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Kepler Newsletter #15: 28 May 2010

Captain's Log

God work is a bitch...

Going back to work is tough. Well not so much going to work, more the getting home and being a zombie until you get to work again the next day >.< It really did take its toll on me and affected my energy levels and motivation to sim, for that I'm really sorry. Luckily I'm doing on call work, so I've got some time off before they want me in again. I'll keep you guys informed though so you know when you have to carry the load, so to speak, when I'm zombified. And hopefully I'll adjust to it all and get in a proper balance between work, Blair and Kepler :D

Activity-wise, we're actually doing really well. The last three months have been solid and consistent and we've met minimum requirement. This is great news as a lot of sims at the moment have had slumps due to it being exam time for the northern hemispherites. Even though some of us have felt the pinch, we've still managed to keep going. A few of us still need to get more involved in the story and subplots, but I'm confident we'll all get in there during June and really get our teeth into this current mission. A duplicate Kepler and a Starfleet vessel supposedly attacking Federation ships? Those have got to be things that we'll be keen to investigate :D

Regarding Venice, they're just getting over a slow patch and looking to get things active there once more. A recruitment drive is in the works, so if you are interested in joining Venice, please contact Dorian and discuss your options.

I'm really pleased with the new players who have joined us. In particular Emily who has joined us. I have been so impressed with her ability to hit the ground running and get everyone in her department active once more. Seriously, blown away. Keep up the good work everyone, I'm proud of you all :D


Mission Summary Report:

Mission 7 Summary: Maynard's Fright

A week after their strange arrival, Kepler receives a distress call from SS Dalliance, a civilian transport ship. They claim to have been attacked by a Starfleet vessel and are in dire need of assistance. The XO saddles up Harbinger and goes to help. Meanwhile those on Kepler warily keep watch on Romulan space, because if there is going to be a threat, then that is where it will come from. Right? Ernh! Wrong!

What the hell is that out the viewport...

To do list:

  • Engineering fixing aux systems, replicators and shield grid and any subplot dreamed up by the Chief
  • Sciences check the sensors and brainstorm theories, one to join the away team to taste the duplicate Kepler
  • Medical Those on Harby to set up ward room in prep for injuries on the civvie ship. Those on Kepler, business as usual, look into hallucinations though
  • Sec / Tac Those on Kepler to join the away team. Those on Harby to worry about tactical issues if a starfleet ship is attacking Fed ships
  • Flight Fly the Harby and interact with those on the bridge

Crew Notes (Promotions & Awards, etc)


  • 22 Mar: Welcome aboard Petty Officer 2nd Class Dianna Fabray, our new Flight Controller / Pilot
  • 5 Apr: Welcome aboard Lieutenant Sarah Martin, our new Chief Medical Officer
  • 8 Apr: Welcome aboard Lieutenant JG John Reynolds, our new Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
  • 12 Apr: Welcome aboard Petty Officer 2nd Class Filter Metta B'exar, our new Security Analyst
  • 23 Apr: Welcome aboard Lieutenant JG Talva Ren, our new Chief Engineer
  • 28 Apr: Welcome aboard Chief Petty Officer Thomas Stuarde, our new Intelligence Chief
  • 29 Apr: Welcome aboard Andre Stormgald, a Commercial Transportation Specialist


  • 16 Apr: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to Lieutenant JG Ben Tremaine, Chief Security / Tactical Officer
  • 16 Apr: Kepler Station says a sad farewell to civilian Doctor Tisran Joost, Xenobiologist


  • 26 Apr: Congratulations to John Reynolds on his promotion to full Lieutenant and the position of Chief Security / Tactical Officer


Congratulations to everyone!


3 Months with Kepler Award


6 Months with Kepler Award


Players' Choice:

Captains choice.jpg

Captain's Choice:

For jumping straight into the middle of the sim and getting Medical up, active and involved again. Setting a good example and leading the way.


Newcomer Award:


NPC Award:


Facepalm Pin:


Subplot Stripe: - The love muffins subplot

Quotes: He Said, She Said...

John looking for trouble in all the right places
There's enough needless flirting on this ship already, don't you start! John reminded himself before returning the impromptu greeting, "Hey yourself. I'm doing a security check not sneaking about aimlessly."

Kennedy's attempts at flirting o.O
"I'm relieved to hear it because I don't have time to conduct one right now," Monroe returned easily, "especially if you expect me to make you my victim. That sort of request takes advance notice and planning. I'll keep it in mind for next time, though," she teased.

Cade declares his preference for medics
"I don't know about the engineers, but I wouldn't mind being stuck with the medic..." Cade breathed.

Zoey thinks they're all out to get her
"No he saw fit to throw it in my face that I probably ruined my chances at becoming an officer when I got into a fight with an Admiral. Because I thought I should protect him from her trying to get information on his problems. But I suppose if I just told her what she'd ask for I'd have my commission and maybe we'd be minus one alcoholic."

We get it Dianna, you like planes
"Well, I really like the really old planes. Like Earth era World War II. I know this great program of a P-51 Mustang. It's a really cool plane, it was designed and built in just 117 days. It's maximum speed is only 437 mph but when you're in something that small it's pretty exciting. In Canada they were declared obsolete in 1956, but a number of special-duty versions served on into the early 1960s." She seemed to realize how much she was going on, and fidgeted a bit. "And I'm talking a whole lot."

Sarah puts the children in their place
"For God's sake, sit down and shut up!" Sarah exploded. "I have been on this station for less than twenty-four hours, and you have not been the least bit cooperative this entire time. Now answer my damn question before I call security to escort you back to your quarters! If it was environmental, everyone would be showing signs, and they aren't. So help me figure out where this came from!"

Eva finds it all icky
"That would be the most romantic poem I've ever read, if it wasn't about my brother," Eva said and pulled a face. "I think I just traumatised myself. And she's way too young. She looks twelve. They should be at least her age. How old are you?" she asked Sarah.