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Kepler Newsletter #13: 6 March 2010

Report From The Centre Chair

OMG Wheeeee!

25th February 2009 was when Kepler Station officially became an active sim, even though she opened her airlocks around the 21st. To celebrate we're currently running a JP Fest and the winners will be given spiffy awards. Better get in quick as there are only 5 days left!

February also saw us move geographically and Task Forcily to the Gavarian Frontier as part of Task Force 47. A nice orange coloured Task Force, which has started off with just a handful of quality sims but will slowly grow into something even more awesome. Maybe as awesome as Kepler, although probably not more awesome thank Kepler :P

Mission end is imminent and should be completed within the next few days. The next mission will be something less hectic but fun and should provide almost everyone with an opportunity to interact with those you might not usually. A quieter mission to allow for character development and interaction, the things most of us seem to love. Just remember that there will be very few people actually on Kepler.

We have unfortunately had a couple more players leave, some were removed due to inactivity, one was due to a resignation. We are picking CMO and will see some changes in the science department. We'll also have some characters shifting around and some new ones arriving for the subsim, USS Venice. Something which will be rolled out hopefully within the week!

PS: Remember, you get 4 points if you JP with Ensign Aaron Ingles!


Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


  • 3 Feb: Welcome aboard Lieutenant JG Samuel Collier, the new Chief Medical Officer


  • 19 Jan: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Petty Officer 1st Class Jack Fletcher, Security Crewman
  • 19 Jan: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Madeline Cunningham, History Researcher
  • 21 Jan: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Ensign Sean Ecthillias, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
  • 27 Jan: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Lieutenant Michael Harris, Chief Medical Officer
  • 15 Feb: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Van Thurmond, Treehouse Lounge Bartender
  • 17 Feb: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to 1st Lieutenant Svetlana Ivanova, Acting Marine CO
  • 25 Feb: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Ensign Makani Freitas, Acting Chief Science Officer


Congratulations to everyone!


3 Months with Kepler Award


6 Months with Kepler Award:


1 Year with Kepler Award:

Mission Summary Report:

Kepler Summary Mission 5: Schrodinger's Station

During the wee hours of the morning, the self destruct sequence suddenly initiates and counts down from five minutes. Pajama clad, half asleep denizens of Kepler Station are forced to abandon their homes with no idea why.

Holy *^#@!

Instead of exploding though, Kepler Station was engulfed in a brilliant purple light and after a blinding flash, it... disappeared. The usual characters were herded up and beamed from their escape pods onto USS Harbinger which had to cut short its science mission to return and rescue the evacuees. Medical saw to any bumps and bruises, while sciences worked out that a wormhole was responsible for Kepler's disappearance and time travel was implicated. After moving the remaining escape pods out of the way, Harbinger set about reopening the wormhole to find out Kepler's fate, only to be pulled through the wormhole along with the SAR Blackhawk.

Harbinger arrived on Kepler's unasploded doorstep... somewhere. Two boarding teams have secured Kepler and are currently investigating the lone life form that was found to be on board.

For more detailed information and a post by post breakdown, please visit the mission brief directly Schrodinger's Station

To do list:

  • Engineers: Fix systems
  • Dept Heads / Highest ranked: Check on Depts
  • Everyone Else: Return to quarters, sleep, eat, whatever

Kepler's Next Mission - Mission 6: Herschel's Kisses

The few remaining crew of Kepler Station settle back into their home, albeit with a new backyard, while they await their fate. In the meantime there is plenty of work to do, fixing systems, securing science experiments and ensuring the health and safety of all. Everyone realises they'll have to pitch in and maybe do jobs they weren't trained for, but so long as everyone is all right and our Romulan neighbours don't get shifty, we should be fine.

Until that is, someone bakes some special muffins...

To do list:

  • Everyone: Full staff meeting at 1200 hours

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Halley knows how to make a good first impression
"Grab his other arm, would you? I have the feeling I've just met my department head, and I probably shouldn't - ugh -" he hefted the unconscious man - "drop him. Bad form."

Ben found the glue that was hidden in the craft room
"So, I'm here - not going anywhere. You're stuck with me".

Ayel shows that she wears the pants in this relationship
"Kiss me, damnit. Kiss me now. And yes, I'm giving YOU orders, Tremaine."

Having been a man in a past life, Isis does not believe a word her CO says
"Yeah, that's exactly what I wanted to hear from my commanding officer," she responded with a shake of her head.

Aaron cares not for the kinky sex the mysterious stranger offers
"I'm good with no volts of electricity, but if your into that, go right ahead. However I would prefer to just get it on with this so I can take a nap."

Mysterious stranger steals lines from The Outer Limits...
"There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now controlling the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can ---" The neutral voice actually started to laugh.

And by people Violet means men...
"You would think that with the amount of interaction even the average joe has with different species people wouldn't be so stupid any more."

Greg reveals what he would do rather than talk about love...
"I need to pee," he told her bluntly. "And I've a station to find."