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Kepler Newsletter #11: 2 January 2010

Report From The Centre Chair

Happy New Year!

25 February 2009 was the date that Kepler Station went active. Within a month we reached 13 players. Of those 13, four of us originals remain as part of the current twenty-one. Twenty-one creative and imaginative writers who have come together with unique characters to collaboratively tell their stories. Along the way we've made friends, seen people come and gone, won a Task Force sim of the month award (although buggered if I can remember when), cheered on budding relationships and rolled our eyes at a few, tested the limits of our rating and told some bloody good Star Trek stories as well.

2010 will undoubtedly see more of the same, more characters, friends, stories, relationships and Star Trek and perhaps two Task Force sim of the month awards this time. Also with the changing of the OOC year will bring the changing of the IC year. Between A Lovelace Ordinary and the next mission will be our transition into 2386. Due to a change in time telling in the fleet, 2386 will last for two OOC years. This will mean that we can jam even more of what we're so good at, into 2386.

There will be some changes to Kepler that will be made during the next mission. The main one will be that the marines will no longer be a department on Kepler Station. This was a decision made after discussing the matter with the two remaining marines. We will not be losing Jenny and Johnny though, they have plans on how to make this transition work for them. The departure of the department will be handled quite elegantly IC during the upcoming mission.

And just what is our upcoming mission? You might have thought I was joking a couple of months ago in an OOC thread, but Kepler Station will self destruct... Oh what delicious fun that will be :P Don't worry, oddly I have things a bit more planned out than usual and this will work. You'll just have to pay a bit more attention to other posts and have five days to respond / act / react to each plot point. Why? Because I have a new CO mentor and this old dog *coughs* is learning a few new tricks. Let's just hope they work. If they don't? We'll try something else. Relax my little guinea pigs, everything will work out in the end.



Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


  • 4 Dec: Welcome aboard civilian Van Thurmond, the new Bartender at the Treehouse Lounge
  • 6 Dec: Welcome aboard Ensign Sean Ecthillias, the new Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
  • 6 Dec: Welcome aboard Lieutenant JG Ben Tremaine, the new Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  • 12 Dec: Welcome aboard 4th Year Cadet Julia Holzwarth, the new Science Cadet
  • 14 Dec: Welcome aboard Task Force Commanding Officer Rear Admiral Elizabeth Bassenthwaite, who will be guest starring during this mission
  • 16 Dec: Welcome aboard Petty Officer 1st Class Jack Fletcher, the new Security Crewman
  • 1 Jan: Welcome aboard Petty Officer 3rd Class Halley Grayson, the new Medic


  • 10 Nov: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Orchids & Jazz Owner / Operator Jade Lantz
  • 26 Nov: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Marine Commanding Officer, Captain Justin Shard
  • 1 Dec: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Marine Fighter Pilot, 2nd Lieutenant Emileen Carlisle
  • 14 Dec: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Intelligence Chief, Chief Petty Officer Catalina Jayce



3 Months with Kepler Award:


6 Months with Kepler Award:


Players' Choice Award

Captains choice.jpg

Captain's Choice


Newcomer Award


Plot Development Award


Friendship Ribbon


Romance Ribbon


Treknology Award


  • Commodore Gregory Blake - Cause the idiot said yes to being a TFXO <-- idiot
  • Lieutenant Commander Isis Rae - Cause she can't say no :P

Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 4: A Lovelace Ordinary

A month after that pesky comet passes by, the denizens of Kepler prepare the station for the imminent arrival of the Task Force Commanding Officer. The woman not so fondly referred to as the Ice Queen will be conducting an inspection and torturing the senior staff with a tedious formal event.

To do list:

  • Engineering / Ops - General tasks
  • Sciences - Inventory of new stuffs, fighter sensor data, general tasks
  • Marine fighters - Increased patrols due to that damn Admiral being on board, getting fighters operational
  • Medical - Physicals and shrinkages of new characters, general tasks
  • Civvies - Be your usual annoying selves
  • Dept Heads - Formal dinner with the Admiral

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Julia loves green eggs and ma'am...
"Yes, ma'am, Fourth year Cadet Julia Holzwarth, reporting to duty as ordered, ma'am."

Ben asks questions he probably doesn't want answers to
"Excuse me sir, what sort of problems - and define 'places they shouldn't be'. Also sir, If a may ask? What exactly did happen to the last Chief of Security you had here? The reports seem to be a little sketchy on the subject".

Bassenthwaite sharpens her hacksaw...
“Come now, this visit needn’t be totally unpleasant.”

Violet will have to plot another way to destroy Kepler
"I guess they assume we can't blow the place up since it's deep inside a station."

Van reveals the secret to pole dancing
"I don't think you'll have any problem. I mean, you're pretty, that outfit is sexy as it can be. Customers will forgive a lot for a pretty waitress. So if you have trouble, use an old waitress trick: just giggle and apologize all over yourself. You'll not only have them eating out of your hand but you'll probably get a bigger tip."

Ling chucks some wood
"Are you interested in wood carving?"

I'm not sure if Zoey is hitting on him or breaking up with him...
"Well I just wanted to say that I told you so, and you're right you don't have to see me if you don't want to. But, you can if you would like to," Zoey said, not expecting to ever see Greg again, at least as a patient.

The new Assistant Chief Tac takes on the computer... silly man
“Computer, do what you’re told and shut up!” Sean snapped.

Warning! Warning! CMO is a perve!
“I can't finish that story. But instead start a scan to see if we are only dealing with possible concussion or if there is something nastier going on in her head. Also we should take a look at the rest of her body,” He paused and thought about it for a second. “That didn't sound right.”

There's only woman who could ever get away with calling him...