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Kepler Newsletter #10: 8 November 2009

Report From The Centre Chair


October we were on a manic high. We made many posts and JPs of epic proportions. And now in November we're being hit by the depressive low. This is fairly common in simming. After a long period of high activity there is bound to be a stretch where we're a little slower while we recuperate. This is however an excellent time for reflection posts, getting out some singles and establishing your character's routine on Kepler, albeit a routine currently interrupted by power outages :P

We've experienced a few departures over the past week. I don't think this is a cause for worry. This is real life asserting itself on individuals lives and that takes precedence. We accept it, we miss writing with them but we keep going. People come and go for various reasons on sims, we make new friends, we write with each other for as long as we are able and hopefully remain friends long afterward. I don't intend to do any recruitment until we are in a position to accept people IC, which means closer to the end of the current mission. Not that I'll actively turn anyone away that applies, we'll just have to get creative to make it work if they're accepted.

Tribulation has been affected by the loss of the OIC and XO. We (the Trib players) have collectively decided to continue and I have permission to PNPC the OIC and XO as needed. Because all of the players are Kepler players first and foremost I'll not be beating people with a stick if Trib moves a bit slower during this shakedown mission. Just some light smacking :D The real future for Trib will be decided after the shakedown as I'm not about to run another sim o.O I'm crazy but not that crazy. We'll discuss it closer to the time though. Not something we have time to worry about right now. For now though, we get to go play the old classic game: Asteroid!

PS: I know future subplots are exciting and shiny, just remember we have to deal with current plot points or we'll never see tomorrow...


Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


  • 24 Oct: Welcome aboard civilian Madeline Cunningham, the new History Researcher
  • 24 Oct: Lieutenant Michael Harris is promoted to the position of Chief Medical Officer




3 Months with Kepler Award:

Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 3: Halley's Complaint

A pesky comet passes close by Kepler, intermittently affecting the station's power supply. Mayhem and hilarity ensue. As if to make matters worse an unknown disease appears to be spreading through the station's population, how is as yet unknown, but Kepler will be under quarantine until it is under control.

Done list:

  • Engineering / Ops - open the box - done
  • Sciences - track the comet and gather data
  • Marine fighters - investigate approaching comet for sciences (check with sciences for details) - done
  • Medical - CMO handover, meet new CMO Michael Harris - done
  • Everyone - business as usual until we call for volunteers for evil nefarious things... - ongoing

To do list:

  • Engineering / Ops - dealing with power outages, system failures
  • Sciences - track the comet and gather data
  • Marine fighters - work with sciences on the strange power-suck area in space
  • Medical - business as usual until sick people start turning up, maybe some people with bumps and bruises from power outages
  • Everyone - several power outages will be affecting civilian business and departmental operations, anyone who has encountered Pili will become sick within 12 hours of infection...

Tribulation Summary Mission 1: Spanner in the Works

New crew assemble on USS Tribulation. Their first assignment is a simple shakedown mission to test out the new weapons and engine systems that were installed by Kepler's engineering team.

To do list:

  • Staff meeting of senior officers, explanation of mission
  • Dinner / night shift
  • Breakfast: Arrival at asteroid, scan, ready weapons, uh-oh!

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Mike explains how scientists are never ever wrong
"I hate to disappoint you," he said as he took the offered cup, "but scientists are never wrong, we're just presented with new evidence."

Cat informs Greg that no, means no
"We. Are. Not. Having. Sex." she informed him bluntly. "So if you have THAT idea in your head. Forget it."

Ivanova makes sure the right marine hops to it
"Harper," Ivanova said, "find Lieutenant Carlisle. Inform her I vould like to see her in office. No hurry. Her, not you. You hurry."

Cade catches sight of himself in the mirror

Freudian slip by Ling
"Running away. Yep. Lot of that going around. I'm no better than your penis," his face heated. "Uh, pianist, I mean ..... the guy playing the piano."

Emileen is weary that her boss might be a gremlin... no wait, that's feeding them after midnight...
"Morphine by moonlight, not a good idea."