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Kepler Newsletter #14: 20 March 2010

Captain's Log

And then there were Twenty-six...

If I ever say "would you guys be interested in moving Kepler to another location?" again. Smack me. That move took a lot of effort and last minute planning and affected our characters dramatically. I'm looking forward to reading just how dramatic that might be. Remember, we do have two medical personnel who double as counsellors. Then there's the new crew and additional torpedoes that Greg is acquiring from unsuspecting vessels in the area. Some of them may not be happy with suddenly being transferred to a station, to join us with our duck-sitting.

Some of you know that I also run an independent sim. Some of you are even on it. I've announced to the players of that sim that I will be soon closing it. This is a sim that I've run for almost four years (a nifty little Nova) and this decision was a very hard one to make. I can assure you though that Kepler will not be closing anytime soon. Kepler will actually benefit from my other sim's closure. How? Well, we'll be getting a new CMO out of it and a new Assistant Chief Tac Officer, as they need new homes. They're both good writers (one of them is Bri, who you already know) and are looking forward to developing their characters further on Kepler. I'll let you know when they're coming over, might be a week or two irl. Gotta blow up a ship first :P

Venice was launched the other week and looks really good. Dorian is currently working his way through the Fleet's CO Academy while plotting evil things, accepting crew and posting. For more information on the subsim, go here USS Venice. If you're interested in joining the subsim, contact Dorian to discuss. Remember you will need approval from Kepler's Command team to create a PNPC or to transfer your PC.

The JP Fest went awesomely, so well that I think I'll run it again next year. Gotta have something for you lot to look forward to in another year :P

PS: Oh, if Violet gives you a muffin... Be afraid. Be very afraid... :P


Mission Summary Report:

Mission 6 Summary: Herschel's Kisses

The few remaining crew of Kepler Station settle back into their home, albeit with a new backyard, while they await their fate. In the meantime there is plenty of work to do, fixing systems, securing science experiments and ensuring the health and safety of all. Everyone realises they'll have to pitch in and maybe do jobs they weren't trained for, but so long as everyone is all right and our Romulan neighbours don't get shifty, we should be fine.

Until that is, someone bakes some special muffins...

To do list:

  • Engineering will have their hands full while on duty, fixing any systems affected by the wormhole, this includes the SAR shuttle's engines and any reports from Departments and individuals
  • Sciences as has already been posted, will be working on sorting out what is in storage, studying the data collected by Harbinger and probe regarding the wormhole, de-chronitoning the station's hull
  • Medical will be working on stock taking, updating medical records from those rescued by Harbinger and were treated there, also ensure their mental wellbeing and Cassi's pregnancy. New CMO will be arriving soon
  • Sec / Tac will probably want to familiarise themselves with the area of ops and potential external threats, check the weaponry is operational, make the marine decks off limits and come up with a plan to increase production and acquisition of torps stored on Kepler, maybe use the no longer required marine decks for these. Might want to also work on patrolling the station

Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)



  • 19 Mar: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Lieutenant JG Samuel Collier, Chief Medical Officer


  • 12 Mar: Congratulations and thanks to Ensign Aaron Ingles for taking the position of Acting Chief Science Officer


Congratulations to everyone!


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JP Fest Awards:

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this Fest. It's always fun to participate in and write with others and some people just go beyond the minimum. They are:


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Quotes: He Said, She Said...

Aaron gets to move out of the cupboard
"Very well sir. I won't. Always wanted a bigger office anyway."

Who will Isis call?
"So a ghost told you to put your rocks away?"

Kennedy likes to role play with her clients
"I'll be happy to serve as well. It'll keep me distracted from thinking about where we are and the state we're in."

Oh noes! Violet is turning into Cade!
"If there's some coffee involved!"

No Halley, don't let her in!
"Well, I don't plan on being dead anytime real soon, but I know exactly what you mean."

Julia slips back into old habbits...
"Yes, ma'am. Understood, ma'am."

Greg doesn't like foreplay
"I've a meeting to get to. One where I fill my lot in on what's going to happen to them. You wanna cut to the chase and leave the flirting 'til later?"