writing with quality writers. You're all more imaginative, flexible and into exploring your characters and creating interpersonal relationships. And you know you've got good writers when people aren't afraid to have their characters dislike others and help create friction and tension. I hate cookie cutter officers with a passion, and I'm glad we don't have any here.

Ok enough with the waffle! We got awards to give out :D

Tally ho...

Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


Welcome to everyone!


Congrats to Lieutenant David Roberts on his promotion. (note to Mitchel, he didn't sleep with the CO... yet...)



Recipients of the Newcomer Award:


Recipient of the NPC Award:

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Recipient of Captain's Choice:


Players' Choice:

Mission Summary Report: Mission 1: "Darwin's Malady

The Tiddloffs are coming! We have no idea who these beings of the Delta Quadrant are but they're coming. Other fun filled activities on Kepler include a murder mystery, a real whodunnit with a candlestick in the Jazz & Orchids lounge. And holy borgsicles! We've just found a real live (see deactivated) Borg in one of our science storage stasis chambers.

This will not end well...

Mission To Do List

  • Tiddleoffs are coming in 24 hours. This will affect the fighters for ship escort, marines as VIP bodyguards, Ambassador / CO / XO / yeoman, and any others
  • Murder mystery. This is being led by Security and the Jazz & Orchard / medical, involves anyone interested or whoever they wish to approach
  • California Borg. I'm sure the title gives this one away but he won't be unleashed until later when he can cause the most havoc, Sciences pet but others may be pulled in later

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

  • "Hunfh" -- Barney the emo Bolian!

  • "Self, I am here for relaxation," Ivanova said, deadpan. "Haf heard that delta quadrant has beaches above freezing. Svim pools. Holo stars." -- Ivanova likes those old holos of the Risian Hillbillies!

  • "For taking on a person who has given up on himself and giving him another chance. It would be a pity to see the Lieutenant drown himself in alcohol and other debauched and meaningless pursuits." -- If Corvis can't get any, then nor should any other man!

  • "You name it I will drink it. I will try anything once," -- Must... not... comment... Damn Aranai!

  • "I'm telling you Doc. It’s alive and it wants me dead. But, I’ll show it. I’m coming back with a plasma torch!" he said with a sly grin and a rather homicidal tone. "Then we'll see which one’s the better man." -- Alex vs. coupling - only one will leave the arena alive!

  • "Dr. Liesel O'Brien, heading for Kepler. Helping idiots is my specialty," she smiled. -- Was that before or after the CMO met her CO...

  • Ratilla the rabid rat, for example. -- Justin talks about his childhood pets

  • "Greggles!" she exclaimed in welcome. "Damn boy, did you just wake up? You got bed head something chronic. Unless it's the new look in Starfleet, in which case, I'm sure you make all your underlings swoon." -- Eva comments on the latest Starfleet fashions

  • "Permission to run away sir - I mean Chief!" -- Most people only see Sal from behind... as she's running away

  • "I had trouble with my toilet in the 'fresher, too. I thought maybe I just needed to add more fiber to my diet." - Dash

  • "Women'll suck the life from you. And that's not as fun as it sounds. Well it is, but then it's not. Then it's like being taken and tortured..." -- Now if only Gregory could listen to his own advice...

  • "I'm not that sort of guy. But I know a helmsman named Vinny who might be your speed." -- David pimping out his former colleagues

  • "Just cause he's an awkward, pain in the ass drunk doesn't mean I don't like him." -- Cat sums up her new CO

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